Sunday, December 6, 2009

day one hundred.

Day One Hundred 12/6/2009 
Dress: White Vintage Slip
Purchased From:  Gift from Bob and Georgia

Year or Era Purchased:  Birthday April 2009
Price: Free since it was a gift
Accessories: Giant flowery headband, fox necklace, wide black waist belt, black go-go boots, black tights, black short sleeved blouse
Hair and Makeup:  Curly pigtails and headband, usual makeup. 

Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  none that I can recall


Wow.  That went by really, really fast.  I'm writing this before I even get dressed because I didn't put a special dress aside for this day and I'm really not sure what to wear.  This is partially due to the fact that I still have a few dresses left in the arsenal.  I definitely purchased at least twenty dresses while writing this blog so I'm sure that didn't help.   Writing this blog also helped me to realize that some of my dresses just don't fit anymore and leaving them hanging for when I lose thirty pounds is just silly because they aren't even that cute. 
 Good thing I'm going to a clothing swap on Thursday! They'll be in my bag of goodies.  I am pretty sure I'll keep posting throughout this week but I don't know that I'll continue to force myself to follow my self-imposed guidelines of wearing the dress all day, no changesies.  For example, tomorrow is the twelfth (ugh, i hate that number, so pretentious with that stupid f) annual 700 awards and  I have a dress picked out already but it's long and fancy and probably not good for walking dogs in since it's gorgeous and vintage.  So, I might wear two different dresses tomorrow, or I might even wear jeans and a sweater, what? what?.   Then on Tuesday we have a Yelp event to go to that involves wearing an ugly holiday sweater.  Sure, I could figure out a way to work a dress into this mix but I don't have to if I don't want to.  We'll see what happens I suppose.  I also have to go get allergy patch tested tomorrow to find out what is causing my eczema finger.  Fun! 

I guess I'm feeling weird about the whole thing ending.  It's been a giant pain in the ass to come home and write a blog on some occasions but it's also been really nice to document my life and fashion for one hundred days.  It has certainly made me strive harder to wear makeup and dress cuter and care about the way that I look.  Some days it made me feel kind of crappy, especially the days I hated my dress or every picture I took.  Mostly I really enjoyed it though.  It's been nice trying to be creative with fashion again and on a daily basis instead of just a Saturday or some random special occasion.  Ok, enough procrastination.  I already slept in until 11:15 and I have a lot to do today.  

So after trying on several dresses I finally settled on the slip that I was wearing while trying on all of the dresses.  I know that's sort of cheating but I couldn't figure out what to wear and I just sort of gave up.  The slip is really beautiful and was a birthday gift from my friends Georgia and Bob.  I didn't want to be mostly see through today so I wore thick tights and then put a blouse on top of the slip and cinched it all with a wide black belt.  I've seen a lot of ladies doing this lately and like it. I'm not sure how I feel about it on me but whatever, too late now.  I thought I'd go crazy with a giant headband flower thing too.  I like the romantic feel of the whole outfit but I felt a little silly at times, especially since I paired it all with some go-go boots that Jody gave me a few years ago.  That is definitely one thing that sucked about this blog, I love heels but walking dogs in heels just doesn't work out and so I had to wear comfy or platform style shoes instead most of the days.  

After taking too much time to get ready today we finally left the house and drove to Jersey to fulfill some our to do list entries and to fill our empty tummies.  It turned out to be a big Jersey Fail.  Our first stop was Just Tires since our tires are dry rotted and should still have 20k more miles to their lifetime.  Unfortunately for us the manager was not there and the regular employee could do nothing for us.  New tires, hopefully with a nice discount, are in order.  Next we tried to go eat at Olive Garden, something I would not normally do on purpose so much, but I have $50 in gift cards that I won in a raffle for $1.  The wait was 35 minutes at 3:30 on a Sunday.  No thank you.  We left and tried to go get sushi at a place nearby but nope, they were closed and the building was completely under construction.  Our final goal was to be see Fantastic Mr. Fox but we were sick of New Jersey at that point that we decided to head back to Philly for food and Mr. Fox at the Ritz.  We went to Cantina Dos Segundos and had food and margaritas.  I think I am officially sick of eating there.  Too much.  Finally we headed to the Ritz to see the movie and of course I was disappointed.  It's important to note that I liked, I guess even really liked, the movie.  But I think it got hyped too much for me and it was just lacking something in my opinion.  It was certainly worth seeing though, it was really beautiful and several scenes will be burned into my mind and make me laugh for the rest of my life.  I wish I could articulate what exactly it is that I didn't love but I just can't.  Maybe in time and with several more viewings I'll learn to love it, until then I just liked it.  

We came home and hung out and watched some television including Dexter.  It was good.  I made myself some mac and cheese and sauteed artichokes and some soft pretzels with cheese sauce for Michael and we tried to watch the V pilot but it cut off.  Ugh.  I liked what I saw.   Now I must go to bed to wake early to go get lots of crap swabbed onto my back in hopes of finding out what has been causing one of my fingers to break out into gross itchy little bumps for five years.  Yum. 

I will definitely be updating tomorrow since I am so in love with the dress I'll be wearing tomorrow night.  I have a feeling tomorrow will be a two dress kind of day.  Might as well I suppose. 

Thanks so much to everyone who read this blog any or all of the one hundred days and to anyone who stumbles upon it in the future.  


Jody said...

awesome, abby!!! and i remember those boots -- they look wicked hot on you, lady. glad to see the venture wrap up with such a beautiful bang! :)

HeadlessMonster said...

Congrats on Day 100!!!

I like the flapper-esqueness of this kit! I'm a big fan of that shit. Except the smashing down of the boobs part. Crazy trends of the early 1900' opposite of today amiright?!?!

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