Tuesday, September 8, 2009

day eleven.

Day Eleven 9/8/2009
Dress: Black and White Sheath Dress
Purchased From: Ross
Year or Era Purchased: Summer 2009
Price: $15.99
Accessories: Pearls for an hour
Hair and Makeup: Classic pulled back bun and thick black eyeliner for the first part of the day, two buns in the hair for the second part
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: One beep from the old fashioned horn of a motorcycle rider
Day: When the day starts with a funeral there's really just no chance for it. We woke early and I knew exactly what dress I'd wear. I wanted to look classy and put together and the only way I can really do that one hundred percent is to wear something I've never worn before. I like that feeling of removing the tags and knowing there is no cat hair coating or weird stain lurking for me to find hours later. I'm not exactly the neatest or cleanest person in the world. I always sort of thought that with age I would automatically turn into an adult and be super clean and neat. Wrong. I'm certainly trying harder these days but I'm just not there yet.

Today's dress was purchased with a bunch of other dresses one day at Ross. I think I might have tried on 20+ dresses that day and took home four or five. They're just so cheap and they will not be there if you go back! Trust me on this one, I've tried. Anyway I did my hair in a low bun, donned some pearls and a pair of black heels and Michael and I walked over to pay our final respects to our neighbor Winge. He was in his casket wearing his usual hat but clothing I've never seen him in, a button-up shirt and non-Dickies pants. His children and grandchildren placed tickets from Philadelphia Park in his hands and spray painted his lottery number onto his square of flowers. It was pretty amazing, I think he would've approved.

We came home and I watched as five squirrels fought over the territory that is our yard. Since I was already in my dress and it was a very overcast and cool day I stayed in it for the rest of the day but took off the pearls and heels and changed into black flats. I spent most of the day in a melancholy state and dragged myself to the gym where I rocked out the elliptical for 70 minutes to make up for the massive amounts of food I stuffed into my face this weekend. Once I arrived home my mood picked up because Bill is back in town this week from Nebraska and we (Bill, Rica, Michael and I) went to Jose's for dinner. Jose's is really amazing authentic Mexican food. Mmmmm.

After dinner we went to Spaghetti Warehouse where we took photobooth pictures and Rica took the What Should You Be? test with the result Philosopher. Rica and I didn't know what to do in the booth so we used Sue's idea to copy one of the photo strips on the booth. Good idea Sue! Mike and Bill went with the theme "exploring retards". They said it, not me.

We then went to Rita's and got dessert. I dropped Rica off and we talked for way too long and now I'm really tired because I never get up so early and work out so hard in the same day. So I bid you goodnight, the pillow top is going to feel extra amazing tonight!


Kristin G said...

yay i like the full body shot photo strip, though you didn't do my signature lay on the ground throw your lets in the air move.

HeadlessMonster said...

i likes this one.

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