Sunday, August 30, 2009

day two.

Day Two 8/30/2009
Dress: Hot Pink Pocketed Vintage
Purchased From: Plaid Pony Vintage
Year or Era Purchased: Spring '06
Price: $25.00
Hair and Makeup: Pigtails, lots of blush, mascara
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: n/a
Day: Once again I slept in ridiculously late, sorry. But before I talk about today I should really tell you about the events that took place after my last post. I left the house and the sky began to fall. This is always bad news when I'm about to walk a dog. I began merging onto I-95S and quickly realized that my speed of 45mph was much faster than the speed of the completely stopped convertible that was in front of me. There is no shoulder on this particular section of 95, a car was coming in the lane to the left of me and this genius didn't have his blinkers on. Luckily the brakes work as they should but had I taken any more time to realize that Mr. FancyPants wasn't just braking I would've absolutely smashed into him. Awesome. I highly doubt anyone reading this would pull such a stunt but just in case this is my public service announcement: Do not under any circumstances stop your car in the middle of a lane on Ifucking95, ever, really. And especially do not stop to put up the top of your stupid convertible because you were too lazy or stupid to research the weather. Unless you are dead or your car just shuts off on its own do not stop! Tell your friends, tell your Mom, tell them I said so, I'm right.

Enough about me, let's talk about my dress. I know I gave you all of the mini details already but I have to expand a bit more on this one. I bought this dress at the Trenton Arts Festival about a week after we moved into our big boy and girl mortgagey house in Fishtown. There I found the vendor Plaid Pony Vintage. I had previously visited the website based on a suggestion from my friend Sue but I had never seen the goods up close and personal. I have since purchased many items and love all of them. You should definitely check out the site for shopping, really quality stuff! I try to make it a point to check out any and all of the events that include Plaid Pony and usually leave with at least one new dress, I suggest you do too if you are in the Philadelphia area! Several times a year you can find Plaid Pony in the back of another one of my favorite stores, Art Star, which happens to be where I purchased my sweet Kurt Halsey bird necklace. They have a ton of amazing stuff and I can almost always find a gift for someone if I'm at a loss. Sorry to be all commercial crazy here but I just really love these places and want to support my local businesses.

Today my hot pink dress took me all over the place. I brunched at Cantina Dos Segundos with friends Katy, Sue and the mister Michael. After Sue, Katy and I went to Olde City Tattoo so Katy could get some sweet birds tattooed on her chest/collarbone area. They came out really lovely. We then shopped on third street a bit and I swooned over a squirrel ring and a beautiful navy blue and kelly green dress that cost more than I ever pay for dresses unless they're wedding or prom related. I'm saving up for dental surgery for my cat Ipacac so those expensive items were out of the question. Later in the day Sue, Michael and I saw Halloween II. We are avid Rob Zombie fans and all count The Devil's Rejects among our favorite films but we all agreed this one was just lacking something. I did think it was visually stunning and the sound was pretty amazing, as was some of the gore, but the story and acting just weren't there. That really makes me sad. Oh well, time for some True Blood and I really think that's going to make up for it just fine.


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Cute! Like the pockets feature.

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