Monday, October 26, 2009

day fifty-nine.

man, i need to vacuum under there! 

Day Fifty-nine 10/26/2009
Dress: Green Baby Doll Dress
Purchased From: Ross
Year or Era Purchased: Summer 2009
Price: $14.99
Accessories: green headband, crazy boots, cream knee socks,
Hair and Makeup: two buns, usual makeup
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Four people (two strangers and two people I know) complimented my boots. I also discovered a hole in them :(

Today was really busy and jam packed so i just grabbed the first dress I saw and since my eye has been gazing longingly at green more than ever lately it went right to this dress.  You might recognize it from day nineteen and that's because it is the same exact dress, just in green. I got this one first actually and tried to go get it in black but they were all out so I settled for brown.  

The day started with me rushing around to get to my second brazilian wax appointment.  I made it to the el right when the train pulled up, walked through the turnstile and onto the train.  Perfect.  I made it Body Restorations at the exact minute of my appointment.  Go me! I was so proud of myself, sad I know. The Brazilian wasn't even half as bad as the first time, awesome.  After the appointment I ran to MAC for foundation and window shopped at H&M, almost bought a $6 hat but walked out.  I met up with MIchael and Wes for lunch at Mi Lah, an awesome vegetarian and mostly if not all vegan place in center city.  I had a portobello sandwich, Michael had pad thai and Wes had this amazingly tasty beer battered seitan sandwich.  I have only ever eaten there for dinner and their lunch is far superior.  

After lunch I boarded the El and went to my parked car (walking to the el would've made me late, it wasn't a laziness factor) only to find I got my first parking ticket in something like three or four years.  Ugh. I've been so diligent but in my haste to be on time I completely forgot I parked on a 2 hour parking street. Blargh.  My perfect record is tarnished and I must start over.  Boohiss.

I worked and then even though I was supposed to return to the gym today I did not.  I have to get my butt back there and get back into it.  The lactic acid buildup in my thighs from playing paintball is torture right now and my bruises have all developed into gross and giant marks.  Hopefully this awful pain subsides and I can get back there asap.  I am starting to feel gross and mushy again. Instead of going to the gym I decided to try to recreate this mushroom soup that the Memphis Taproom served last week.  I found a pretty close sounding recipe on and went to Superfresh for the fixins.  I always forget how much I hate Superfresh and their stupid expensiveness.  Lesson relearned.  I came home and got cracking on the soup and it came out tasting like pure awesomeness! Here's the link, I will be making this again and again and again but maybe doubling the mushrooms to make it thicker and heartier.   Mmmm soup!  I also made my version of La Zucca Magica's Italian inspired Spanakopita, using a pie crusts spread with a puree of spinach, mozzarella and sharp cheddar, garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper and then covered with another pie crust.  So good! 

After I stuffed my face furiously with the soup I got down to business and watched four episodes of Criminal Minds while working on my costume.  Paper mache, sewing, dying and painting oh my! I am super exhausted and hurty and must attempt to sleep off this pain now.  


Sherry said...

That is a lovely color on you. Don't worry about the dust, I never see dust in other peoples homes.

HeadlessMonster said...

I like dust...but not kelly green so much.

Kristin G said...

mm...I'm going to make this soup soon.

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