Saturday, October 3, 2009

day thirty-six

Oops. Forgot the text!
Day Thirty-six 10/3/2009
Dress: black and tan houndstooth
Purchased From: circle thrift
Year or Era Purchased: fall 2009
Price: $5
Accessories: black cotton belt, green shoes, mahjong bracelet
Hair and Makeup:
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Michael :) also a little French lady
complimented one of my tattoos.
I was having a "skinny" feeling day so I wore today's dress since it's
a little clingy. I threw on a belt to distract from any protruding
belly action that might take place throughout the day. I paired it
with my bright green flats to give it some oomph. Later tonight I'll
throw on my short-sleeved black jacket to dress it up for dinner.
Including the jacket and shoes today's outfit cost $27. Score!!!
Last night we had dinner at a little alley pizza shop, and drinks at a
place called distilleries ideales of French beers, caipirinhas and
more beers. My drink had a glow stick in it. Weird.
Today we ate crepes, and walked a lot, checked into our apartment
(yay!) and I grocery shopped, which was intersting. We also made a
reservation for tonight at the magic pumpkin, a vegetarian
restaurant. 4-5 courses, chef's choice, changes daily. I can't wait!
Today's picture features Michael since we had access to a large
mirror in our apartment I was able to photograph the both of us
instead of him taking my picture as I'm limited to iPhone photos.
That's why the pics haven't been consistent. Our only source of
Internet access has been McDonald's. I will try to update daily all
week but if for some reason we don't leave our apartment I'll have to
double up some days. Nice is pretty nice :). Har har


Mom said...

Great picture. Love the dress, hair is good, can't tell the shoes are green. Wow, yellow tile. The apartment looks wonderful. Big and airy. Love ya.

Randi said...

If you don't leave your apartment, its totally understandable, it looks beautiful and after is your honeymoon. You guys look adorable.

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