Saturday, August 29, 2009

day one.

Welcome to my little blog. I've been talking about doing this for weeks now, maybe even months. I've decided that I'm done with procrastination and I'm just going to start on a random rainy day like today.

My mission will be to wear a different dress every day for one hundred days straight. Each day I will take a picture of myself (so far this part is proving to be the most annoying and I'm hating every photo I take, body image, etc., good stuff!) Each day I'll tell you (the reader, see, that's you!) as much as I can remember about the dress I'm wearing, like where I bought it, how much it cost, the year or era of my life it was purchased, etc. I'll also tell you a bit about my day unless it's horribly boring, then I might skip that part. And yes, before anyone mentions it I do realize that someone already did this and I give her props for it. I googled the idea after thinking of it and found that maybe I'm not as original as once thought. Oh bother. Regardless, this is my mission and I believe I have a much different style and I'd like to do my own take on it. I mean come on, Hollywood is remaking everything right now why can't I?

On with the show...

First off please meet my dresses, they sure are pleased to meet you!

Day One 8/29/2009
Dress: Dark Denim Pocketed Overall Dress
Purchased From: Target
Year or Era Purchased: Summer '09
Price: $19.99
Accessories: Crazy squirrel brooch
Hair and Makeup: Two side buns, classic black eyeliner
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: 1 "Hey Mommy" at the grocery store. Eww.

Today's Accessory:

Day: It's Saturday so even a bad Saturday isn't that bad. I woke up really late, 12:30 that is. It always makes me feel like a bad person to sleep that late but oh well. I lazed about, played with my cats, drank coffee, fed and took pictures of my backyard squirrel Maalox. At some random point in the day I decided to start this blog so I got dressed accordingly and my husband and I went to Honey's Sit n' Eat for a late lunch. We both indulged in Vegetarian Chicken Fried Steak with really unhealthy sides. So damn tasty. After lunch I cleaned up our backyard and got eaten by mosquitoes but I killed at least four of them in the process. Win. I then walked a dog for work purposes (I'm a dogwalker yo!) and went to the gym. Really exciting right? I also went to the grocery store and now I'm going to go pick up a pizza, walk a dog and come home and make strawberry-lime margaritas. Not too shabby I must say.


Jody said...

i want more! give me more!!!! awesome job, ab. wearing your big-girl dresses :)

HeadlessMonster said...

Is this the female version of the Texas tuxedo?

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