Tuesday, May 25, 2010

day two hundred sixty-seven.

Day Two Hundred Sixty-seven Saturday 5/22/10 
Dress: Black Strapless Polka Dot Dress
Purchased From:  Thrift Fair
Year or Era Purchased: Spring 2010
Price: $Accidentally Free

Accessories: Black flower hair clip, green hunter wellies, black cardigan
Hair and Makeup: Two braids with the top section in a bun and pinned back, usual makeup with teal eyeshadow
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: My Mother-in-Law liked my hair

Why was this dress accidentally free? I bought a boatload of dresses on Friday and I guess the cashier missed this one. It was marked as $7.95 so if she was going to miss a dress this was the dress to miss. Score! It's a little baggy and ill fitting and I thought twice about purchasing it, glad I thought a third time. 

Saturday was spent cleaning in Cape May cleaning the beach house, readying it for Memorial Day tenants.  Around 1:30PM we stopped and cleaned up for a 30th birthday party for one of Michael's coworkers in Wildwood Crest.  I dressed and since I forgot a brush I concocted a hairstyle that didn't require brushing.  We headed to the party and as soon as we walked in I felt a little out of place, the only one in all or mostly black, a little goth even. Teehee. Oh well.  The party was also much fancier than I had expected.  It was catered and there was a bartender and someone to collect used plates.  Oh dear, here I was thinking it was going to be backyard bbq.  Everyone was quite nice and I didn't actually feel like a total scrub.  Michael and I overindulged, he on mini-eclairs and profiteroles, me on a variety of cheeses and pasta with vodka sauce.  We both paid later in the evening.  We hung out for a while and watched the Flyers game.  I was totally clueless that hockey is three twenty-minute periods and became very confused when the television went black.  I wondered why no one was upset.  So yeah, go Flyers!

We left the party and went back to the Cape May house to continue cleaning.  Michael committed to his sugar crash and took a four hour nap.  I cleaned a bathroom and ate dinner with my mom and uncle-in-law.  I paid for my gluttony sin in the middle of the night.  My mac and cheese dinner on top of my copious slices of fancy cheese proved that body does not so much like dairy anymore.  I've been cutting it out of my diet since I've been dieting and I guess my body prefers it that way.  Blarghy blargh.   I spent the rest of the evening watching the America's Next Top Model finale and cute cat videos on youtube. Wow, not only did I actually do that, I admitted to it. Yikes.  


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