Wednesday, September 30, 2009

day thirty-three

Day Thirty-three 9/30/2009
Dress: Blue and white striped vintage with red buttons. Also known as my Phillies dress.
Purchased From: Plaid Pony Vintage
Year or Era Purchased: 2007/2008
Price: $25
Accessories: Blue sandals, rose ring
Hair and Makeup: in a bun, red lipstick
Michael said a French chick looked me up and down in a nice way.
Our flight went pretty well. We were able to sleep for a large part of
it though I awoke with a headache like no other mid flight. Luckily
the attendant had some ibuprofen for me. We were served an odd
vegetarian meal of tortellini with a side of peas and carrots, bread,
cheese, rice pudding, and a brownie. We were also served champagne or
wine. I believe my headache may have been caused by my pre and during
flight libations. I just wanted to sleep. Our layover at the Paris
airport went smoothly and we enjoyed coffees that we ordered in
French. Despite sleeping on the plane the time change is really
getting to me. We rented our car, found our hotel and then drove
around lots before dinner and beers at tavern massena. Now we have a
bottle of wine in our room and it's 7pm. I can't guarantee we'll go
back out. I am exhausted. We did walk around a lot too. So far
beautiful but very touristy. We are looking forward to driving inland
to Lyon tomorrow. Until my next random wi-fi, loves byes.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

day thirty-two.

Day Thirty-two
Dress or if you want to be French about it une robe: Black cotton Dress
Purchased From: Target
Year or Era Purchased: Spring 2009
Price: $24.99
Accessories: Black Coat, black boots rose icing ring, vintage locket
Hair and Makeup: unstyled, down, no makeup
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Sue liked my ring and nail polish
Day: Today's dress is one of my sweatpants dresses. Perfect for
flying! I packed an actual pair of sweatpants in my carry-on for
maximum plane ride comfort, if there is such a thing.
I woke up and got started on my last minute travel stuffs. I worked at
a furious pace, got home and finished the last minute details and cat
squeezing before Michael and I piled into Sue's car and headed to the
airport. We just enjoyed beers in the airport bar. We take off in 33
minutes! Au revoir!!!

Day thirty-two

Since I have to email these I will be updating accesory photos in
seperate blogs. Today's rose ring makes me want to eat my finger since
it looks like icing. The nail polish is OPI Alpine Snow.

Monday, September 28, 2009

day thirty-one.

Day Thirty-one 9/28/2009
Dress: Red Terry Cloth Dress
Purchased From: Thrift Store Unknown
Year or Era Purchased: 1994ish?
Price: $5ish?
Accessories: Black Coat, black boots and then new black boots and ridiculous sunglasses. 
Hair and Makeup:  Double buns, zero makeup
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: I forgot to credit my Mommy-in-law with a coat compliment yesterday, none today.
Day:  Today's dress was one of the first one I looked at.  I love it and hate it at the same time.  If I was like 30lbs. skinnier this might be my favorite dress.  Luckily there was a slight chill in the air today so that meant I got to wear my favorite jacket, which classes up any outfit.  To be fair I did a picture with and without the jacket.  This dress is so not forgiving, even with the high waisted fake spanx I try to make out of my tights.  Oh well, I like my boobs in it so I guess it evens out a little bit.   While putting on my favorite boots today I realized they had a hole in them :( So I ran to Bare Feet Shoes in hopes of finding a similar replacement.  No dice, but I did find these sweet motorcycle/sweater boots? Huh? Super comfy and you can change them up to make them shorter or longer.  I absolutely can not function without a pair of black boots in my wardrobe.  Bare Feet Shoes is another of my favorite shoe stores as a large selection of their shoes are not leather. Score.  They are also very reasonably priced I must say! 

My day was endless with errands galore and I knew it would be because I am a last minute kind of lady.  I accomplished the following: picking up prescriptions for my cat, buying cat food and cat litter, picking up my prescription, packing, going to the bank, working, buying new boots,  grocery store stop (yes, to get peanuts for the squirrels), stopping by my brother and sister-in-laws house and then finally home.  Whew.  I am exhausted.  I also made dinner, cleaned the kitchen, painted my nails OPI's Alpine Snow (so good!) and got all the cat and house instructions ready.  I know that was boring and lacked pizazz but hey it is 3am and I still have to work tomorrow and pack the last minute items and do the last minute things that I forgot.  

Now it's time to load my iPhone with music and get my butt to sleep.  Sorry for the really short and awful post! I have figured out the logistics of blogging while I'm gone and it's so much easier than I expected! As long as I have access to free wi-fi I will blog everyday.  I have 16 dresses packed and only need 13, better safe than icky.  

Holy crap! I will be in France in like twenty-four hours! 

Sunday, September 27, 2009

day thirty.

Day Thirty 9/27/2009

Dress: Grey Shirt Dress

Purchased From: New York & Co.

Year or Era Purchased: Late Winter 2007

Price: $15

Accessories: Baby Blue Rain Boots for some of the day, black flats for the rest, black tights

Hair and Makeup:  absolutely zero makeup today in an attempt to get my skin all clear for France, hair pulled back into a bun = lazy day. 

Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Spano said he liked my outfit and then said he really did actually like it and wasn't just saying that for a mention.  

Day: I slept late and didn't feel bad about it, always a good way to start the day.   I got dressed and it was raining so I threw on my new rain boots.  I really want Hunter Wellies in green or navy blue but since these boots were on clearance for $4.98 at Target and Wellies cost over $100 I went with the Target boots.  They are my favorite color after all.  Later in the day I did some laundry, made some samiches, took care of a cat and said goodbye to my dog guest, Rosie.  My mommy-in-law came down and hung out with Michael and then we all met up with Spano and Jody to go get ice cream at the Music Fountain Cafe.  I got coffee ice cream with hot fudge.  Mmmmm.  I then went to Target to get some last minute items so I can began to pack, which I still have not done.  I have made my packing list though so I'm in pretty good shape.  I also have my preliminary dress selection done and washed all of my new vintage dresses but since I use fragrance free detergent they're still a little musty.  Oh well. Maybe I'll throw a dryer sheet or two into the suitcase.  I still have a ton of stuff to do tomorrow like get prescriptions for me and my kitty, research more awesomeness to see and do in France, make lists of stuff for people to do while we're gone and pack my face off.  Should be tons of fun.  I came home from Target with a few extra things like the book Into the Wild and a new pair of thigh highs, is it 1992 again? Weee. That was a fad I never hated on, so glad they're back!  

Today's dress is really a shirt and I know that but it doesn't stop me from wearing it as a dress.  When I bought it my booty was a good bit smaller than it is now and it was much easier to get away with it as a dress than it was today but hey, I had to do it at some point.  I totally could've chosen today to pull the jeans under a dress thing but I thought that would be cheating so thick tights it was.  It's from New York & Co. in the King of Prussia Mall.  I love that store so much even though it doesn't scream Abby.  I think it's like raiding a friends closet when I go there,  something different.  It sort of feels like playing dress up.  I have the same shirt, er, dress, er, shirt dress in white too so expect to see that in the upcoming days.  I can't believe today is my one month bloggy anniversary.  I'm a proud Mommy! 

Michael really wants to go to see Le Palais Idéal (the "Ideal Palace"), which happens to be near Lyon, which happens to have an amazing vegetarian restaurant so now we are going to drive to see an amazing dream that became a reality  and then go eat awesome foods.  I'm so excited! 

Now I have to go fold socks, one of my least favorite things to do in the whole world.  I found a milk crate full of socks in the basement a few months ago, that's why I had so many mismatches.  Who puts socks in a milk crate, seriously! 

day twenty-nine.

Michael and I argued over which picture to use for today.  He voted below, I voted above so I just used both.

Day Twenty-nine 9/26/2009
Dress: Red Long Slip Dress
Purchased From: Super Thrift in the Port Richmond shopping center
Year or Era Purchased: 2008
Price: $3
Accessories: White cardigan, black on black high top Chuck Taylors
Hair and Makeup:  big poofy bangs and buns, bright red lips
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Spano said he liked the dress, Michael made some comments that may or may not had to do with "nipple tassels" 
Day:  Today ended up being really busy and sort of productive but not really.  I woke up refreshed and headache free. So nice.  It was the first time in a long time that I slept quickly and before Michael.  I made a pot of coffee and got dressed.   Maybe it was a subconcious thing as one of the songs at last night's forgetters show had the lyrics red dress, red nails but I picked out a red dress for today.  There was a chill in the air so I wanted something covering so a long slip dress was quite helpful.  I paired it with a cardigan and later in the day when the chill got stronger I threw on my fall/spring Audrey Hepburn inspired jacket.  

I bought today's dress while thrift shopping with my Mom sometime last year. I think it was late Spring but I can't remember.  It might even have been Mother's Day or around that time.  I know Baby Mama was in the theater during the time period because I remember meeting up with Orsborn and the Lalondes to have ice cream at Cold Stone and we discussed that he had heard the movie was not so much good.  Wow, that is so random.  Anyway I know today's dress is sort of a slip or a house dress or something but I don't care; I love it.   I woke up with insanely puffy and itchy eyes and everyone I speak with seems to be suffering with terrible allergies this year so I guess that's why.  Ugh. They eventually went down but I felt a bit like Sloth from the Goonies for a while there.  

Early in the afternoon I got a text from my friend Kristin that Sazz Vintage was having a crazy warehouse vintage clothing sale around the corner from her house.  I went over to check it out and scored big time.  The set up was the top floor of a huge warehouse with boxes and mountains of vintage clothing to sort through and purchase. 

The girl that ran it was so sweet and immediately calmed my fears and instructed me on the best ways to search the goods using empty boxes and sheets.  I filled a box and positioned myself at the mirror for try-ons.  Today's dress was such a good idea for trying on clothes since it was so thin.  Go me.  I ended up leaving there with 8 day dresses, one slip and one evening gown.  One of my dresses has a camel pattern on it, so good!  I absolutely suggest you check it out if they do it again, which might be in December if it's not crazy cold.  I will definitely be wearing all of the dresses in this blog!  That sort of makes me think I might extend the blog a bit longer than one hundred days depending on the number of dresses I have left.  Or maybe I'll do a day 101 with photos of all the dresses I intend to donate or sell since they don't actually fit and/or I hate them.  We'll see. I'm only on day twenty-nine but I'm already worrying about this being over.  I suppose it gives me a purpose and I like having that feeling. 

Anyway I did some more errands and then made amazing veggie turkey and cheese hoagies for lunch before taking Michael to Best Buy for an extra camcorder battery so he can annoy the crap out of me in France next week (oh my god, next week!) by filming everything in his sights.   I then went and did some cat jobs, which is where today's main dress pictures were taken.  I know it might be inappropriate but some of the backgrounds are just so amazing.  I love the apartment I was in today, I got to watch it transform into what it is today since it started almost as a shell when we first stared caring for the kitties Clyde and Murray who live there.  It is now mostly painted white, with a lot of white accents and furniture of the antique and modern variety.  It's really just simply amazing.   Since the dress was red and the background gorgeous I decided to do the photo with the color accent function on the camera.  Always fun.  

I came home and met up with Spano, Jody, Sean, Michael and Bob and all of us minus Bob ventured to a benefit show at Exit Skateshop.  The benefit was for a book called barred for life featuring people with Black Flag tattoos and some photography from my friend Jared.  One of the bands playing tonight was our friend's band Backwoods Payback.  Wow that was a lot of links. Anyway I was super proud of myself and felt like a nineteen year old for going to two shows in two days.  Nice.  I came home and ate a bagel and now I'm doing this.  I know I promised to write about yesterday but it's late and I'm so tired and it's raining and chilly and it's the perfect night to crawl into bed and fall fast asleep and weren't promises meant to be broke anyway?  I took a picture in the bathroom of Exit today so I'll leave you with it.  

Friday, September 25, 2009

day twenty-eight.

photobooth a la kristin g

Day Twenty-eight 9/25/2009
Dress: Pink Waitress Dress
Purchased From: Circle Thrift? 
Year or Era Purchased: 2007?
Price: $5ish
Accessories: Squirrel button on dress lapel, socks with buttons sewn on them
Hair and Makeup:  braids and mess, minimal makeup
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: One shoe compliment and one dress compliment  
Day:  My stomach hurts and I have a pretty bad headache right now so today's detail will have to be reserved for tomorrow.  I'm really sorry.  I will break it down like this: early morning dog visitor, 8am grey's anatomy, lots of coffee, hissy fits and popped buttons, work, headache, more hissy fits, bike ride, forgetters show, sushi double date, bike ride, dog walk, belly and headache, oh and a wolf mask.  I swear I'll fill in all of the blanks tomorrow and even though I had a fabulous night I need to crawl into bed now. Ugh. Ouch. 

Thursday, September 24, 2009

day twenty-seven.

Day Twenty-seven 9/24/2009
Dress: Navy Blue Sundress
Purchased From: Forever 21
Year or Era Purchased: Summer 2009
Price: $12.50
Accessories: Blue Payless sandals
Hair and Makeup:  low pigtails, blush
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Two shoe compliments and two dress compliments,  from strangers, clients and friends.
Day:  Today was so much better than yesterday even though I woke up to Ipacac landing wrestling moves on my face at 6am.  I woke up and tried to pretty up to go to my waxing appointment.  I felt like I had to look a certain way for some reason, sort of fancy, classy I guess.  You know that scene in Say Anything when Diane Court goes to visit the FBI guys to find out if her Dad is guilty and she says something like "I thought if I wore these clothes, if I looked a certain way" or something like that? Probably not because you are quite possibly not as fanatical about the movie as I am but whatever.  That is how I felt.  I put on a newish dress and some pretty sandals that I got on clearance at Payless.  I hurriedly rushed to the train but missed the one I wanted and was late for my appointment.  I am always late.  Ugh.  The waxing went smoothly, get it? Har har.  It hurt like no other pain I've really ever felt before and now it sort of feels like I got punched in the hooha but it's done.  It was also absolutely embarrassing but my esthetician was really nice and put me at ease by telling me stories about crazy clients she's had like one woman who drank many shots of Hennessy before her first Brazilian and proceeded to lose all of her inhibitions and curse up a storm very loudly while snooty rich ladies were waiting for massages and facials in the room right outside.  It made me feel better. 

Afterwards I met Michael and we went to AAA to get our International Driver's Permits so we can drive around in France.  Neato.   I force fed Seamus the cat for Rica (he's on the road to recovery from some sicky Liver action) and then made a quick stop at Circle Thrift on Frankford Ave in Fishtown.  I haven't been in forever and I always score amazing stuff there.  Today was no different as I got an adorable kelly green and white sundress, a cute snap up stripey H&M dress, an awesome houndstooth dress and oh my god a BCBG Max Azria black cocktail dress that fit perfectly all for $20, that's $5 per dress folks!!!!  Damn.  So happy with my finds.  

I worked a bunch today and then came home and made dinner, mostly on the grill since it's getting to be non-grilling season.   I grilled marinated seitan, baby yukon gold potatoes, corn on the cob and leftover asparagus.  Yum.  Jody came over and we caught up on some Project Runway and conversation.  I know, not the most interesting night but I had a really nice day and night with minimal stress and aggroness.  Oh and I watched the new Always Sunny. Word. 

Now Michael and I are searching for a hotel to stay in the day we get to France.  Tomorrow I get to wake up to my favorite beagle friend, Rosie, since she'll be staying with me this weekend.  Expect photos. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

day twenty-six.

Day Twenty-six 9/23/2009
Dress: Black and Printed Kimono Style Dress
Purchased From: Ross 
Year or Era Purchased: Summer 2009
Price: $14.99
Accessories: none, grey cotton flats
Hair and Makeup: pulled back into a bun. I really need to wash it. 
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: a client told me I look nice. She was topless though so her opinion leaves me a tiny bit skeptical.  
Day:  First of all, holy crud, I'm 1/4 of the way done this little ordeal of mine.  Crazy how time flies.  And now for the day, it sucked...I really need to snap out of my crazy aggro stress ball attitude but today was just another one of those crap days.  It was off; everything was off.   It felt rushed and then lagging and I just felt gross and awful all day.  I am quite sure the humidity that I woke up to did not help.  It also made me extra itchy.  Allergies and sensitive skin suck, like a lot.  Today's dress did not help.  I knew when I bought it that I didn't really like it but the style of it reminded me of another dress I have that I absolutely love so I thought I just had to get it.  It's really poorly made the top part is a bit too big for me so it kept falling down and exposing my bra to the public all day. D'oh.  The rest of it fits sort of fine but it's really not flattering.  Oh well.  Lesson learned.  Speaking of boobs as mentioned above one of my clients was topless in front of me for a long period of time today.  Boundaries people, boundaries.  Did I mention she is 69? Yup.  Did I mention I've seen her boobs a total of twice now? Yep.  Dear god I need a new job. Also I am stressing about getting all of the hair ripped off of my lady parts tomorrow morning.  Ouch.  On that note I'm going to take a shower and do a load of laundry and say take that you stupid day, you're not the boss of me.  Yeah. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

day twenty-five.

Day Twenty-five 9/22/2009
Dress: Turquoise Bubble Dress
Purchased From: Rainbow 
Year or Era Purchased: Summer 2008
Price: $7.99
Accessories: Black tights and a long short sleeve cardigan, crazy pattern boots
Hair and Makeup: Two buns, blush only
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Someone yelled "pebbles" from a car, Michael liked my cardigan 
Day: I got a pretty okay night of sleep last night even though I woke around 7am to Ipacac puking noises.  Ugh, worst sound to wake up to ever.  I got back to sleep immediately and kept going until almost 10am. Word!  I spent the morning as a giant stress ball searching for an apartment to rent in Nice, France since we realized our lackadaisical attitudes were dead wrong and most of the places we thought were available to rent were indeed not.  Oops.  I sent inquiry after inquiry and it paid off as we will be staying in a pretty fabulous looking apartment.  Woot.  We'll have six free days leftover to stay in hotels or other apartments that we're not as worried about booking since we don't know exactly where we'll be yet...Monaco, Italy, Corsica, Nice.  Who knows!?! Not me.  What I do know is that at this time next week I will be on a plane to friggin' France yo! 

After all the stress I hurriedly put on a dress.  I want to use up some of my summery dresses and today's was hidden between two other dresses since it's so teeny.  I thought it was a bit too slutty to wear on its own so I paired it with some thick black tights and a short sleeved long cardigan, so far my only Fall wardrobe purchase.  I love the way the dress pokes out of the cardigan and gives it a pop of color.  Usually this dress annoys me but not today.  Good thing since I was so stressballesque already!  I worked a bunch today and then hurried home since Michael and I were taking a trip to see our respective Moms. I dropped him at his Moms and headed out to see mine.  I got some parent time and some cuddle time with their kitties before heading back to grab Michael.  We listened to the Michel Thomas french lessons on the way home.  I continued on and did a few lessons on Rosetta Stone French.  I don't think it will matter much if I am able to speak any French since I know damn well that anyone speaking back will be far too fast and skilled for me. I hear those French peeps like you better if you try though.  I wonder if they just want a good laugh.  

Oh and today's reluctant to be on camera critters are Henry and Charlie, two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  Yup. 

Now I'm getting a snack since I ate a quarter of a baguette, some feta cheese and a fistful of mashed potatoes for dinner.  Oops.  Bonne nuit. 

day twenty-four.

Day Twenty-four 9/21/2009
Dress: Plaid Knit Dress (they say knit, I say sweatpants)
Purchased From: Charlotte Russe 
Year or Era Purchased: Summer 2009
Price: $28.99
Accessories: Grey knee socks
Hair and Makeup: Low bun with messy bangs, no makeup
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Only on a dog I was walking but not about me
Day: I barely slept last night.  Many weekends I resort to my usual late nights and later mornings and that carries on into Monday minus the late mornings.  I think it was after three when I finally fell asleep only to be woken by my phone around seven.  A client called to add on for the day and I was unable to fall back asleep right away since my bladder refused to quiet down.  I believe an hour later I slept again, and too late, as I woke at 9:02 with a veterinarian appointment in New Jersey scheduled for 9:30.  I made it,  a few minutes late and without coffee.  It hurt.  Ipacac the kitty had a really great check up though and won't have to have any more teeth removed for at least six months.  We were both pretty thrilled about it.  

Today's dress is one the dresses I refer to as the sweatpants of dresses, except it's actually really cute.  I bought it at Charlotte Russe in the Cherry Hill Mall during my aforementioned iPhone debacle.  It is the reason I did not buy the red strapless dress featured on day fifteen that Sue bought for me.  $28.99 is a bit of a splurge on a dress for me, unless it's vintage or for a special occasion.  It was such an interesting print, fabric and fit that I knew I'd regret it if I didn't buy it.  I've worn it many times already and I sure am glad I bought it.  It makes me feel cute, not pretty, or sexy, or girly, but cute.  It sort of makes me want to climb trees and do tom boyish things.  I'm also a big fan of the weird collar and plan to wear it year round.  So even though I was super cranky today because of lack of sleep I still felt pretty cute.  I prefer that to cranky and feeling ugly. 

My eyeball eczema is still acting up but seems to be quelled by the claritin I took today.  I think I'll make them a daily occurrence until it is completely cleared.  Itchy bumpy eyes do not make a girl feel good about herself.  Today was pretty boring except for the vet visit.  Oh and I did call and make an appointment for a Brazilian wax for Thursday.  I might be a tad bit afraid of Thursday.  I worked, went to the gym and grocery store and made dinner.  I made sour cream yukon gold mashed potatoes, fake engagement chicken, roasted asparagus, a simple salad and biscuits.  It was all really tasty and I might have eaten a bit too much.  Fall television is back with a fury so we watched Heroes and House.  I think I might have to give up on Heroes.  Less television could be a good thing I think. 

I'm pretty excited to go lay down in my bed now and fall fast asleep with hopes of a full eight hours.  Maybe I'll turn off my ringer and enjoy some silence.  Speaking of enjoying I'm really glad my friend Bill came back to Pennsylvania for a visit last week because he always introduces everyone to the best bands.  This particular band is Blind Pilot and he played it in the car on the way home from Matt and Mona's wedding.  I've been sort of obsessed with them since.  Thanks Bill. And Happy Birthday since it is technically 12:12 on the East Coast.   Loves Byes. 

Sunday, September 20, 2009

day twenty-three.

Day Twenty-three 9/20/2009
Dress: Black and White Sundress
Purchased From: One of those girly cheap stores like Mandee or Deb or Rainbow 
Year or Era Purchased: 2006/2007ish
Price: $? probably like $14.99
Accessories: squirrel ring, black cardigan
Hair and Makeup: braids, blush, still allergy eyeball ridden. 
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Michael, Danni 
Day: Oh man alive was today a lazy day!  Quite possibly because last night was a late and drunky night but it was oh so fun.  I woke up after noon sometime but didn't actually get out of bed until 1:30 or so.  Michael and I watched Always Sunny clips on his laptop then searched for apartments to rent in the South of France.  Jumpin' Jesus on a pogo stick we leave in one week and one day.  This blog is going to make packing so much easier since I've been saving a lot of my favorite dresses for the vacation.  I've also been saving some of my "sweatpants of dresses" for the loungey days.  I'm not really sure what the internet situation will be like over there so I'm going to try my hardest to blog as often as possible but who knows.  Of course I'll still wear a dress each day and photograph it and write a blurb to publish when I can.  I promise not to cheat.  Some days are much harder than others to write and take pictures.  I kind of just want to go to bed right now and snuggle up with Michael but discipline is part of this process and I don't like to fail.  

I tried on a bunch of dresses today and realized that I am going to have some really interesting days ahead of me upon perusing the unworn dresses.  Man, oh man there are some questionable choices on my clothing rack.  Oh well.  I may have to get super fancy to walk dogs sometimes but I doubt the dogs will mind.  Maybe the strangers on the street or the doormen at the one building I frequent but who cares, not me.   Anyway I have tried on today's dress a few times in the past few weeks but always removed it pretty quickly.  Today was its days though as I didn't immediately hate it.  Dresses are so funny like that.  Apparently it worked well because Danni, our Portland houseguest, liked it enough to mention so and to say it made her want to wear a dress and look girly.  She's wicked hot (and I'm not just saying that for her sake if she reads this,  if I was a dude I feel like she'd be my type) so it makes me feel all sorts of awesome to inspire her.  I wish I could remember more about the dress.  I think I bought it sometime in Spring or early Summer maybe 2006 or 2007ish when I went through a must have sundresses phase.  I don't think I paid much for it because in case you don't know already I like to have lots of stuff instead of a few expensive things.  Hrmpf.  My eyeball is still super stupid so I was a good girl and left the eye makeup off :( sad face.  I want that shit pristine before we leave for vacation.  Yup. 

I finally left the house today to take Danni to drop off her rental car.  We came back to the house to grab Michael and go visit our roomie Steve at the Piazza where he works.  We left Michael with Steve and ventured around Northern Liberties stopping into Standard Tap for a glass of wine and conversation.  It was such a nice change from a usual weekend day.  It was nice to go sit by a window with the sun out in a bar filled with old wood and a fireplace.  It felt relaxing and sort of adult like.  I dug it.  We wandered around a bit more and met up with the boys to see how much more time we needed to kill before our end goal of Indian food at Tiffin, 50 minutes.  So we had more drinks at Cantina, again sitting outside and enjoying the gorgeous weather that was today.   Finally it was time for the good East Coast Indian food Danni craved.  I've also been craving it all week since she mentioned it.  Tiffin was indeed what the doctor ordered, that is if the doctor was really sort of fat and into instructing his patients to gorge themselves because we totally did.  Mmmmm. Yum. I am still so full it kind of hurts.  

We came back home and Danni and I watched the first two episodes of America's Next Top Model with lots of commentary.  The boys joined us for the pilot of Archer and since I'm a huge Frisky Dingo fan I was super excited.  I really enjoyed it and wish it was actually coming on every week after It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and not in January 2010 as the internet is telling me. Dumb.  Wow this whole entry was sort of ramble ridden but whatever, I didn't even really want to do it.  Blargh.  Time for bed since Ipacac the kitty has to go get his vets check up tomorrow.  

Saturday, September 19, 2009

day twenty-two.

Day Twenty-two 9/19/2009
Dress: Green Daisy Polyester 70s Dress
Purchased From: Thrift Store, unknown
Year or Era Purchased: 1999? 2000?
Price: $???
Accessories: Socks with pouf balls, pirate ship ring
Hair and Makeup: Curls didn't hold well today so straighter than yesterday, teal eyeshadow eyeliner, under eye only
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Sue, Michael, Danni.  I have nice friends.  
Day: I have to be honest I didn't even put on today's dress until almost 6:00PM.  Oops.  I lounged about most of the day and made a really lovely quiche and Michael and I watched Kitchen Nightmares and Family Feud while we ate it.  Sue and I had plans to go see the Kurt Halsey art show at Art Star so I eventually showered and put on today's dress and some makeup.  Today's dress is one of those dresses I've had forever and I can't remember at all where it is from.  I'd like to think it's from my favorite (and closed) thrift store of all time, The Thrifty Fox in Thorndale, Pennsylvania.  They had such amazing finds and furnished most of my high school wardrobe.  Sadly there is an Auto Zone or some other shit in its place.  So sad.  I tried it on today and realized the whole right underarm was ripped open so I sewed it all back together and finally put got dressed and did some makeup inspired by a photo of Drew Barrymore I saw where she's just wearing some turquoise liner in the middle of her lower lid, fun stuff.  

Sue picked me up and we had a fast time at Art Star as there were way less pieces than expected.  We both loved the one print of two fat birds and the slogan "some birds mate forever".  I love shit like that.  I also saw an absolutely amazing piece from an artist's name I thought I'd be able to read in photograph but to no avail.  How awesomely fantabulous is this???  Oh and speaking of squirrels our one yard squirrel, Artemis, is absolutely preggers!  I hope I get some baby squirrel action! 


We went to Cantina Dos Segundos for dinner and met Jake.  After she dropped me off and I cleaned the kitchen a bit while waiting for Danni, Steve, Michael and Jared to get to the house.  After they arrived we ventured out to Kung Fu Necktie, a local bar, for some conversation and libations.  Steven Orsborn met us there and we retired home for some wheelchair racing debauchery.  It was lots of fun and made me feel like I was a wee lad again.  I'm a little bit drunky and a little bit tired and I think I'll wash my face and go to bed now.  

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