Monday, November 30, 2009

day ninety-four.

Day Ninety-four 11/30/2009
Dress: Green Vintage Shirt Dress
Purchased From: Sazz Vintage
Year or Era Purchased: Fall 2009

Price: $10.50
Accessories: Navy blue tights, grey knee/thigh highs, black fake fur/suede boots, 
Hair and Makeup: Down for some, pulled back into a bun for some, but mostly under a giant hood since it was raining all day, usual makeup with extra dark green eyeshadow

Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  none 


So turns out I don't really love today's dress.  I think I might turn it into a shirt and wear it open over top of something else.  Or maybe it just needs a different look to it with different underthings.  We'll see on another day.  I am such a sucker for button-up dresses.   This one was too big but only by  a smidge and I didn't think much of it.  I think it's not super flattering because of this factor.  Oh well.  The socks were once footless tights but all of my thick Target tights have become waist quitters so I cut them all off at the thigh.  They were way to expensive to waste plus they slouch and fold nicely and you really can't tell I cut them.  Since it was raining I didn't work on my hair at all, I just brushed it.  It's also in severe need of a wash.   Oh and I've been wanting to do a jumpy action shot picture but my face always looks absolutely terrible.  Today's was the least terrible and I'm running out of time so whatevs. 

Ugh. I hate working in the rain.  Of course today was my busiest Monday in weeks.  Such is life.  I woke up early and took Michael to the train and then dropped the Element off at the shop for two new expensive ass bushings that were broken and making it make the-wheel-is-going-to-fall-off type noises.  I dropped it off and walked to Rica's to pick up her car, stopping at one our new neighborhood coffee shops, Bella Sera Cafe, on the way. Today's coffee was much hotter and tastier than the coffee I got there last week, yay.  I have to say I am very impressed with their pricing as well, $1.89 for a large, including tax.  Rock.  

I worked a little and then heard that the Element was done so I dropped off Rica's car and walked back to get it.  No more awful noises!  I worked more and then picked Michael up from work since I was only five blocks from him doing a kitty job.  What a boring and icky rainy day.  We stopped at the liquor store and I bought some red wine and came home and made crazy person leftover dinner and drank red wine.  I made leftover stuffing and then transformed the rest of the leftovers into the following meal: Boursin Stuffed Portobello Caps (from leftover stuffed mushroom stuffing and new caps), Cream of Chanterelle and Baby Bella Mushroom Soup (from leftover chanterelle gravy),  Cheesy Red Potatoes of the pseudo twice baked variety and some veggie barbeque chicken.  It was all delicious and I am retarded full right now.  Michael and spent the rest of the night playing words with friends and watching television.  I guess it was a carryover from yesterday. We had big plans of sushi, movies and getting the tires checked out but we both worked late and the rain put us off.  Oh well, there's always the weekend.  Time for cleanliness and word games before bedtime.  

Sunday, November 29, 2009

day ninety-three.

hair and feathers.


Day Ninety-three 11/29/2009
Dress: White Long Vintage Dress
Purchased From: thrift store unknown
Year or Era Purchased:  ? Maybe High School? 

Price: $?
Accessories: Black tights, black mary janes, ribcage necklace, feathers 
Hair and Makeup: Two mini buns with the rest down and curled, feathers stuck in one bun, usual makeup with thick winged eyeliner

Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  Michael said I look pretty, a client said she liked my hair and feathers.


Today was the opposite of yesterday in that I didn't do much at all and barely left the house. Michael and I woke up to say goodbye to Chad before he headed home to Boston.  I got up and made coffee and then Michael and I stayed in bed for two hours playing words with friends and having coffee and being lazy. It was fabulous.  We finally got out of bed and then after getting dressed and prinked I walked Rosie and went to the store for bread and of course followed it up with more lazy.  My clients came to get Rosie, our beagle visitor, and then we had veggie turkey sandwiches and watched Criminal Minds while playing more iphone scrabble.  Pure bliss.  I finally got up and decided to leave the house and go do my kitty job.  I am so amazing that I managed to drive all the way across the city only to realize that I left the key at home.  Blargh.  Of course the Eagles game had just let out and I forgot all about it and headed into traffic hell by trying to be slick and take a route I wasn't sure of, which turned out to be a bad idea that included sort of getting lost for a hot second.  My phone also died since I drained the battery playing games all day.  That'll learn me to rush out of the house.  I got home, grabbed the keys and headed back out to visit the kitties.  On the way home I stopped at Whole Foods to make my trip seem worth it.  I scored a Tofurky for 1/2 off so yeah, that was nice.  Over three hours after I gave up my laziness I finally arrived home for more lazy.  Yes, sweet.  We watched Dexter and I ate some of every leftover in the house.  Now I feel barfy and am waiting for Venture Bros to come on so I can retire to bed for more lazy. 

Today's dress is one from the vault.  I think it might even be from the days of high school.  It was the first one I grabbed and I wanted to do something fun with my hair to go with the length of the dress, sort of hippieish.  My friend Danni was visiting a few months ago and she had  a lone feather sticking in her hair.  It looked super cute so I kept it in mind the next time I visited the craft store. I picked up a package of speckly feathers to use for a hair accessory and maybe for some earrings if I can figure out the semantics of it all.  I figured if I was wearing a high school era dress I'd wear some big clunky shoes.  I was really happy with today's outfit and might consider adding more long dresses to my collection, not that I need anymore dresses or anything.  

Oh boo, Venture Bros was a rerun. 

Saturday, November 28, 2009

day ninety-two.

Day Ninety-two 11/28/2009
Dress: Purple Vintage Dress
Purchased From: Sazz Vintage
Year or Era Purchased:  Fall 2009

Price: $10.50
Accessories: Black tights, black flats, squirrel necklace, rat brooch
Hair and Makeup: Down and curled, usual makeup with green eyeshadow 

Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  Chad said "You look like Grimace", Jody said "Ooooh you're wearing the purple dress" as she was there when I bought it. 


Today was so long and I spent most of it out of the house so I am exhausted now but haven't done anything of importance or production.  I woke up and got ready and got the dogs ready to take home.  Sue and I made plans to go to brunch at Mi Lah and we were so excited about it. I took the dogs home and went to a cat job.  Somehow between waking up and working I managed to waste something like 3 hours.  Sometimes time just gets so far away from me,  During my excursion and getting ready period Michael called a tow truck and waited hours for it to show and take his motorcycle to the shop.  Two and a half hours later it did not so he had our friend Jake take it with his pickup truck.   All of these events lead us to arrive at brunch super late, 2:40 to be exact.  Ugh.  

After all of the anticipation Mi Lah was such a huge disappointment.  So sad.  Our server was so atrocious in his waiting skills that I actually scolded him.  We all ordered our food.  Sue and I both got side orders of "french toasts" and Jake and I both got the Avocado and Sausage Biscuits with a Bronzed Coconut King Mushroom and Sweet Potato Fries.  I liked it a lot but it still needed something.  Michael and Sue ordered the Pan Seared Seitan, Zucchini Patties with Sauce, home fries and toast and Chad got the Mediterranean Mushroom Dish.  All was good and we got our "toasts" (We both ordered them as they were written and giggled, I think that's nerdy) and the portion was insane.  Our entrees were delivered, all except for Sue's that is.  A few minutes later our waiter comes back and tells Sue that he was waiting to hear if the kitchen had enough seitan patties left to make two portions and they didn't but they were making new ones then. He asked her if she wanted to wait for it or order something else.  We were so perplexed by this question and turn of events.   We all had our food and he waited to ask her until the eating had commenced.  What the hell?  Luckily she had her French Toast but would he have left her there foodless? She declined the wait or to order differently since it was pretty much too late.  I couldn't hold back and told him he should inform people of these issues immediately and give them the chance to order something else.  I think it's common sense.  Ugh.  Then he had the balls to not really return to our table and send another server to finish our service.  She brough the check and we split it up part cash, part card.  We asked them to put $16 on the card and Sue planned to write in $4 for her share of tax and tip.  We had $50 cash.  I guess he assumed we planned to tip him shitty or not at all, not the case, and put $10.48 on the card and informed her she'd have to put the $5.52 tip on herself .  This makes no sense.  He was told to put $16 on the card, ignored the request and effed himself out of a partial cash tip.  Sue had planned to just change her request and put $20 on the card but the girl seemed so confused by this whole transaction and she didn't want to confuse her anymore.  Regardless this kid ended up with 16 or 17% tip for being an asshole on several occasions.  I hope he felt like a dick.  He was one.  Ugh. I liked my food quite a bit, I'll say that.  I feel like I want to write the waiter and letter and explain my frustration.  Dumb. I'm so not over it. 

After our brunch debacle we headed to the Philadelphia Brewing Company holiday open house for free beers.  I had a couple of Joes, coffee porter, yum.  Afterwards I wanted a soft pretzel so bad that I made Steve go with me to get some.  We had dropped Chad and Michael at the skatepark first.  We got to the pretzel store with one minute to spare.  It was spectacular.  We now have a ton of soft pretzels in our freezer.  I am super happy about this.  

I went with Steve to our corner and got introduced to Words With Friends by Lindsay.  I am now addicted. It is a scrabble game for free and you can play with your other iphone friends.  I"m rabbit rabbit, find me and play scrabble with me.  I love words.   Chad broke his board and let some little kids focus it so I had to go pick them up at Perry's Place "Food & Soup" on Huntingdon Ave.  It was a surreal bar and I had just left another surreal neighborhood bar. It felt like Steve Buscemi should enter my life at any moment today.  

I took the boys home and they scarfed soft pretzels and filmed something while I recreated a Thanksgiving feast from leftovers and a few new items.  We dined on biscuits, brussels sprouts, Quorn turkey, stuffing, cole slaw, chanterelle gravy,  and cheddar cheese mashed potatoes.  While eating we got texts from Steve and Lindsay that the Happy Tap was having karaoke and they were going to do crash test dummies.  I'm not even bothering to capitalize that. Unfortunately we missed it.  We finished eating and were joined by Spano and Jody before heading over.   We stayed for a few drinks and Jody's rendition of Cheap Trick "I Want You To Want Me".  We came home and watched some Man Stroke Woman, a sketch comedy show from BBC.  I love it.  

Today's dress is so far removed from my usual dresses.  Purple might be my least favorite color but as I said before it is growing oh me quite a bit.  I love the shape of this dress so I forgave the color but to be honest I sort of love it.  Oh well.  I suppose tastes change or stuff just becomes stagnant and boring.  I'm off to bed now.  Night. 

Friday, November 27, 2009

day ninety-one.

Day Ninety-one 11/27/2009
Dress: Blue Vintage Waitress Dress
Purchased From: Sazz Vintage
Year or Era Purchased:  Fall 2009

Price: $10.50
Accessories: Black tights, black on black chuck taylors, grey, blue and white leg warmers
Hair and Makeup: Down and teased a little, lots of greenish eyeshadow and black liner

Comments/Compliments/Complaints: My brother complimented the leg warmers, they were a gift from my friend Jody. 


Today was weird and I guess it's kind of far from over since it's Friday night but whatever I have some time so I'll write this now. Today's dress is one of my latest Sazz Vintage purchase.  This is probably my favorite color, which is why I wore it two days in a row.  I had to dress in a hurry because Michael needed to make a train to get to Downingtown so he could get a ride to York to go skateboarding.  I think I had seven or so minutes to get dressed and this dress was one of the first that I saw.  I knew I wanted to spruce it up a bit so I dug through my tights/leg warmers drawer, yes I have an entire drawer dedicated to just tights and leg warmers, and came up with these perfectly matching gems.  I got Michael to the station just in time for him to get his ticket and get on the platform with a minute to spare.  Word.  It was a little after 11AM so I figured I'd head to Target for some black Friday shopping.  I got a few Christmas presents and a few things for myself including yellow nail polish and a bumpits.  I have not mastered the bumpits yet but I will, oh yes, I will.  I'm going to watch some tutorials once I'm done with this.  I'm also watching Top Chef Masters, such a multitasker!  

Anyway after shopping I came home and walked the puppies, all five dogs at once because I am awesome.  Ok, not really, I usually get tangled a lot and it's pretty funny.  I made myself a yummy brunch of a mushroom, tomato, sharp cheddar and spinach omelette, rye toast, veggie bacon and sausage and one pumpkin pancake.  It was fabulous.  I went out and worked a little bit and then headed home for more puppy time and some cleaning.  Now I'm just vegging with a glass of red wine and waiting for Michael to get home so I can eat because I am starving and craving the crap out of a veggie turkey sandwich on rye bread.  I've been thinking about it for days! 

Thursday, November 26, 2009

day ninety.


I wish I could've done my hair like this 
today so I would've matched this better. 

Day Ninety 11/26/2009
Dress: Blue with White Polka Dot Vintage Dress
Purchased From: Plaid Pony Vintage
Year or Era Purchased:  Summer (June) 2009

Price: $25
Accessories: Black tights and Mary Jane Pumps
Hair and Makeup: Down and curled but they fell pretty quickly, usual makeup

Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Nicole told me I look like Alice in Wonderland, maybe one of the best compliments ever. 


Today's dress is another fabulous Plaid Pony Vintage dress. I bought it last Summer at Art Star during the 2nd Street/Popped Festival.  I liked how the skirt bellowed out and flowed.  Today is the first day I wore it, I like to dress up for holidays and this felt dressy without being over the top.  I paired it with some super comfortable Payless pumps for a full on 50s housewife feel. 

It is Thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving.  We drove to Cape May and back and ate massive amounts of food.  That's pretty much it.  I am wicked exhausted right now so I am going to bed.  More on my day tomorrow.  Lovesbyes. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

day eighty-nine.

Day Eighty-nine 11/25/2009
Dress: Dark Brownish-Grey and Multi Colored Pattern Hippie Style Dress
Purchased From: Target
Year or Era Purchased:  Today, so Fall 2009

Price: $6.47
Accessories: grey corduroy pants, black boots, kurt halsey necklace, flowery headband
Hair and Makeup: pulled back, then two pig tails

Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Kristin, a couple of people commented that they liked my headband


Today was really great until the last hour and now I just don't feel like writing about it. Maybe tomorrow or the next day. 

Ok, I"ll do it.  I woke up and took Michael to work and then headed to Target to see if they had the vacuum cleaner belt we needed. They didn't.  Blargh.  I cheated on my dresses by wearing the tank top I slept in and some jeans. I bought a dress from the clearance rack while I was there, today's dress.  It was just easy to come home and put it on.  It's not my usual style but it's comfortable and I liked it.  I also bought a flowery headband whilst at Target because lately I am all about headbands.  I paired it with some grey corduroys and boats because I was in sort of a hurry to get to my waxing appointment.  I parked by the el and started walking only to see the train I needed to be on, four minutes early mind you, pull into the station.  Ugh.  There was no way I was catching it.  Luckily it turned out the train I saw was not the one I wanted but the ealier train running late as the next one was as well.  I managed to get to my appointment only a few minutes late.  

After my hair removal session I stopped by the MAC store to look for a kelly green matte eye shadow because I've been wanting one for months and searching to no avail.  It's sad to say but I saw it on Ashley of Rock of Love and Charm School fame and it looked awesome.  Hoorah! They had it! 

I went home and immediately started working and then got a call from one of my clients that she had left her chanterelle mushrooms on her balcony and was already 3 hours away so they were mine for the taking if I wanted them. I did. It saved me a trip to Whole Foods the day before Thanksgiving.  I did have to go to Trader Joe's but it wasn't that hellish in there thank goodness.  I came home and ate since I had not done so at all and then almost immediately fell into the first nap I've taken in a really long time.  It was kind of glorious.  I woke up and walked the wieners and had a long conversation with my friend Heather.  Then dog number five arrived, Rosie, the saint of all dogs.  She's an old Beagle and probably the best behaved dog I've met besides my friend Kristin dog Cylar.  

Michael and I then went to join Kristin and some of her friends at Memphis Taproom as they were serving $3 drafts all day.  Nice.  I had some PBC Joe, coffee beer.  It is so so so so good.  We met some new and really nice people and then took one of them and her bike home and Kristin came over for some foods.  I made spaghetti and vodka sauce and leftovers and we ate and watched the Archer premiere for the twenty-seventh time.  I took Krisitn home and then came home ready for bedtime.  Michael and I got into a stupid fight hence the not wanting to blog about it.  I still don't want to blog about it because this is a fashion blog more so than a personal blog but everything is quiet (like, in a good way) in the Lalonde household this morning, well except for the barking dogs.   

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

day eighty-eighty

Day Eighty-eight 11/24/2009
Dress: Reddish Orange and Tan Pattern Sheath Dress
Purchased From: Uh? One of those Juniors stores like Wet Seal or Forever 21 or whatever was popular in 2001.  I can't remember. 
Year or Era Purchased:  Winter or Spring 2001

Price: $20 or maybe under.  I"m thinking $14.99? 
Accessories: Orange tights, black sweater top boots, orange cardigan, black knee socks
Hair and Makeup: Double buns with parted bangs and pulled out long pieces,  usual makeup with some orange eyeshadow

Comments/Compliments/Complaints: None that I remember, maybe Michael. 


Ugh. I'm so tired and my throat is so hurty and we're out of emergen-c.  I have to go to Whole Foods tomorrow for chanterelle mushrooms and I'm not looking forward to the craziness.  Oh well.  

I got up with Michael today and drove him to the el since it was a little rainy.  I then took the car to the shop as the front wheels are making god awful noises.  Turns out it has a broken and on its way to broken bushing. Awesome. The parts won't be in until tomorrow and then they're closed until Monday so it will have to go back then. All of my friends started using Garrison's Garage so I jumped on the bandwagon.  They're super close and super nice.  I walked over to Rica's to get her car to use for the day and stopped by Bella Sera Cafe, a new coffee place in our neighborhood.  It's cute, a little empty feeling but it's still new.  The coffee was absolutely delicious but it got cold really quick and just wasn't hot enough to start with. I hope that changes.   Anyway so I took the wieners for a nice long walk, ate some food and put on today's dress before going out to work.  I remember buying this in early 2001 sometime.  I was dieting and losing weight and I remember feeling good enough to wear something tight.  Now I have to suck in my tummy when I wear it but I'll get there again.  

After work I dropped Rica's car off and picked up the Element and then Sue and I headed to the gym.   Yay me, two days in a row. I'd like to get another two in this week if possible since I'll be eating my face off on Thursday.  I came home and made dinner out of last night's leftovers but added some pan seared smoked tofu with steak sauce and sauteed asparagus.  I also made a cheese pie. It's two pillsbury pie crusts sandwiched together with a layer of extra sharp cheddar cheese slices (not shredded) in the center.  You bake it up until the crust is golden and then eat massive amounts of it. So good.  My Mother-in-law makes it and I always thought it sounded weird until I tasted it and was immediately hooked. 

We ate dinner and watched Notorious and I painted my nails hot pink.  I liked the movie way better than Michael who got bored halfway through.  I walked the wieners again and now I am so off to bed for a big sleep, but not THE big sleep. Yawn. 

Monday, November 23, 2009

day eighty-seven.

Day Eighty-seven 11/23/2009
Dress: Alice In Wonderland Baby Doll Dress
Purchased From: An Outdoor market in Spain, Barcelona I think. 
Year or Era Purchased:  Spring 1995

Price: $20-30-40? 
Accessories: Black thick tights, black faux suede and fur boots
Hair and Makeup: Thrown up into an unruly side bun, usual makeup

Comments/Compliments/Complaints: A client but she totally thought I was wearing a shirt and leggings.  Oh well. 


The wiener dog visitors are doing much better and seem to have settled in and have stopped barking so much.  Yay.  I was feeling a little crappy this morning so I slept in a bit but I was pressing snooze to do so and defeated the whole purpose.  Interrupting sleep every nine minutes does not make for a deep sleep. Dumb.  I finally got up and did the dishes and made coffee. Time got away from me and I had to go work so I threw on a dress and threw my hair into a messy funny pile on top of my head.  The dress is probably my oldest dress.  I bought it in 1995 when I went to Spain with my high school Spanish class.  Thanks Mom an Dad! I remember buying it at an outdoor market that had a curtain I was able to get behind as a fitting room.  It was the 90s so baby doll dresses were all the rage and my Alice in Wonderland obsession was already in full swing so this dress was perfect.  I was about 35lbs. smaller in those times so this dress must have hung on me in a crazy way.  I'm really glad I kept it after all these years.  Clearly it 's not the most flattering thing in the world but that's what I kind of love about it.  

I worked and then stopped home for a bagel and gave the wiener dogs a walk. I headed back out to work some more, including helping a client with a few things that did not include walking her dog but did include helping her fill miniature vodka bottles because she is going away to her kids house for Thanksgiving and they don't want her to drink vodka.  She actually called them her "night time vodkas".  I was totally an enabler today.  Weird.  

I dragged myself to the gym and then came home and made an awesome dinner of potatoes au gratin, field roast celebration roast, sauteed brussels sprouts and applesauce.  It was really lovely.  Michael and I shared a bottle of red wine and watched Criminal Minds and House.  I walked the doggies again and we met another miniature dachshund named Izzy on our walk.  It was cute.  I am feeling a little sicky in the throat so I'm having an emergen-c and then am off to bed.  I feel like I keep getting almost sick and it never comes to fruition.  I'd like to keep it that way. 

Sunday, November 22, 2009

day eighty-six.

Day Eighty-six 11/22/2009
Dress: Floral Vintage Dress
Purchased From: Plaid Pony Vintage Sidewalk Sale
Year or Era Purchased:  Summer 2007

Price: $20
Accessories: White tights, brown flats
Hair and Makeup: Down and curled usual makeup brown eyeshadow and brown lipstick. I'm still not sure on the lipstick but I'm going to keep trying.

Comments/Compliments/Complaints: I got hit on by a guy in a van while walking four dachshunds. 


Today was one of those days that felt like the world was against me.  I felt like I failed at everything.  The dogs were still getting acclimated to being here and being around cats and they just barked their long little faces off at everything and interrupted my morning happiness.  Ugh.  I woke up and cleaned the bathroom and then started getting ready.  Somehow time got away from me and before I knew it my in-laws were here.  That's still fun to say. We were headed to brunch at Honey's (two days in a row and it was still tasty!) and they usually have crazy waits on Saturday and Sundays and I still needed to walk the gaggle of dogs so they headed out without me. They were quoted a 1.5-2 hour wait.  Unfortunately for me this assessment was incorrect and they were seated within 45 minutes and I had decided to walk the dogs over to see Eno and his owners Spano and Jody.  I rushed them into the house and changed out of the brown tights I originally put on since they were quitters and kept literally falling off of my body.  Not a good thing to have happen when you're walking four dogs.  I threw on white tights and headed to Honey's.  Everyone but Michael ate omelets.  Yum.  We then headed to Ikea, or the time warp furniture store. Something like 2 or 3 hours later we emerged.  It's been a while since I've been there on a Sunday.  Wow.  I then did a cat job and got the crap scratched out of me because she was not all about taking her pills today.  Ugh.  Then I tried to shop at Target for a baby gate for the dog/cat separation of 2009.  They were out.  Ugh.  I came home and made an awesome dinner of greek style seitan with tzatziki sauce, a cucumber, feta and tomato salad and jasmine rice.  We watched Dexter and then I walked the dogs for a really long time so I could make room for a brownie topped with hot fudge and walnuts.  That was not smart.  I'm going to go nurse my food baby and sleep this day off.  

Oh and the dress is another amazing Plaid Pony Vintage find.  It makes me feel like I should be baking pies in an old farmhouse.  

Saturday, November 21, 2009

day eighty-five.

Day Eighty-five 11/21/2009
Dress: Black and Red Zipper Sweater Dress
Purchased From: Target 
Year or Era Purchased:  Fall 2008

Price: $35? Or it might have been on sale.  I don't remember. 
Accessories: Black Boots and tights, and later a red plaid hat
Hair and Makeup: Down and not brushed with headband, usual makeup with extra black eyeliner.

Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Michael, Jody on the dress. I think Spano said he liked the hat. 


I'm starting this sober but I'm going to end it after a few drinks.  Yup. 

Today's dress is what I like to call my super hero or science fiction dress.  It makes me feel like I have powers or that I can leap buildings or fly a spacecraft.  It was one of the special designers featured at target, Jonathan Saunders.  I remember ogling it for a long time before finally purchasing it.  

I totally slept in like a big jerk.  Oh well.  I got up and made coffee and threw in a load of laundry before heading out to drop off a large portion of our closet to Circle Thrift.   I bought two new dresses, a blue metal canister and a cute shelf for $13. Nice.  I also saw this crazy ham holder that I was tempted to buy just for the box:

I then visited a kitty for work purposes and picked up four miniature dachshunds so I could bring them home and take care of them for a week.  I thought this would be a quick process but I could not break down the three crates to bring with me.  I finally succeeded after a lot of cursing and finger crushing.  I hate when metal tries to defeat me.  I finally got the four dogs and all of their gear into the car and got home.  It feels like my childhood all over again :) So far one of them is kind of a meanie to the kitties so I will have to separate the species for a bit.  Hopefully peace will be in everyone's future.   

I came home and Rica was here to commandeer a bunch of music from my library.  We were all starving having not eaten anything so we headed to Honeys Sit n' Eat for a late lunch/early dinner.  We committed gluttony something fierce.  I even brought half of my food home but it still hurt horribly.   I suppose it doesn't help that I ate more of it a few hours later while watching Top Chef.  Yeah, my favorite dude Kevin is still in it!  I didn't want to sit around the house all night so we're going to meet up with some friends at Kung Fu Necktie for a drink. 

Okay I just got home but I only had one beer so sorry no fun drunky blogs.  Now I'm having some red wine.  I wanted to drink red wine at the bar but they were out (dumb) and the jerky bartender was totally bitchy about it.  I asked what kind of red wine they had and she sort of rolled her eyes and slurred, "I don't know, merlot." Like I was asking some crazy outlandish question of a bartender.  She half heartedly searched for it and then told me they didn't have any.  I opted for a beer and paid, thinking I was paying for Michael's drink too like a nice wife.  I paid the $10 she asked for and tipped $2 even though I hated her.  Michael looked at me like I was crazy for tipping $2 so I lipped him up with a duh, you tip $1 per drink.  It turns out the bartender had already charged him for his drink and he had already tipped.  What a dumbass.  Wow, good job! I hate you stupid bartender.  Your hair is rad but I hate everything else about you.  Ugh.  We only stayed for one drink so I opened a bottle of Pinot Noir when we got home. I liked it because it was called Pinot Evil.  Cute.  I wasn't thrilled to realize it was a twist off cap though.  Oh wells. Time for bed. 

day eighty-four.

Day Eighty-four 11/19/2009
Dress: Maroon Lace Dress
Purchased From: Urban Outfitters
Year or Era Purchased:  2005

Price: $70
Accessories: Black Slip, Black Fishnets, Black Boots, Black Cardigan, Birdcage necklace.
Hair and Makeup: Down with a small plastic barrette and fallen curls, usual makeup

Comments/Compliments/Complaints: A community service street cleanup guy told me I look "lovely"


Since New Moon came out today I decided to go for maximum dorkiness and rock a gothy outfit.  This dress was originally purchased to wear to a wedding and I have also worn it in a video for my friend's band It's From The Sky.  They have new music out now. Go give them a listen.  It's good. I dig this dress but it's a little weird and open in the boob area so I pin it closed a bit.  I spent way more on it than I usually do but it was a splurge I consider worth it four years later since I still like it a lot. 

I slept in a little today because Ipacac decided to snuggle with me and he is so good at keeping people in bed.  I got up and puttered around the house for a bit before showering and getting ready.  I worked and then met up with Sue and Rica at 3:30 for our 4:30 New Moon viewing.  We totally could've gone later as we were the first ones lined up at the door but whatever, we got awesome seats, well sort of.  I'll get to that.   We watched at least three grown ass men (like 45-50ish) exit the theater child and wifeless. My gaydar may have been off but I believe they were straight men totally into Twilight.  Awesome!  So we sit down in prime seats only to have four eleven or twelve year old boys sit in front of us.  Sue could not get over how the one boy "sat heavy" as she called it.  It was hilarious to watch her annoyance with them.  They eventually moved, not before one threatened to put his balls on another's head.  Such good pre-movie entertainment.   We were then blessed with the presence of six teenage girls directly behind us.  Ugh.  They ranged from Captain Obvious, to Mrs. What's Going On to Miss Teen Hormone USA.  There was maybe a solid ten minutes with no talking.  Threats, glances, shushes, etc. did not work.  We even overheard a father say, "Can you please be quiet my son can't hear the movie." Also awesome!  I loved every minute of the horribly cheeseball movie New Moon.  It was my least favorite book of the four but the pace of movie was faster and didn't drag like the book.  I can't wait to see it again without annoying teenagers behind us.  Sue and I started blatantly making fun of them by loudly proclaiming things like "That car is yellow" That car is going fast" "Look there's a tree".  I should've brought a water gun or something and squirted them like you do bad dogs.  Next time. 

After the movie we had dinner at Cantina Los Caballitos where Rica and I split vegetarian chorizo, pumpkin and goat cheese empanadas.  So good!  I then came home and cleaned my face off as four miniature dachshunds are coming to stay here tomorrow.  I dusted and vacuumed and swept and wiped and now my back is absolutely hurty and I must go sleep it off.  I can't believe Thanksgiving in already this week! Random.  Sorry.  Also random, I have way more than 16 dresses left.  Maybe another 30 or more.  I am considering keeping this up after 100.  We'll see.  

Thursday, November 19, 2009

day eighty-three

Day Eighty-three 11/19/2009
Dress: Chevron Stripe Vintage Dress
Purchased From: ?Thrift Store?
Year or Era Purchased:  2004ish? 

Price: $? 
Accessories: brown fishnets, cream knee socks, black boots. blue cardigan
Hair and Makeup: down and curly but the curls fell out and regular makeup, no eye liner durning the day though



Today's dress is one of my favorite dresses.  I love the color combination so very much.  I've had it for at least five years and when I used to smoke cigarettes I burned a hole in it with a stray ember.  Ugh, yet another reason why smoking is dumb.  It also has a stain on it from god knows what.  I can't remember where I bought or for how much, sorry.  It may even be from a suburban thrift store, maybe the Morgantown Goodwill or another thrift store by my Mom's house.  There are lots of good ones near Lancaster County.  I used to buy Amish dresses at one by her house when I was in high school.   Anyway  I know it's vintage and I know that the stripes are referred to as chevron.  I like them because they give such a lovely slimming illusion.  

I apologize for the lack of blog yesterday.  With the internet out last night I just didn't have it in me to type out a blog on my iphone keyboard.  It was a weird night anyway and I didn't really feel like blogging so I guess fate stepped in for me and temporarily suspended my internet connection.  Weird. Yesterday's dress was one of the dresses I got during my first trip to a Sazz Vintage warehouse sale. I had been waiting for chillier weather to wear it since it's long sleeve.  I have several long sleeve dresses to wear still but it's been a pretty warm November so far.  

Last night we went and saw Blind Pilot at World Cafe Live. It was a weird show.  It was good, don't get me wrong, I've just never been to that venue before and most of the space is taken up by tables and chairs and diners.  Weird.  There's a bar and some room at the stage for standing so we did but it was just weird.  There were also a lot of douche nozzles there that would not stop talking during the performance.  I will never understand people who pay to see a musical act or a movie or anything really and then proceed to talk the entire time.  There were also a few drunk annoying girls there whooping and acting like the girls gone wild bus just dropped them off. Ugh.    

Tonight I"m going to another show, Mr. Langhorne Slim.  I'm pretty excited as it's always a good time and it's at Johnny Brenda's where music sounds just lovely.   My old downstairs neighbor  was friends with him so the first time I ever heard him sing/play was in a tiny apartment for like eight people.  I had no idea what I was in for.  Man can that dude sing.  

Today was pretty boring and work filled.   We had macaroni and cheese, sauteed kale and bbq tofu for dinner while watching the Always Sunny Christmas special.  Now it's time for tonight's always sunny before we head out to a show.  I am so very tired. Oh dear. 

day eighty-two.

Our Internet connection appears to be down so iPhone update without a photo it us :(

I'll hopefully post a real blog with a picture tomorrow.   Ugh.

Day Eighty-one 11/19/2009
Dress:  Green and Orange Argyle Vintage Shirt Dress
Purchased From: Sazz Vintage
Year or Era Purchased:  Fall 2009
Price: $10.50
Accessories: black faux fur boots, grey tights, fox necklace
Hair and Makeup: down, sometimes low pigtails
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Michael 

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

day eighty-one.

Day Eighty-one 11/17/2009
Dress: Green and White Floral Shirt Dress
Purchased From: Old Navy
Year or Era Purchased:  Winter 2009

Price: $15.99 on sale
Accessories: black tights and boots
Hair and Makeup: down and wavy  usual makeup with green  eyeshadow

Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Jody


 I drank too much wine.  My day was mostly boring.  I went to my lady doctor appointment and I like my new non Planned Parenthood doctor.  No offense to planned parenthood I'm just over thirty, have insurance and hate waiting for two hours to even be seen.   I worked and then came home and finally gave up on internet arguing.  I am just not cut out for people that like to argue for arguments sake.  That's it for me, thanks.  Jody came over and we watched some Project Runway but mostly we just drank a lot of wine, as in two and half bottles. Go us.  So now I am off to bed without extra paragraphs. Good thing today's dress is sort of boring.  Word. 

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