Saturday, September 5, 2009

day eight

Day Eight 9/5/2009
Dress: White and Black Checkered Tank Dress
Purchased From: Conway
Year or Era Purchased: Summer 2009
Price: $12.99
Accessories: none
Hair and Makeup: down, teased and curled, a little mascara, mauve lipstick
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Nothing on the dress but I got a compliment on my engagement ring and my awesome bra/bathing suit combination
Day: Today started with a desire for pancakes. Michael and lazed about and I picked a pink 50's style waitress dress. It had a few holes in it so I sewed them and got ready and we started our three block walk to Sulimay's for the best pancakes ever, they're made from scratch. Yum. About one block into our walk a button fell off of the bottom of my dress and created a scandalous scene so I hurried home to change. Oops! Guess I'll be checking all buttons in the future! I threw on another Conway classic and we were on our way. While we were enjoying our very late breakfast our friend Georgia called to say she wanted to do something outdoors that involved water. Sounded great so we started hatching plans. While waiting for everyone to meet up I decided to try to get the day's dress shot and simultaneously hung out the new girl squirrel. Spano suggested Artemis so Artemis she is. I think she might be a Mommy. Not that I was checking her out but it looks like she's nursing. She's definitely getting used to me and hung out near me for quite some time. I gave her peanut butter and raw walnuts as a snack.

We (Michael, Georgia and her manfriend Bob, Kristin and her roomie Frank) then blew up tubes, donned our swimsuits and headed north to Washington's Crossing on Georgia's suggestion. It was a great suggestion. It's really beautiful there and we had a blast.

We played on in the water and lazed on tubes for a bit. We walked up the river and past a wedding celebration so we could float under the bridge. I changed back into my dress at the car, which is where Kristin scored this fabulously lit photo of me looking special.

After our water play we had pizza at a little place called It's Nutts. Very yummy but someone should really teach them how to slice a pizza! Some slices were triangles, others square? What?

Michael and I then went to check out the new ice cream place in Fishtown, The Music Fountain Cafe. It's really cute and 50's inspired. Damn it, the pink waitress dress would've been perfect. Oh well, I'll sew on that button and save it for another day. It is polyester after all, today would've been pretty terrible in polyester!


HeadlessMonster said...

My favorite by far. You look f'n amazing.

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