Wednesday, September 30, 2009

day thirty-three

Day Thirty-three 9/30/2009
Dress: Blue and white striped vintage with red buttons. Also known as my Phillies dress.
Purchased From: Plaid Pony Vintage
Year or Era Purchased: 2007/2008
Price: $25
Accessories: Blue sandals, rose ring
Hair and Makeup: in a bun, red lipstick
Michael said a French chick looked me up and down in a nice way.
Our flight went pretty well. We were able to sleep for a large part of
it though I awoke with a headache like no other mid flight. Luckily
the attendant had some ibuprofen for me. We were served an odd
vegetarian meal of tortellini with a side of peas and carrots, bread,
cheese, rice pudding, and a brownie. We were also served champagne or
wine. I believe my headache may have been caused by my pre and during
flight libations. I just wanted to sleep. Our layover at the Paris
airport went smoothly and we enjoyed coffees that we ordered in
French. Despite sleeping on the plane the time change is really
getting to me. We rented our car, found our hotel and then drove
around lots before dinner and beers at tavern massena. Now we have a
bottle of wine in our room and it's 7pm. I can't guarantee we'll go
back out. I am exhausted. We did walk around a lot too. So far
beautiful but very touristy. We are looking forward to driving inland
to Lyon tomorrow. Until my next random wi-fi, loves byes.


Kristin G said...

un cafe s'il vous plait.
like the only thing I can say after 2 years of french lessons.

Mom said...

Wow, beautiful fountain. The dress is cute too.

Amy said...

have a great time. can't wait to see more pictures. france is beautiful.

Randi said...

You look like you belong in France.

HeadlessMonster said...

I can't even see the dress. :(

Don't forget to use douche when you shower.

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