Sunday, September 20, 2009

day twenty-three.

Day Twenty-three 9/20/2009
Dress: Black and White Sundress
Purchased From: One of those girly cheap stores like Mandee or Deb or Rainbow 
Year or Era Purchased: 2006/2007ish
Price: $? probably like $14.99
Accessories: squirrel ring, black cardigan
Hair and Makeup: braids, blush, still allergy eyeball ridden. 
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Michael, Danni 
Day: Oh man alive was today a lazy day!  Quite possibly because last night was a late and drunky night but it was oh so fun.  I woke up after noon sometime but didn't actually get out of bed until 1:30 or so.  Michael and I watched Always Sunny clips on his laptop then searched for apartments to rent in the South of France.  Jumpin' Jesus on a pogo stick we leave in one week and one day.  This blog is going to make packing so much easier since I've been saving a lot of my favorite dresses for the vacation.  I've also been saving some of my "sweatpants of dresses" for the loungey days.  I'm not really sure what the internet situation will be like over there so I'm going to try my hardest to blog as often as possible but who knows.  Of course I'll still wear a dress each day and photograph it and write a blurb to publish when I can.  I promise not to cheat.  Some days are much harder than others to write and take pictures.  I kind of just want to go to bed right now and snuggle up with Michael but discipline is part of this process and I don't like to fail.  

I tried on a bunch of dresses today and realized that I am going to have some really interesting days ahead of me upon perusing the unworn dresses.  Man, oh man there are some questionable choices on my clothing rack.  Oh well.  I may have to get super fancy to walk dogs sometimes but I doubt the dogs will mind.  Maybe the strangers on the street or the doormen at the one building I frequent but who cares, not me.   Anyway I have tried on today's dress a few times in the past few weeks but always removed it pretty quickly.  Today was its days though as I didn't immediately hate it.  Dresses are so funny like that.  Apparently it worked well because Danni, our Portland houseguest, liked it enough to mention so and to say it made her want to wear a dress and look girly.  She's wicked hot (and I'm not just saying that for her sake if she reads this,  if I was a dude I feel like she'd be my type) so it makes me feel all sorts of awesome to inspire her.  I wish I could remember more about the dress.  I think I bought it sometime in Spring or early Summer maybe 2006 or 2007ish when I went through a must have sundresses phase.  I don't think I paid much for it because in case you don't know already I like to have lots of stuff instead of a few expensive things.  Hrmpf.  My eyeball is still super stupid so I was a good girl and left the eye makeup off :( sad face.  I want that shit pristine before we leave for vacation.  Yup. 

I finally left the house today to take Danni to drop off her rental car.  We came back to the house to grab Michael and go visit our roomie Steve at the Piazza where he works.  We left Michael with Steve and ventured around Northern Liberties stopping into Standard Tap for a glass of wine and conversation.  It was such a nice change from a usual weekend day.  It was nice to go sit by a window with the sun out in a bar filled with old wood and a fireplace.  It felt relaxing and sort of adult like.  I dug it.  We wandered around a bit more and met up with the boys to see how much more time we needed to kill before our end goal of Indian food at Tiffin, 50 minutes.  So we had more drinks at Cantina, again sitting outside and enjoying the gorgeous weather that was today.   Finally it was time for the good East Coast Indian food Danni craved.  I've also been craving it all week since she mentioned it.  Tiffin was indeed what the doctor ordered, that is if the doctor was really sort of fat and into instructing his patients to gorge themselves because we totally did.  Mmmmm. Yum. I am still so full it kind of hurts.  

We came back home and Danni and I watched the first two episodes of America's Next Top Model with lots of commentary.  The boys joined us for the pilot of Archer and since I'm a huge Frisky Dingo fan I was super excited.  I really enjoyed it and wish it was actually coming on every week after It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and not in January 2010 as the internet is telling me. Dumb.  Wow this whole entry was sort of ramble ridden but whatever, I didn't even really want to do it.  Blargh.  Time for bed since Ipacac the kitty has to go get his vets check up tomorrow.  


mom said...

Love the group picture. The dress is okay too.

HeadlessMonster said...

Wish I could see the dress as a whole in color. Butithinkilikeit!

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