Tuesday, September 29, 2009

day thirty-two.

Day Thirty-two
Dress or if you want to be French about it une robe: Black cotton Dress
Purchased From: Target
Year or Era Purchased: Spring 2009
Price: $24.99
Accessories: Black Coat, black boots rose icing ring, vintage locket
Hair and Makeup: unstyled, down, no makeup
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Sue liked my ring and nail polish
Day: Today's dress is one of my sweatpants dresses. Perfect for
flying! I packed an actual pair of sweatpants in my carry-on for
maximum plane ride comfort, if there is such a thing.
I woke up and got started on my last minute travel stuffs. I worked at
a furious pace, got home and finished the last minute details and cat
squeezing before Michael and I piled into Sue's car and headed to the
airport. We just enjoyed beers in the airport bar. We take off in 33
minutes! Au revoir!!!


HeadlessMonster said...

I can't even see the dress!

shepoliceman said...

every mcdonalds in paris had wifi that could be reached from directly outside (without going in). not sure if this is the same with all of the mcdonalds in france.

Abigail said...

CHad, that is why it is the sweatpants of dresses. Spano thanks for the tip. Glad Mcdonalds is good for something!

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