Saturday, September 12, 2009

day fourteen

Day Fourteen 9/11/2009
Dress: Gray Cotton Dress
Purchased From: Conway
Year or Era Purchased: Summer 2009
Price: $9.99
Accessories: Green Scarf from Egypt from Bob and Kelly; turtle and fish clients
Hair and Makeup: My hair changed about four times today, green eyeshadow
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Kristin and Rica liked my scarf, Kristin liked my tights, some boob comments too.
Day: Warning. This might be my first drunky blog. I think I can do it. I woke up early today to take my friend Rica's cat to the vet. The windows were open and it was really cold. I knew instantly what that meant: TIGHTS! Yay. I love tights. So I dragged myself out of bed after a few snoozes and threw on some bright yellow tights. I think bright yellow and lime green look exceptional with grey so I threw on my crazy v-neck grey dress from Conway. I usually reserve this dress for night time because it is so boobilicious but today I decided to throw on a new scarf that one of my clients brought back from Egypt for me. I really love the colors in it and it made the dress day wearable. It was so cold that I also added a cardigan to my outfit.

I went over to Rica's to pick up Seamus for his vet visit since she had to go to work. Poor little guy has some liver issues at the moment but his blood results don't come back until tomorrow so there's no good reason as of yet. After our Jersey vet visit I worked, said hello to Maalox the squirrel when he came up to the kitchen window for some cooing, made veggie burgers for Michael and I since he once again worked from home and then went and worked more and ran errands galore. Two of our friends are getting married tomorrow so I went and grabbed some stuff they needed and lots of other boring errands. I then went over to see Seamus again and go over everything with Rica. Her other cat Charlie swiped at me and sliced the shit out of my hand because he just doesn't remember our spooning and loving times together so many years ago when we were roomies. Jerk. I came home and cleaned like a ferocious maniac since we're having a houseguest. I also made grilled cheese and oven fries and we watched part of Kill Bill Vol. 2. More cleaning and then off to Kung Fu Necktie for their one year anniversary and free beer. It was hot and packed and icky so we headed to 700 for a few drinks before retiring home for cheese and crackers, dr. mario and songs about sexual acts to the dr. mario music with Bill, Kristin and Michael. So yeah, good night. Okay, yeah that wasn't so hard. I'm super excited for tomorrow's wedding and then on to the next day when it's me and the misters one year anniversary. weeeeeeeeee.


Kristin G said...

titty fuck titty fuck titty titty fuck fuck... don't forget I told you that your yellow tights look like your legs are yellow and covered in pimples.

Tanke the Turtle, and Fisch the Fish said...

Nice scarf.

Jody said...

this is my fave so far i think...the pose definitely does something for the dress.

HeadlessMonster said...

Love the neutrals with splashes of bright colors! blaBLAM!

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