Thursday, September 24, 2009

day twenty-seven.

Day Twenty-seven 9/24/2009
Dress: Navy Blue Sundress
Purchased From: Forever 21
Year or Era Purchased: Summer 2009
Price: $12.50
Accessories: Blue Payless sandals
Hair and Makeup:  low pigtails, blush
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Two shoe compliments and two dress compliments,  from strangers, clients and friends.
Day:  Today was so much better than yesterday even though I woke up to Ipacac landing wrestling moves on my face at 6am.  I woke up and tried to pretty up to go to my waxing appointment.  I felt like I had to look a certain way for some reason, sort of fancy, classy I guess.  You know that scene in Say Anything when Diane Court goes to visit the FBI guys to find out if her Dad is guilty and she says something like "I thought if I wore these clothes, if I looked a certain way" or something like that? Probably not because you are quite possibly not as fanatical about the movie as I am but whatever.  That is how I felt.  I put on a newish dress and some pretty sandals that I got on clearance at Payless.  I hurriedly rushed to the train but missed the one I wanted and was late for my appointment.  I am always late.  Ugh.  The waxing went smoothly, get it? Har har.  It hurt like no other pain I've really ever felt before and now it sort of feels like I got punched in the hooha but it's done.  It was also absolutely embarrassing but my esthetician was really nice and put me at ease by telling me stories about crazy clients she's had like one woman who drank many shots of Hennessy before her first Brazilian and proceeded to lose all of her inhibitions and curse up a storm very loudly while snooty rich ladies were waiting for massages and facials in the room right outside.  It made me feel better. 

Afterwards I met Michael and we went to AAA to get our International Driver's Permits so we can drive around in France.  Neato.   I force fed Seamus the cat for Rica (he's on the road to recovery from some sicky Liver action) and then made a quick stop at Circle Thrift on Frankford Ave in Fishtown.  I haven't been in forever and I always score amazing stuff there.  Today was no different as I got an adorable kelly green and white sundress, a cute snap up stripey H&M dress, an awesome houndstooth dress and oh my god a BCBG Max Azria black cocktail dress that fit perfectly all for $20, that's $5 per dress folks!!!!  Damn.  So happy with my finds.  

I worked a bunch today and then came home and made dinner, mostly on the grill since it's getting to be non-grilling season.   I grilled marinated seitan, baby yukon gold potatoes, corn on the cob and leftover asparagus.  Yum.  Jody came over and we caught up on some Project Runway and conversation.  I know, not the most interesting night but I had a really nice day and night with minimal stress and aggroness.  Oh and I watched the new Always Sunny. Word. 

Now Michael and I are searching for a hotel to stay in the day we get to France.  Tomorrow I get to wake up to my favorite beagle friend, Rosie, since she'll be staying with me this weekend.  Expect photos. 


Mom said...

this is really cute. I love the sandals.
I had a brazilian once by accident. Put to much Nair on the sides of my thighs and ended up taking off all but the center, looked like a mohawk. Had a gyn appointment that week and the doctor laughed her head off.
Mine didn't hurt, but I know you can't use that stuff.

HeadlessMonster said...

Dang! Them legs go all the way up? SHAZAM!

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