Friday, October 2, 2009

day thirty-five

Day Thirty-five 10/2/2009
Dress: Navy blue/white vintage dress
Purchased From: Sazz Vintage
Year or Era Purchased: Fall 2009
Price: $10.50
Accessories: Bird necklace, pirate ship ring, crazy boots, big
Hair and Makeup: up and down and all around, blush and MAC "syrup"
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Michael :)

Please pardon the different tenses, I've been writing as we go and
without wi-fi. Please also pardon grammar and spacing errors. It is
quite hard to type so much with an iPhone.

On our first night Michael and I slept from 7 to midnight. Not smart.
We woke up confused and decided to head out for a bit so we could get
back to sleep eventually. Michael said, "I feel like we should eat
some cat food and huff some glue to be able to sleep here tonight." We
got beers and whiskey instead at an Irish pub. That was after
attempting to enter another bar when we heard okay music poring out of
it. We were waved away and told it wad a gay bar. So? That was
weird. We got back to our room and stupidly drank the whole bottle of
wine we had purchased. Fortunately I also mixed up an emergen-c for us
to share before passing out. We got yelled at for our music being too
loud, please note our music was just playing out of an iPhone not
plugged into anything. Paper thin walls!

I woke up this morning feeling pretty crappy. So did Michael. I got us
coffees and croissants and ordered in terrible French but it all
worked out. We lost our parking lot ticket, which set us back some
time but we eventually made it onto a8 to a7 headed for Lyon.

12 hours later we are still in the car. Today was the ultimate fail.
No vacancies and fuve hours of wrong turns, we haven't had a meal. I
hate this day the most of all. We finally got the last room in an
overpriced hotel at 1am :( I'm going to eat an avocado, shower and cry
myself to sleep.

We woke up refreshed and only slghtly downtrodden. Michael paced and I
put on a lot of makeup. We had the hotel breakfast: coffee,
croissants, yogurt, mini crepes and juice. We decided that five hours
of surreal lost driving is something we'll look back upon and laugh at
when we revisit Lyon on a later date. We saw some beautiful things
from the car, beautiful things that will someday be spectacular on
foot with a week to spare.

Today we went to see Le Palais ideal. It was one of the most amazing
things we've ever experienced. Thank you Sean Graham for insisting we
see it. It was an inspirational and amazing sight that quashed the
terrible experience of yesterday. I also got to see some
white donkeys, nice. Tonight we are faced with finding another hotel
but tomorrow we check into our apartment for six nights. I look
forward to having a kitchen and not having the rushed feeling that
comes with check-out times.

Today's dress is one of my new Sazz Vintage dresses. I wore it with a
white cardigan and my crazy blue and white pattern boots. I am really
happy with today's outfit and events. Vive la France!


Mom said...

Sweet outfit. The background is amazing. Want to know all about this place. It looks like a grotto or cave.

HeadlessMonster said...

Cute. I like the drawstring belt.

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