Thursday, July 29, 2010

day three hundred hundred thirty-three.

Day Three Hundred Thirty-three Wednesday 7/28/10
Dress:  Heart Pattern Night Gown Dress
Purchased From:  Conway
Year or Era Purchased: Summer 2010
Price: $2.99
Accessories:  black flats, purple knee socks, 
Hair and Makeup:  Down, usual makeup
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Sue liked the socks and dress, I was called 99 again by the desk guy at a building I work in, Michael liked the dress

Here's another case of a nightgown turned dress.  I don't care. It was crazy humid again so I needed to wear something flowy and with little fabric.  I totally thought I wore this dress in a different color version but now I can't seem to find the post so maybe not.  I decided this dress needed some knee socks and these purple ones were handy and matched perfectly.  Thanks to my friend Jody, as she bought them for me.  

Wednesday was a getting shit done kind of day.  I woke up late because Michael let me sleep and walked to the el since his bike is in the shop getting a tuneup.  I got dressed, went to work and then came home and grabbed my roommate, Steve, so we could go to Target for camping supplies.  The Bridesburg Target has the worst camping section I've ever seen.  Blargh.  Going to Target with Steve is hilarious, he just sort of wanders around and stares at things.  We got lots of supplies and I got a cute new hat that happened to be on clearance. Score.  I came home and went to have a visit with Sue and Lemon so I could drop off a bag of dresses for her and grab her cooler and campfire toaster for our canoe trip.  Lemon and I had some bonding time while she'll drooled on me a bit, her new thing.  She's also currently obsessed with trees- kind of awesome.  

I came home from Sue's and washed a load of towels, made dinner (more mac and cheese- it's finally gone- and more salads), watched Louie, ran the dishwasher, baked brownies, baked potatoes for the trip, packed and worked on a revision of Monday's piece for class.  I was exhausted and finally settled into bed around 2:30am.  

day three hundred hundred thirty-two.

Day Three Hundred Thirty-two Tuesday 7/27/10
Dress:  Blue and White Flowered Dress
Purchased From:  Circle Thrift
Year or Era Purchased: Spring 2010
Price: $5.00
Accessories:  black flats, white cardigan sometimes
Hair and Makeup:  Down, usual makeup
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Michael said something about the dress but I can't remember

This dress is clearly homemade, based on the fact that it's tagless and I can see the at home construction when it's inside out.  It's the tiniest bit too tight in the armpit area and it's really not flattering due to its sack like construction.  Still, I kind of like something about it.  

I spent the day working, going to school, writing an on the spot suspension of disbelief piece that I hated and lamented on for hours, and then I came home and made dinner. We had mac and cheese again, this time with some smoked veggie sausages from Light Life, the smart dog people.  They're new, as clearly marked on their package.  In the take it or leave it contest of life I choose to leave them from here on out.  I also made a big salad and Michael, Orsy and I ate dinner.  Pictured above is the sail Michael's been working on.  He made it all from scratch with bamboo, twine and fabric.  I kind of love him.  A lot. 

day three hundred hundred thirty-one.

Ipacac loves the new bathtub.  

Day Three Hundred Thirty-one Monday 7/26/10
Dress:  Black Dress with White and Green Flowers
Purchased From:  Super Thrift/Thrift Fair
Year or Era Purchased: Summer 2010
Price: $3.95
Accessories:  green flats, black belt
Hair and Makeup:  Down, usual makeup with some green shadow
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Some ladies in an elevator commented on my green shoes matching the green in my dress but they sort of said it to each other like I wasn't there "oh looks her shoes match the green in her dress" so it was the tiniest bit condescending or maybe I just assumed it since I was a poor chick in an elevator with rich ladies.  

This dress is too big so I used the belt from 239 to cinch it up a bit.  I did purposefully match my green shoes to the green in the dress because I love green and I love those shoes.  I contemplated my green belt, but thought that would be too much.  Monday was a beautiful day weather wise so I made sure to enjoy it.  I worked, went to school, came home and made macaroni and cheese, smart dogs and sauteed broccoli rabe. Michael continued to work on his sail and I watched another episode of Jersey Shore.  I'm addicted. 

day three hundred hundred thirty.

Day Three Hundred Thirty Sunday  7/25/10
Dress:  Grey V-neck Cotton Dress
Purchased From:  Super Thrift/Thrift Fair
Year or Era Purchased: Summer 2010
Price: $3.95
Accessories:  black flats, squirrel and bird locket
Hair and Makeup:  Pulled back into a low bun with a weird little bang loop/twist, usual makeup with extra silver and grey eyeshadows 
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: I think Michael liked the dress

Sunday was interesting.  I woke up late, got dressed, did a cat job, went to the grocery store and then came home and made veggie hoagies and watched Me and You and Everyone We Know.  It was good.  

Michael busted out my sewing machine and we learned to thread the bobbin and the machine.  I haven't done that since seventh grade.  It's way easier than I thought! 

He worked on constructing his sail for the canoe trip and I watched videos on youtube about how to make dresses from t-shirts since I have several t-shirts I'd like to convert to dresses.  My attempt was a failed one but it won't be my last.  I was fine at using the sewing machine, just not fine at following the video instructions.  

Michael was quite successful with his sail.  Pictures to come in future blogs.  Yup.

day three hundred hundred twenty-nine.

Day Three Hundred Twenty-nine Saturday  7/24/10
Dress:  Turquoise Strapless Sun Dress
Purchased From:  Conway
Year or Era Purchased: Summer 2010
Price: $7.99

Accessories:  blue sandals, black plastic bracelet
Hair and Makeup:  Pulled back into three low buns, usual makeup with extra blueish green eyeshadows 
Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  Jody liked my eye makeup, some Fishtown kid rode by on his bike and said something like DAaaaaaamMMMn Guuuurl. 

It was even hotter on Saturday, something like one hundred degrees, and the air was a soupy mess.  I wore this dress in an attempt to stay cool, it only sort of worked.  Michael and I went to Kraftwork for brunch.  We joked on the way that we should call our friend's Jody and Spano but they'd probably already be there.  They were. It seems Spano's car was broken into, yet again, and the culprits had attempted to steal it, again. So dumb.  We joined them and had food and beers.  I had a flight that including Hitachino Espresso Stout, Beer Geek Breakfast Stout, Ichtegem's Grand Cru, and Young's Double Chocolate Stout.  Nom, nom, nom.  I also ordered the omelet, which was to have goat cheese, spinach, mushrooms, onions and peppers.  I got it sans onions and peppers but they kind of made it sans goat cheese too- maybe a dollop. Waaaaaah.  It was still a fluffy, tasty egg so I survived.  We hung out for a while and I went home and read a bit before heading out to do some cat jobs.  I spent a few hours on the couch, avoiding the heat and watching three episodes of Jersey Shore, much to Michael's dismay.  Later that night we ate leftover pizza and watched 500 Days of Summer, which I thought was a really lovely movie.  The Steves came home from seeing Cap n' Jazz and regaled us with their stories and I survived the heat just fine. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

day three hundred hundred twenty-eight.

Day Three Hundred Twenty-eight  Friday  7/23/10
Dress:  Floral and Black Kimono style dress
Purchased From:  MOLLY DELANEY
Year or Era Purchased: Spring 2010
Price: FREE

Accessories:  black flats
Hair and Makeup:  Pulled back into a low bun, usual makeup
Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  Michael, and I think a few more people but I can't remember. Sorry. 

I love this dress.  Molly gave it to me with instructions to wash it since it was starched into an uncomfortable hardness  Once the starch was removed it became a very comfortable and quite adorable dress.  I wore it a bit off the shoulders since the boobage area was a little short fabric wise.  I'm not sure if this was the actual intent of the dress but I liked it this way.  It was beyond hot on Friday so I was happy to wear something so flowy.  

I spent my day working and then stupidly thought it would be best to grill because of the heat.  Nope.  It sucked ass to grill and made me sweat like a glass of ice water in the sun.  I put the marinated seitan, corn on the cob, and asparagus on the grill and headed into the house to cool off.  When I went to check the grill goodies I found that our tank of propane had finally kicked. Blargh.  I ran to the store and exchanged it and got back to business.  I also threw a baguette on the grill to warm it and served the food with some lime herb butter, tzatziki sauce.  It was all quite yummy.  I made myself a strawberry margarita with homemade strawberry simple syrup and fresh pureed strawberries. It was the best possible accompaniment to a grilled dinner on a hot summer night.  I wish I'd taken pictures. Oh well.  I spent the rest of the night hanging out with the two Steves and Michael.  We ate, drank and watched episodes of Louie while Michael worked on building a sail for our upcoming canoeing trip.  

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

day three hundred twenty-seven.

Me and Mr. McCallum

Day Three Hundred Twenty-seven  Thursday  7/22/10
Dress:  Blue V-neck Cotton Dress 
Purchased From:  Super Thrift/ Thrift Fair, whatever it's called but the tag says Charlotte Russe
Year or Era Purchased: Summer 2010
Price: $2.95

Accessories:  black flats
Hair and Makeup:  Side ponytail, lots of green eyeshadows and usual makeup
Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  Some gross dude at Target walked by me, stared at my boobs and said "Sup baby" or something gross.  Really? 

Thursday was again ridiculously hot.  Even though this dress had sleeves the material was thin and it was quite short so it kept me cool.  I opted for a side ponytail to keep my hair off of my neck.  Thoughts of chopping it all off have been dancing around my head but I'll let them keep dancing, it took me way too long to get it to this length.  I'm way overdue at the hair salon and my roots are dark but I don't care, it's officially past my bra strap.  Word.  I got this dress at Super Thrift/Thrift Fair, whatever you want to call it.  Yelp says Thrift Fair, the sign says Super Thrift,  debit charges go through as something completely different, who knows.  I worked in the heat, including a visit with that cute kitty above, then headed to class for some literature discussion and writing instruction.  Our professor gave us copies of her book as a thank you for running the class discussion. That was kind of awesome.   After class I had a hankering for pizza so I finally ordered from the much touted Trios Trattoria and boy I'm glad I did.  Finally, good pizza close to home!  I went to Target while the pizza was cooking and got a few household items, nothing fun at all.  I came home and ate some of both a white pizza with broccoli and ricotta and a red pizza with mushrooms.  Really, really tasty.  Next time I'm going to try the thin crust square pizza. I'll be sure to tell you all about it, I'm sure you can't wait! 

day three hundred twenty-six.

Day Three Hundred Twenty-six  Wednesday  7/21/10
Dress:  Blackish Greyish Charcoal Sheath Dress with embroidered flowers
Purchased From:  MOLLY DELANEY
Year or Era Purchased: Spring 2010
Price: $FREE

Accessories:  blue hair barrette, black flats
Hair and Makeup:  Pulled back into a bun and also down, depending on the heat and my mood, usual makeup with lots of fun blue eyeshadow
Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  A few dress compliments- Michael and my mom.  I think someone yelled something at me from a car. 

Wednesday was again horribly hot.  I knew I had to wear next to nothing to get through the day walking dogs for hours on end.  Unfortunately my dress collection is dwindling and my summer dress selections are becoming nil.  Luckily I still had this dress, another Molly dress. At first glance it looks so plain and uninviting but when I put it on I instantly felt good.  There's a good example of the "always try it on" rule that I like to preach.  Sure, I had to suck my tummy in all day but it was worth it.   I got through the hot work day and stopped at Whole Foods to pick up some dinner treats.  I then picked up Michael and his bicycle and we drove to the burbs for dinner with my parents.  My mom made a super yummy dinner of mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, a special mushroom wine gravy for us, amazing vinegar cucumbers, sauteed mushrooms and tomatoes fresh from the garden.  I brought riblets for Michael and I, a baguette and some brownies for dessert.  We had a really nice dinner and then hung out for a while.  I tortured their two youngest cats with love and then we headed home, with tons of stuff from Mom as usual and corn and watermelon from Dad.  We can never go home with an empty car when visiting my parents, that's just how it is. 

Monday, July 26, 2010

day three hundred twenty-five.

Day Three Hundred Twenty-five Tuesday  7/20/10
Dress:  Black, White and Grey Dress
Purchased From:  Thrift Fair
Year or Era Purchased: Summer 2010
Price: $4.95

Accessories:  Green flats 
Hair and Makeup:  Pulled back into a side bun, usual makeup with silver and black eyeshadows
Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  An eye makeup compliment from the Nanny at one of my jobs, Michael liked the dress, the one desk guy at a building I work with likes to call me "99" now.  I definitely enjoy that. 

AAAAAAHHHHH Finally feeling better on Tuesday, though the bruises just keep changing color and growing.  Gross.  I love this dress.  It's a really awesome thrift store find and it made me feel a little fancy on a Tuesday.  I did my eye makeup to match the dress using the Alice palette and MAC eyeshadows- greys, silvers, blacks.  I am a big fan of too much eye makeup. I liked the contrast of the green flats with the greys and blacks but really those are just my favorite shoes.   I had a busy, busy day.  I spent the morning working on my character assignment for class and researching for the class discussion then worked all day.  Around 4:45 I headed to school to finish the writing piece.  I just barely finished and not with enough time for a real proper revision.  Oh bother. I enjoy walking away from a piece for a nice chunk of time so I can revisit it and rework it, but we barely had time to write it.  Class went well and our class discussion was pretty awesome.  One of my classmates, Darryl, was my partner in leading the discussion.  He's quite good at researching literature and discussing it so we made a good team.  After class I came home and made dinner of veggie lemon chicken with tzatziki and caprese salad on flat bread with a side of tabouli.  It was quite lovely.  I am absolutely addicted to dinners involving flat breads, tortillas and taco shells at the moment.  Nom, nom, nom. 

day three hundred twenty-four.

Day Three Hundred Twenty-four Monday  7/19/10
Dress:  Turquoise and Floral weird ribbon dress
Purchased From:  Circle Thrift Clothing Swap
Year or Era Purchased: Spring 2010
Price: $FREE

Accessories:  Blue plastic hair barrettes, black flats
Hair and Makeup:  Down and with barrettes, usual makeup with some blue eyeshadows
Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  Someone told me I look nice in this color 

I still didn't feel one hundred percent on Monday.  Luckily my night and morning cat job was cancelled so I didn't have to rush out of the house.  I put a negative amount of energy into dressing, hair and makeup because I just couldn't bring myself to do it. It was stupid hot so I opted for this dress that I don't love at all.  It's not flattering in the slightest and the side ties are weird and kept coming untied all day. This dress will definitely go into my donate pile- good thing I have another clothing swap coming up soon! I also hate this picture but I put zero effort into it as well so whatevs- what I do love are the weird extra floating heads that were created when I attempted to retouch erase a large part of my kitchen background.  Creepy.  Thats me making tacos and apparently being mad about it.   It was a boring day.  I worked, went to school and got a crapload of homework- why can't my professor give us writing assignments over the weekend and not on a Monday night?  Blargh.  We had one tiny little reading assignment to complete in four days and then wham! Monday night she hits us with a reading assignment, a writing assignment and to top it all off I was one of the two people chosen to run the class discussion on the reading assignment so I had to prepare for that too.  Ugh.  I came home and made tacos and ate them like they were my last meal.  I did my reading assignment, which was amazing- Tobias Wolff's Bullet in the Brain.  It's super short and there's a short film of it as well that's kind of amazing.  He's the same guy that wrote This Boy's Life.  I've seen the movie but never read the book.  Guess it's on my to read list now. 

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