Tuesday, September 22, 2009

day twenty-five.

Day Twenty-five 9/22/2009
Dress: Turquoise Bubble Dress
Purchased From: Rainbow 
Year or Era Purchased: Summer 2008
Price: $7.99
Accessories: Black tights and a long short sleeve cardigan, crazy pattern boots
Hair and Makeup: Two buns, blush only
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Someone yelled "pebbles" from a car, Michael liked my cardigan 
Day: I got a pretty okay night of sleep last night even though I woke around 7am to Ipacac puking noises.  Ugh, worst sound to wake up to ever.  I got back to sleep immediately and kept going until almost 10am. Word!  I spent the morning as a giant stress ball searching for an apartment to rent in Nice, France since we realized our lackadaisical attitudes were dead wrong and most of the places we thought were available to rent were indeed not.  Oops.  I sent inquiry after inquiry and it paid off as we will be staying in a pretty fabulous looking apartment.  Woot.  We'll have six free days leftover to stay in hotels or other apartments that we're not as worried about booking since we don't know exactly where we'll be yet...Monaco, Italy, Corsica, Nice.  Who knows!?! Not me.  What I do know is that at this time next week I will be on a plane to friggin' France yo! 

After all the stress I hurriedly put on a dress.  I want to use up some of my summery dresses and today's was hidden between two other dresses since it's so teeny.  I thought it was a bit too slutty to wear on its own so I paired it with some thick black tights and a short sleeved long cardigan, so far my only Fall wardrobe purchase.  I love the way the dress pokes out of the cardigan and gives it a pop of color.  Usually this dress annoys me but not today.  Good thing since I was so stressballesque already!  I worked a bunch today and then hurried home since Michael and I were taking a trip to see our respective Moms. I dropped him at his Moms and headed out to see mine.  I got some parent time and some cuddle time with their kitties before heading back to grab Michael.  We listened to the Michel Thomas french lessons on the way home.  I continued on and did a few lessons on Rosetta Stone French.  I don't think it will matter much if I am able to speak any French since I know damn well that anyone speaking back will be far too fast and skilled for me. I hear those French peeps like you better if you try though.  I wonder if they just want a good laugh.  

Oh and today's reluctant to be on camera critters are Henry and Charlie, two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  Yup. 

Now I'm getting a snack since I ate a quarter of a baguette, some feta cheese and a fistful of mashed potatoes for dinner.  Oops.  Bonne nuit. 


Mom said...

this outfit was cute, got to see it in person. Minus the dogs.
Love the color.

Mike said...

Based off of a total of 4 weeks in Paris, if you begin your conversation in French by saying even just "Bonjour, ça va?" and then ask if they speak english they usually are very very nice and eager to help. The only person that I had a tiff with was this one public transportation dude. He did not like me. Not one bit.

HeadlessMonster said...

I like the neutrals, then the splash of cobalt. Mix them patterns up girl!

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