Thursday, December 3, 2009

day ninety-seven.

Day Ninety-seven 12/3/2009 
Dress: Red Vintage Waitress or House Dress
Purchased From: Sazz Vintage

Year or Era Purchased: Fall 2009
Price: $10.50
Accessories: Black tights, black and white socks with buttons, black rain boots, black slip underneath 
Hair and Makeup: Still curly and huge and now knotty from the rag curls, usual makeup with winged eyeliner

Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  More hair compliments, a client complimented the dress, a scary woman at the Comcast holiday party obsessed over my "Santa's Helper" outfit.


Today was another nice, good, on timey day.  Yay. I woke up and took Michael to the train and came home and did some dishes, cleaned a small portion of my bedroom, talked to my friend Rica on the phone and putzed around on the compute  I then got ready, putting on my holiday party attire since it was Comcast's holiday party today and I knew I'd be attending later in the day.  This is one of the dresses I just bought at the last Sazz Vintage warehouse sale that I went to.  I love it.  It's easy to wear, super comfortable and fun.  I paired with some new awesome black and white knee socks with little buttons on them that I got at Target and a pair of rain boots that aren't so much good for rainy days anymore because they have holes in the seems.  Luckily it didn't rain today so my feet stayed dry. My hair is still curly and has developed a lovely knot in the back.  Oh well, maybe I'll brush it into a huge fro tomorrow.  

I worked a bunch today and then got on the el and headed into center city to meet up with Kristin and Rica for the Comcast holiday party.  Michael finally tore himself away from work and joined us as did some new friends Cheryl and Mike.  We rode the elevator to the food floor and encountered a very enthusiastic woman who was all about what she deemed my "santa's little helper" outfit.  She then proceeded to point out the watering can and say, "Oh look, it really is a Santa's little helper outfit!" Her eyes were a little buggy and quite frankly she scared me a little bit.  I was glad when the elevator doors finally opened on the 43rd floor.  I thought she might take my skin off and wear it if I stayed around her much longer.   The party was fun and we ate lots of free food and I drank some kind of crappy wine.  They had a sushi station served on an ice sculpted table.  I am not even kidding you.  That is why your cable bills are so high.  I am glad we get free cable.  Ridiculous. 

I also partook in the mashed potato bar, which was so much better last year because they heated and mixed all of your toppings in a pan.  This year they just threw your topping choices onto a bowl of mashed potatoes.  Oh well, it was still tasty.  After some fun in the adult booze room we made our way downstairs for pictures with Santa and cupcakes.  The whole party was from 5-7, very rushed, very eat-drink-go, but it was still fun.  

This is a picture of a picture but you get the idea. Michael was busy 
having boy/nerd/beer time and couldn't be bothered to have his
 picture taken with Santa.  Shame, shame.  

After fun time was over we came home and I took Michael to pay for his motorcycle fixing and get the keys so he can ride it tomorrow and be happy.  We then came home and loafed about and watched It's Always Sunny and The League and now it's off to bed as I have a dermatologist appointment tomorrow, finally! After one month of waiting to get in there I will have them look at my gross eczema finger and eyeballs and fix me up good.  I hope. 


Anonymous said...

Sadie (my girlfriend) works for Comcast, I can't wait to tell her about that ice sculptor :)

HeadlessMonster said...

What did that comment say where you had to delete it? Spam? Perv?

Nice holiday dress. Perfect for spilling cocktails on.

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