Friday, September 18, 2009

day twenty.

Day Twenty 9/17/2009
Dress: Grey Bubble Skirt Dress
Purchased From: Forever 21
Year or Era Purchased: Summer 2009
Price: $13.50
Accessories: Squirrel Bottle Cap Ring from The Point Store, over the knee socks from Target
Hair and Makeup: Wavy and down, lots of eye makeup, yeah! 
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Becky and Kristin liked my socks
Day: Today started out really lovely and then I went to leave the house to start working and found a dead squirrel right next to the driver's side door of the car.  Poor baby.  I bagged it and checked its ears to be sure it wasn't Maalox or Artemis.  No missing parts so it wasn't either of them but it could have been Steven Andrew Orsborn or one of the other two that recently started frequenting the yard.  So sad.  Michael asked if I wanted to get it stuffed.  It wasn't Maalox so the answer was no.  I think I'm going to get Maalox tattooed on my arm in the next year or so.  I've got some sweet inspirational photos for it. 

Today's dress is one of the products of me getting my iphone replaced this summer.  The ringer on/off switch on the side broke and the phone was stuck in the ringer off position.  That was a sucky couple of weeks.  In order to remedy the situation and use my intelligently purchased apple care I made way too many trips to the apple store in the Cherry Hill Mall.  I don't usually frequent malls so often since I live in the city but when I do you had better watch out.  I think I bought five or six dresses in those trips but Forever 21 is so cheap that I barely spent $50.  Today's dress is super easy and makes me feel happy.  Unfortunately I did not realize during the purchase process that the dress is dry clean only.  I laugh at dry clean only.  I think I've dry cleaned maybe three items in my lifetime.  I have also ruined a few.  I think I half ruined this dress as it did shrink a bit but oh well, it's still plenty wearable.  It was $13.50 and I refuse to spend almost the same amount to clean it. Dumb.  

Today's pictured puppies are my wiener dog clients Marley, Oscar, Toby and Nellie. They pretty much rule but maybe that's because I am predisposed to loving wiener dogs since I grew up with five of them.  Today's ring was purchased from my friend Sam's store The Point in Chadds Ford, PA It's really cute and you should check it out: olde ridge village 100 ridge rd suite #3 Chadds Ford, PA 19317  I wore it in homage to the dead squirrel.  

Nellie, Oscar and Marley

Nellie, Oscar, Marley and Toby

Today was a pretty simple day.  I worked and went to the gym like a good little girl and then made Thai red curry smoked tofu and vegetables (green beans, cauliflower, pepper, onion, mushroom and artichokes) with jasmine rice and crescent rolls.  It was badass.  Michael and I ate dinner while watching episodes from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia season one.  After dinner we met up with friends at the Cantina Dos Segundos because we heard there would be a mechanical bull there tonight and because we were celebrating the fact that our friend Becky, a city employee, got a reprieve from losing her job to Philadelphia's plan c.  I would never actually ride a mechanical bull as I am far too accident prone for such activities but watching would have been really fun.  Unfortunately it wasn't a bull but instead a horse with a bull that popped out from beneath it.   You could pay $3 to for three tries at lassoing the bull and you got a free can of Tecate just for trying.  The four girls we met there were all successful at lassoing but all the boys we watched failed miserably.  Funny.  After a few margaritas Michael and I headed home for the season premier of Always Sunny.  Good stuff.  

Tomorrow I am going to get my hair cut and colored.  My last hair excursion was over nine months ago.  Crazy.  My roots are really awful.  I have no idea what color or cut I'm getting yet so I will now go obsessively search the internet for inspirational photographs.  I am leaning towards a trim and a little bit lighter version of the blonde I have and fixing these terrible roots but I am also toying with the idea of bangs or red hair.  We shall see.  Yup.  


Mom said...

I love the furry children.
You look cut too.

HeadlessMonster said...

Looks like you're at the beginning of a strip tease. Hope them dogs gots some cash.

thepointstore said...

cute ring ;)

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