Saturday, September 19, 2009

day twenty-two.

Day Twenty-two 9/19/2009
Dress: Green Daisy Polyester 70s Dress
Purchased From: Thrift Store, unknown
Year or Era Purchased: 1999? 2000?
Price: $???
Accessories: Socks with pouf balls, pirate ship ring
Hair and Makeup: Curls didn't hold well today so straighter than yesterday, teal eyeshadow eyeliner, under eye only
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Sue, Michael, Danni.  I have nice friends.  
Day: I have to be honest I didn't even put on today's dress until almost 6:00PM.  Oops.  I lounged about most of the day and made a really lovely quiche and Michael and I watched Kitchen Nightmares and Family Feud while we ate it.  Sue and I had plans to go see the Kurt Halsey art show at Art Star so I eventually showered and put on today's dress and some makeup.  Today's dress is one of those dresses I've had forever and I can't remember at all where it is from.  I'd like to think it's from my favorite (and closed) thrift store of all time, The Thrifty Fox in Thorndale, Pennsylvania.  They had such amazing finds and furnished most of my high school wardrobe.  Sadly there is an Auto Zone or some other shit in its place.  So sad.  I tried it on today and realized the whole right underarm was ripped open so I sewed it all back together and finally put got dressed and did some makeup inspired by a photo of Drew Barrymore I saw where she's just wearing some turquoise liner in the middle of her lower lid, fun stuff.  

Sue picked me up and we had a fast time at Art Star as there were way less pieces than expected.  We both loved the one print of two fat birds and the slogan "some birds mate forever".  I love shit like that.  I also saw an absolutely amazing piece from an artist's name I thought I'd be able to read in photograph but to no avail.  How awesomely fantabulous is this???  Oh and speaking of squirrels our one yard squirrel, Artemis, is absolutely preggers!  I hope I get some baby squirrel action! 


We went to Cantina Dos Segundos for dinner and met Jake.  After she dropped me off and I cleaned the kitchen a bit while waiting for Danni, Steve, Michael and Jared to get to the house.  After they arrived we ventured out to Kung Fu Necktie, a local bar, for some conversation and libations.  Steven Orsborn met us there and we retired home for some wheelchair racing debauchery.  It was lots of fun and made me feel like I was a wee lad again.  I'm a little bit drunky and a little bit tired and I think I'll wash my face and go to bed now.  


Mom said...

Guess what. the thrifty fox lady lives near me. She had a yard sale
last year and I got to see her.
She misses the shop and all of her clients. She said she remembered you and I as some of her best customers.

Anonymous said...

What about the shoes? I could barely look at anything but your feet.

Abigail said...

I must be a jaded human since I automatically assume someone anonymous commenting on feet is some stranger with a foot fetish and really I don't care as long as you are reading and commenting on my blog. The shoes are 100% payless baby. I don't buy leather so shopping there works out great with my wallet and my convictions.


Ha! That's funny. No foot fetish, here; I just couldn't remember the password to my long-abandoned blog. I followed the link here from Kristin's FB post.

Abigail said...

Nice, though it was sort of fun pretending :) If you are a fan the shoes they are still available at under Kimberly Mary Jane pump. And thanks for reading!

HeadlessMonster said...

I loooove your feet. Especially when stomping on marble bagels with lox cream cheese.

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