Tuesday, September 1, 2009

day four.

Day Four 9/1/2009 RABBIT RABBIT!
Dress: Pink and White Splatter Pattern Grandma Dress
Purchased From: Circle Thrift
Year or Era Purchased: Sometime around 2008?
Price: $4 or $5?
Accessories: Lock and childhood heart shaped locket on a long chain.
Hair and Makeup: lots of bobby pins in 1/2 and a ponytail, blush, mascara and hot pink lipstick called "fantasia"
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Blog related comments
Day: After my last blog I tried to take a claritin only to realize in horror that my vanity only held an empty box. Why didn't I throw it away when I took the last one? What is wrong with me? Luckily there is a twenty-four hour CVS in our neighborhood. I must have looked like a freak as I bought claritin, cooling relief anti-itch spray (mosquito bites) and Advanced Cortaid (eczema) I was a ball of itchiness. It sucked. With my sprays and lotions and pills I came home and applied them before slipping off into a blissful itch free sleep. I slept so well with the windows open and the cool air pouring in. Unfortunately Flea the cat woke us up around 6:30 as his claws were stuck in the screen of one of the open windows. I can only assume he was shaking them at a pigeon. I hope that pigeon laughed at him when he got stuck. Michael removed his claws and we fell back into the hardest deepest sleep and apparently slept right through the alarm. It was worth it.
Today was so much better than yesterday, even though I still wasn't totally in love with today's dress it was just a better day in general and I tried not to let my attitude fall. I think hot pink lipstick might help with that. Today's dress is one of my many grandma style dresses. I really have an affinity for this type of dress. It's got to be that I lived through the grunge era and I just can't give up my youth. Luckily this particular dress came with a belt so it improves the shape a bit. It's also a pretty forgiving style so that's probably another reason I enjoy it. I think that's why I like dresses so much in general. Jeans will not forgive you on a bloaty day but dresses will hide your bloat and make you feel pretty. I am not opposed to wearing a dress with jeans and I suppose I forgot to mention that I will absolutely be wearing jeans sometimes with dresses. I personally think it looks awesome and the forgiving dress will hide a muffin top on a bad day. I should probably also clear up a few more rules of this blog. I pretty much plan to wear the dress of the day all day. If for some reason I can't do this I will be sure to wear it for a large portion of the day. I will say that there are few occasions that I find inappropriate for dresses, even if I can't think of any right now. I have helped people move, camped, gardened, walked dogs, etc. in dresses. Anyway back to today's dress. It's another pink one. You'll probably see a lot of pink dresses in the coming weeks. I'm thinking of changing my hair and the current options are back to platinum or some shade of red. Should I go with red I want to get the pink dresses out of the way. I am not totally positive but I am pretty sure this pink dress is from Circle Thrift on Frankford Ave in Fishtown. I can't be sure from when but I bet it was about $4 or $5 because that's what they charge for their dresses. Score! I like to go in there and peruse their dress rack because I can buy five friggin' dresses there and not feel bad at all. They usually have a pretty good selection and for a little while I kept scoring H&M stuff from one season prior in my size. So thanks to whoever cleans out their closet seasonally. I totally reap the benefits.
I keep getting side tracked. I had some red wine and a chocolate ice cream cone so forgive my craziness. After walking dogs today I bailed on the gym. It was just too nice outside to go. I promise to go tomorrow! Instead I made burritos out of last nights leftover fajita and rice dinner but used jalapeno cheddar tortillas. We watched the season finale of Weeds and then I went to hang out at Kelly and Rica's house where there is always an abundance of red wine, dogs and conversation. Rica and I then ventured to Barnes and Noble and to Scoop De Ville. We got ice cream cones and sat in Rittenhouse Park. It really was a lovely evening. Now I'll await my lovely skateboarding husband while watching the remake of Last House on the Left and perusing my newly purchased books. Loving life so much more than last night I must say.
Before I go I should also mention that for the first time since probably my childhood I wore a slip under my dress. It was a bit static clingy so I threw a cute pink slip under the dress and voila. This slip has only been worn as a skirt in the past. Be proud Mom, be proud.


mom said...

cute abby. You still have slips?

HeadlessMonster said...

Can't see the pattern!!! Looks comfy.

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