Friday, September 4, 2009

day seven.

Day Seven 9/4/2009
Dress: Black Cotton
Purchased From: Conway
Year or Era Purchased: Summer 2009
Price: $9.99
Accessories: Deer necklace, mahjong bracelet, fun sandals
Hair and Makeup: down and curled, eye makeup! Otherwise known as "I like all that black shit" or Ally Sheedy style.
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: The mister but he may have been making fun of my matching blue toenails and shoes
Day: Ok before I start talking about my day (really it's just not even close to over yet as it's only 5:30 and I plan to go get a little tipsy at first friday this evening so I am trying to plan ahead with the blogging here) I should talk about the dress or actually the store where I bought my dress. The dress is just a basic black cotton dress with a bit of a Spanish influence to it. I like it, it's easy to throw on, it's black, etc. But the store I got it from is the best part of it, it's the most amazing cheap store ever. I fully expect all the clothing I bought there this year to disintegrate before we even get to next summer but it will still be worth it. Conway is a store that just happens to reside two stores down from my gym. Many times I have rewarded my good gym behavior with a quick jaunt to Conway. The bad thing is they don't have a dressing room, just one full length mirror up front and you can bet I am throwing stuff on overtop of my clothes to see if there is even a remote chance it will look okay on its own. I have also made many returns there and mumbled to myself "what was I thinking" in front of the comfort of my own mirror. Regardless if you get a chance to stop into a Conway do yourself a favor and check it out. The dress selection is top notch for cheap dresses and it's ever changing.

I should also take a second to mention my accessories because they are two of my favorite pieces of "jewelry". The bracelet was purchased from a strip mall thrift store in Chapel Hill, NC for $1!!! One time I was eating breakfast in Cape May, NJ and I felt someone grab my wrist. It totally freaked me out but it was just some weird dude that had apparently been looking for a bracelet just like it. It was certainly an interesting experience. He really didn't understand when I tried to explain it was from a thrift store. Poor guy. That's what he gets for grabbing stranger's wrists though. The deer necklace is from Forever 21, a store that I am ten years too old for. It was $4.90 and it is by far my most complimented piece of jewelry. It ties for most loved with my engagement ring. I'm also totally all about my new blue nail polish. It's called "no time for the blues". Love it. I'm like a little girl as in I just keep looking at it and smiling.

Again I'd like to state that I am starting this blog about six hours earlier than I usually do just in case I get so full of art and libations at first friday that I am unable to use a keyboard properly. This morning started early and as I walked out of the bathroom I heard a loud thud followed by another loud thud that was definitely something bouncing off of one of our garbage cans. I opened the side window only to find that a pigeon flew into the side of our house, broke its neck and fell to its death. Ugh. I buried it in the yard later. Poor dumb pigeon. My next door neighbor hated pigeons so I like to picture his ghost catching one in mid air and throwing it to the ground.

After starting my day with a doggie drop to the groomers I headed to the post office to finally send out for my new big girl grown up name change passport. I am happy to report that the second set of CVS photos were accepted but not without the postwoman asking me if I was wearing any clothes in the pictures. That's what I get for wearing a strapless dress when taking passport photos. So I get it all done, expedite it, write a big stupid check, pay for overnight shipping and walk out happy. I drive away and realize on 676 that I did not put my old passport into the envelope. D'oh!!! So I race back to the post office and had the lovely postman open the envelope enough to slip it in there. Crisis averted. It was a tense ten minutes. Sometimes I am so dumb. The rest of my day was pretty uneventful. Today's pictures were a pain in my butt because photographing a black dress is hard. Featured in today's photos are Flea the cat and Sam the dog. Flea is mine, Sam is a client and he just got groomed yesterday.

And now off to the art and alcohol. Mayhaps I'll write more later.


Mom said...

I really like this one. Why are you holding flea like he smells or something. I'm guessing you don't want cat hair on the black dress.

Abigail said...

No I don't care about the hair, I just like to torture Flea as much as he tortures me.

HeadlessMonster said...

You look like a Latina coming out of Bebe.

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