Wednesday, September 16, 2009

day nineteen.

Day Nineteen 9/16/2009
Dress: Brown Babydoll dress
Purchased From: Ross
Year or Era Purchased: Summer 2009
Price: $12.99
Accessories: Just some rain boots and bright orange tights
Hair and Makeup: Low pig tails but still no real makeup.  The eyes are almost back to normal!
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: A door man called me Pippy Longstocking
Day: Today was another one of those days. Ugh and ick.  Maybe it was the weather.  I mean it wasn't all bad or anything, just meh. Maybe it was the lack of sunshine.  I usually like today's dress but for some reason it was just annoying me today.  I had to go to Rica's today and force feed her kitty Seamus since he's having liver problems (poor little dude!) so I just sort of threw on the first dress and pair of tights I saw.  I didn't bother much with hair or makeup and I think that was my problem.  Oh well.  It's over now.  The hardest thing is taking self portraits on off days, not so much fun.  The dress is identical to a green dress I bought at Ross at the beginning of the summer.  They had it in green and black when I bought it but I only bought the green.  About a month later I decided to go get the black one and of course they were all gone but I did find a brown one and though I don't usually wear a lot of brown I'm not opposed to it so I got it and here it is.  No accessories today.  I was going to wear this sweet fox necklace I got at AC Moore the other day but I couldn't find a chain to fit it.  Maybe tomorrow.   

I worked, skipped the gym today and went on a much needed and super boring Target trip.  We needed everything so even though there are many amazing dresses as the guest designer this month is Anna Sui and all the new fall socks and tights are out I resisted temptation and only bought things like toilet bowl cleaner and q-tips.  I did score some rain/garden boots for $4.98!!!! And they're baby blue.  Nice. 

For dinner I recycled last nights broccoli and cheese sauce and baked potato and made cream of broccoli and potato soup, bread and salads.  It was like Olive Garden in our house tonight, except better because Olive Garden is kind of gross.  I have $50 in gift cards to Olive Garden that I won by putting $1 into a raffle.  That's kid of awesome and someday I'll take Michael on a sweet and gross date there.  Yup.  Tonight we watched Sunshine Cleaning and I really liked it.  I also hung up a new shower curtain liner that is supposed to be mold and mildew resistant.  I'll keep you posted on how well it works.  I know, the suspense is killing you.   I also did a few of my French Rosetta Stone lessons tonight.  Man alive is that frustrating sometimes.   Me repeating the french word bleu over and over and over it refusing to accept my pronunciation equals a bad time.  I'm going to retire to bed early tonight in hopes that tomorrow is not just a new but a better day.  Au revoir! 


mom said...

this is cute, love the tights.

Amy said...

Loved Sunshine Cleaning and my mold and mildew resistent shower curtain liner has been lining our shower for more than a year now with not a hint of mold and mildew. Yeah, it's fairly awesome.

HeadlessMonster said...

Black and brown?! C'MON!

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