Thursday, September 10, 2009

day thirteen

Day Thirteen 9/10/2009
Dress: Vintage Pink 70s Waitress Style Dress
Purchased From: ??? Maybe Circle Thrift
Year or Era Purchased: ???
Price: $?
Accessories: Nest of Eggs Necklace, xmas gift from Sue
Hair and Makeup: Down, dirty, curled and powdered to get rid of the grease, typical lots of makeup
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Mike Spano, though it was suspect since he then said I had to mention him here. Hmmm.
Day: I am really sad to say that I just can't remember purchasing this dress. If I had to guess I'd say it's from Circle Thrift but probably from when they were next to Rocket Cat. Since dresses there run you about $5 I bet that's about what I paid for it. It's in pretty good condition, a few stains but who knows if I made them or bought them, not me. I do know that the dress is polyester and therefore it is a Fall/Winter dress. Today was so chilly so I knew it was the perfect day to break out the polyester. The people of What Not to Wear would be so upset with me. They can suck it. I also wore a slip underneath of this dress since you could sort of see through it and I liked how it poked out at the bottom. My necklace is so pretty if I do say so myself and was a gift from my friend Sue. I believe she got it on Have you been on Etsy? Probably. If not I apologize so much for just introducing you to your new addiction.

I felt kind of crappy all day today. I don't know if I'm fighting off some sort of sickness or what but I've had an annoying and underlying headache for days now. Ibuprofen is so not working but I keep popping them. I spent the day working and cooking and watching television. I also did some laundry and cleaned the kitchen. Really exciting right. Ha.

The work was fine, the food did not thrill me but the television was pretty okay. I made mashed potatoes with creme fraiche, an ingredient I picked up at Trader Joe's yesterday that reminds me of watching hours of Jamie Oliver cooking shows. I also made seitan with a Caribbean jerk bbq type sauce by combining two recipes in the Horizon's cookbook, which came out just okay but it did contain a Hungarian hot pepper from our garden so that was nice. I also tried to make fried zucchini and polenta but those were pretty much a fail for some reason. Probably for the best. I also enjoyed my company for the television, Michael for the first bit and Jody for the second. The television was Tuesday's episode of Hell's Kitchen, most of last nights premiere of Glee and the last two episodes of Project Runway.

Now if this damn headache would go away I might be able to enjoy the last few minutes of my evening before I have to retire under my comforter so I can wake up early and take Rica's kitty Seamus to the vet so she can say everything is just fine, cross your fingers.


Amy said...

At a glance, totally thought that was a paw print in the necklace. You said "nest of eggs" and I was like "wha???" but yup, nest of eggs it is.

HeadlessMonster said...

Nice slip. Oh, and I need a refill on my coffee.

Also, Miss? I never got my extra jelly packet I asked for.

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