Wednesday, September 2, 2009

day five.

Day Five 9/2/2009
Dress: Paisley Sun Dress
Purchased From: Mandee
Year or Era Purchased: Winter 2007
Price: $10
Accessories: Socks with poof adornments, pirate ship ring from Art Star
Hair and Makeup: down, blush, reddish lip gloss and mascara with hopes that my eyeball allergies clear up soon so I can wear eye makeup again!
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: the mister
Day: Can you tell I just learned how to put borders on photos in photoshop? I googled it. Yup.

Today's dress makes me really proud to be a bargain shopper. I totally remember buying it in the dead of winter for $10 because I knew I would want sun dresses in the summer and boy was I right! I really love this dress because it's flowy but boobilicious at the same time so you feel feminine with a hint of sex kitten thrown in. Fitting since today revolved around my cat so much. I am also a really big fan of colors in the dress. Oranges and blues look so lovely together and the brown thrown in ties it all up. My accessories also ruled if I do say so myself. My ring is a giant chunky pirate ship ring from Art Star. They have all sorts of different "prints" in this style for rings, necklaces and brooches. Really great stuff. My socks are from Target and their little orange puff balls make me smile at random moments in the day. A lot of the dogs that I walk like to chase them. The boots are my stinky old broken down faux suede boots form Bare Feet Shoes. Since they got soaked in Saturday nights pizza excursion they smell even worse now. I refuse to retire them just yet.

Now on with the day! I woke up really early today after going to bed really late (2:30?). I didn't think the Last House on the Left remake was very good. The original is gritty and disturbing and this one just tried too hard. Oh well I didn't expect much. After sucking down a little coffee I threw Ipacac the cat (yes I know it's spelled wrong) over my shoulder and carried him and his carrier to the car. He was fussy so I stopped and shoved him into the carrier. He was being particularly cruel and kept shifting his weight to the right to make it even harder for me to carry him. We drove to Jersey and I dropped him off for his expensive dental surgery. Ipacac has had a multitude of illnesses this year and a battery of tests. The general consensus was weight loss (19lbs to 13lbs in 6 months) due to bad teeth that then caused a crap load of his organs to stop functioning properly. He had bladder infections, constipation, enemas, force feeding, ultrasounds, blood work, etc. etc. And now today he had his dental surgery. Gratuitous photo of my precious baby:

After dropping him at the vets I went to Wegmans, glorious Wegmans. God I love that grocery store. I know I have a problem. I really love grocery stores! I bought some fresh baked bagels and a bunch of vegetarian foods and vegetables. I came home and fed the new girl squirrel who's been frequenting our yard. She's still scared of me but she's learning. I can tell it's her because, well because she doesn't have giant boy genitalia and because her eyes are huge like almonds. I need a name for her and I'm open to suggestions. The rest of my day was lovely but pretty uneventful with a splash of crazy thrown in. Around 4pm I heard from the vet that their drill actually broke during Ipacac's procedure so they were only able to extract half of the teeth that need to be extracted. She was so apologetic about it since there's a chance he'll have to go back under anesthesia again for the rest of it once they get a new drill. We really have the worst luck but I do love my vet oh so much! Garden State Animal Hospital represent! I also love that she said to me "I saved his teeth, they're bloody and broken up but I thought you'd want them" Uh, yes thank you! I really wonder if she does this for all patients or if she just thinks I'm kooky. So I drove over the bridge again and brought Ipacac home. He was all drunky and had his swerve on a bit. It was really funny. I made a lovely quiche with a double crust (pastry topped with a layer of hash browns) and it was filled with mushrooms, onions, spinach, hearts of palm, swiss and cheddar cheese. It was absolutely divine. Michael and I had red wine and quiche while watching the Hell's Kitchen from last night. I am so exhausted now I think I will retire to bed at a very adult and responsible time. Yup.


Mike said...

possible name for girl squirrel :


Mike said...

p.s. best dress so far.

chococatania said...

Great dress and rad ring.

- oh -it's not a problem to be obsessed with Wegman's. I moved away from PA two years ago, and I think that I miss Wegmans (and Wawa) the most.

have fun with the dress challenge.

HeadlessMonster said...

You look pretty darn good in that dress. Love the pic of you with your arms out against the fence. Very Urban Outfitters catalog.

Dig the socks!

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