Tuesday, January 19, 2010

day one hundred forty-four.

Day One Hundred Forty-four 1/19/2010
Dress: Black, White and Yellow Floral Mod Dress
Purchased From:  Conway
Year or Era Purchased:  Fall 2009 
Price: $3
Accessories: black tights, black chucks, blue leg warmers, black cardigan
Hair and Makeup: Up in a low bun, usual makeup 
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: None. I don't think anyone even actually saw my dress today.  Oh well. 

This dress was $3 and that's probably why I bought it. I'm also a big fan of the yellow color on the dress.  I call it Katy yellow because my friend Katy always wears this color and sort of made me aware of my love for it.  Sorry for the non updates lately but I've been busy with my birthday boy and kicking ass at life.  Ok, the life ass kicking started today but it feels so good I'm going to extend it into my memory of the last few days.  

Before I go any further with today and my aweosmeness I'll elaborate on the past two days.  Sunday was spent mostly lounging and couching it with Michael.  We played video games, ate giant samiches and  watched Into the Wild (I still have to finish the book but now I'm even more into doing so).  I then made us a pitcher of bloody marias and we played Super Mario Bros. for hours.  It was lovely and slightly pathetic at the same time.   

The dress I wore on Sunday was a slip I've had since high school. There's a giant photo of my high school friends and I in the center of our yearbook, something I find sort of badass and wonderful.  I was one of those rare people that loved high school so it makes me happy to look back on it.  We were instructed to dress as we normally do but a little brighter if possible.  I remember painstakingly dyeing my hair three or four different colors and then dyeing it back to normal for my stupid retail job within a day or two.   Here's the photo and a close up of the slip in its original state and me as a tiny little teenager.  

The day of the yearbook group and candid shots happened to fall on the same day as the health screenings at our school and the same day I got my period unexpectedly while wearing a white slip dress.  I went to the nurse to get some lady products and apparently during my travels I was spotted by the school's principal who was none too happy with my outfit.   He called the nurse and told her to tell me to change.  I remember just buttoning my sweater since it was so oversized.  While I was in the office I spoke with a visiting nurse there to do help with the health screenings.  She told me her son would love me, he was one of the Dead Milkmen.  That was pretty rad.  Turns out she was the Mommy of Rodney Anonymous.   I realize this was just a passing comment but I was seventeen or eighteen at the time and this left a huge impression on me.   Later in life I dyed the slip black, which turned it a nice shade of dark grey.  It's a little stained and spotty and has a few rips.  I will never get rid of this garment.  I wish I still had that green argyle cardigan.  I still have the boots.  I like to bring them out once or twice a year.  Maybe I'll dig them out this week.   

Yesterday was a lovely day except that I had to work and Michael had off for MLK day, lucky boy got a three day weekend for his birthday.  We slept in and I made him huevos rancheros for his birthday breakfast.  It was actually Huevos with Chipotle Black Bean Sauce and I have to say it turned out gorgeous and yummy.  I was super duper proud.  Here it is in all its glory:

I had to leave and go work while Michael did very unbirthday like stuff such as fixing the dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, doing laundry and paying bills.  Not my kind of birthday but to each his own.  I came home and we got ready to meet up with his family at Mikado Thai Pepper in Ardmore.  I spent the entire car ride laboring over which items to order since there are so many delicious choices.  I opted for the red curry tofu.  I highly recommend this meal to anyone and everyone.  It is bliss.  After dinner we went around the corner to Colie's boyfriend Mike's apartment for presents and pie.  Michael got an espresso maker, fancy iphone headphones and I got him a toolkit roll thinger for his motorcycle.  He was a happy boy.   Since he never specified his cake or pie of choice his Mom made both a cherry and a lemon meringue pie. Nom.  He blew out all of his candles in one breath.  Word. 

Today was my getting shit done day.  I am taking it back.  I spent my morning hours crossing things off of my to do list in a furious manner.  I made an appointment for my taxes (don't think I'm fancy these are for my 2007/2008 taxes because I rule at life and don't want to go to tax court as Philadelphia is recommending I do, no good) called the stupid UPenn vet for my cats meds that she never called into the pharmacy, spoke with the director of the Creative Writing department of CCP, applied to CCP, and requested my transcripts sent to CCP.  Whew.  I'm going to meet with the Creative Writing director tomorrow to go over possible classes I can get into this semester.   The program is for a certificate that I don't need since I have a degree but I've been looking into the English/Creative Writing Graduate Program at Temple and it requires some stuff for admission that I'm not ready to provide.  CCP would provide me with extra experience, writing samples, access to professors for recommendation letters, etc.  It will also help me to decide whether or not to commit the time and money to a graduate program in this field.  I'm pretty excited about the whole endeavor.  I barely write poetry or fiction anymore but I'd love to get back into it and learn to do it in a structured manner.   There are many ideas in my brain arsenal.  I certainly need to brush up on my literature and vocabulary as I feel it is lacking greatly since I've delved into young adult fiction novels like Harry Potter and Twilight.   

I spent the rest of my day with a spring in my step.  I worked, picked up Easter's meds, went to they gym, grocery shopped and made dinner of horseradish cheddar mashed potatoes, sage mustard seitan (I'll put this Horizon's cookbook recipe up tomorrow; it is tasty!) and chilled asparagus with a sesame wasabi oil drizzle.  Michael and I gorged ourselves while watching Cougartown.  I'm not sure if he enjoys this show or just watches it to appease me.  He does laugh and there are pretty ladies in it so I guess it's not all bad for him.   We then sat down and went over our wedding photos and finally chose the four large prints we wanted.  Cross that off the list.  We then watched the dvd directions for the espresso maker (dvd directions kick the pants off of written directions in case you didn't know) and attempted to make our first cappuccino.  It turned out kind of bad since we didn't stop the water flow in time but now we know and we'll keep trying until we're espresso/cappuccino pros.  It was such a wonderful productive day.  I hope for many more days like these in the future.  

I suppose I should go get clean and get my ass to bed since tomorrow is quite a busy day.  


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