Thursday, October 8, 2009

day forty-one

Day Forty-one 10/8/2009
Dress: Orange and Navy Blue Patterned Kimono Style Dress
Purchased From: Forever 21
Price: $22.50
Accessories: none, blue sandals
Hair and Makeup: down with the underneath braided, velvet moss and
brûlé mac eyeshadows
Today's dress is one of my favorite new dresses. It's comfortable and
I think sort of flattering except when the wind blows.
We tried to go on a boat but it is closed today so perhaps tomorrow
before we drive into Italy. We had crepes again and mine was
absolutely disgusting. So sad, the crepe itself was fine but inedible
since stupid me ordered one with egg and it was just a mess of wet
gross partially cooked egg. Blech. Savory crepes in France have let me
down. If I get another chance I'll go sweet. The best part about
lunch was that we saw a dude with a cat on top of his backpack!
Awesome. I'll post that picture too, so good. We had some strays at
our apartment last night. I tried to throw some cheese at them to eat
but may have frightened them
We then and did some touristy stuff like climbing a cool mountain (ok
it was all stairs) to view all of Nice and a watefall. Very nice.
Tonight we'll eat up all our apartment food in a giant dinner feast on
the balcony before we have to check out tomorrow morning. Sad face.
But not before gelato again to make up for that awful crepe and my


mom said...

You look very nice today.

Mike said...

i wish a good savory crepe upon you! I saw your new hotel. Very jealous...

HeadlessMonster said...

Whoa man. Like far out man. What a strange dip it's been man.

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