Monday, September 7, 2009

day ten.

Day Ten 9/7/2009
Dress: Red and White Gingham Shirt Dress
Purchased From: Kmart
Year or Era Purchased: Sometime around 2000/2001
Price: $? It's Kmart so I'm guessing under $15.
Accessories: Still forming giant pimple chin
Hair and Makeup: Braids and crazy, not much makeup, there isn't enough in the world to cover this second head growing on my chin. I'm 31 people. Ugh.
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Someone said they liked it but I don't remember
Day: I can't remember the last time I wore this dress. I like it a lot though. It's not the most flattering dress but it's damn comfortable. I didn't put it on until 5pm and I just grabbed a few dresses that I don't exactly love to death since I'd only be wearing it for a few hours. Turns out I like this one more than I thought. I couldn't remember anything about it though so I checked the tag, Route 66. Know what that means? Kmart! I worked next to a Kmart in 2000-2002 in Wayne, PA so I can only guess it's from that era. I think I used to wear it with a studded belt but I wasn't feeling that today and let it hang it all its shirt dress no shape glory.

The reason I spent most of my day in my pajamas is that somehow the stars aligned and Michael and I both wanted to clean today. That is of course after we realized what a shit day it was and that we couldn't go tubing. Boo! I spent a large amount of time cleaning the kitchen and living room while Michael worked on our basement. I'm totally not into our basement because it houses a lot of spiders and a lot of junk that we never unpacked 3 1/2 years ago when we moved here. He consolidated a lot of boxes and made me go through a box of random crap that must have been a last minute box because it had dirty socks, travel shampoo, jewelry, and lots of other ridiculous stuff. I threw away most of it. Clearly I have problems.

After hours of cleaning we ventured over to Kelly and Rica's house for Kelly's Labor Day BBQ. I drank wine, had some good conversation and ate some lovely foods including a rad apple crisp that Kelly makes. Mmmmm. The food and wine exhausted me immediately.

When we got home Michael decided to go through a tub of stuff from his childhood that his Mom gave him a while back. It housed a piece of art from his childhood. He was years ahead of Napoleon Dynamite as he created the Lepdojay, a leopard, dog and blue jay mix. Oh my god! So good.

And now is the time on sprockets where we shower and go to bed. Lovesbyes.


HeadlessMonster said...

Can't really see this Pepto dress. LIGHTING!

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