Monday, October 19, 2009

Day Fifty-two.

Day Fifty-two 10/19/2009

Dress: Black Sweater Dress
Purchased From: Circle Thrift
Year or Era Purchased: Winter 2008
Price: $5
Accessories: "I'm in the Doghouse" earrings, grey tights, black boots, cream colored knit hat.
Hair and Makeup: side pigtails and a hat, no makeup for day, black eyes at night
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: n/a

When I got dressed this morning I knew I was going to a show tonight and normally that wouldn't be an issue, I'd just change later if I didn't like my outfit but today I had to commit so I changed a few times until I settled upon the sweater dress since I find it both comfortable and stylish. The dress was thrifted and it's a pretty recent H&M piece that I'm pretty sure falls into the category of "thank you person who donates her wardrobe to Circle Thrift after one season and happens to be my size and have similar taste." It was a beautiful day today and finally felt like Fall, which happens to be my favorite season so I was pretty excited. I paired my dress with lighter tights for a contrast and my favorite winter hat since it was still a little nippy. I also wore my favorite velvet coat that I like to refer to as my pirate coat since it had lining other side of it, that is until most of them fell off. I still have all of them but have not found the correct motivation/free time period to sew them back on. I worked today and everything went swimmingly since dogs also really dig this time year. After work I ran to Jomar to buy fabric for my Halloween costume and then to Target for some cupboard containers to continue in my GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE YOU GROSS MOTH LARVAE project. I will definitely need to go to Ikea to supplement this project but it will be done. I also picked up some Pantry Pest traps from Essene to continue the eradication. Part of me hates using them, not because I feel bad for the gross little beasts but because I have to see them stuck to the sides. Gross.

After schlepping all the bags inside I got ready to go out. I put on some makeup and my "I'm in the dog house" earrings that are from an amazing store in Montreal called Bang On. They have awesome kitschy accessories and a gazillion iron ons and blank shirts/hoodies/dresses/etc. that you can choose to iron them onto. Some of my favorite clothing is from there. Sadly the shirtdress I got from there is less of a dress and more of a shirt on me so it probably won't make it onto this blog. Michael and I went to The Troc to see The Gaslight Anthem and they were really wonderful live. I first heard them on Sirius a few years ago and because satellite radio actually lists the artist and song I automatically knew the name of my new band obsession. I pulled up to my destination when the song was still playing and refused to exit the car until the song ended. It's rare these days that new bands evoke that feeling in me. Don't get me wrong, I like a lot of the new music out there and thanks to Sirius I'm no longer in a rut and actually hear new bands and like a lot of them but this one just felt awesome. I had no clue they were so big and we tried to go see them last year but it was sold out, which I found out when I tried to pay to go in and the door girl looked at me like I was crazy. Whatevs.

After the show we came home to watch the best ninth inning ever. Woot. Now I'm going to bed with some serious exhaustion and hurty in the back syndrome because I am old and going to shows hurts my old lady body anymore. So sad.


Mike said...

When I read that they sound like a sort of punky Bruce Springsteen, I went and listened. They really do.

HeadlessMonster said...

Are you going to the gym or something?

Abigail said...

Yes Chad, right after I took this picture I got into my time machine and went to 1988 so I could jazzercise properly.

And yes Mike Spano (I'm gonna try that out for a while) they totally have a Bruce Springsteen sound to them, apparently they are huge fans.

Mike said...

I read that second line with you doing a Tracy Morgan impersonation. Funny.

Amy said...

Ok, so about your pirate coat. There's a word missing about what it was lined with, so I'm totally filling in the blank with "smiley faces made out of uncooked macaroni".

Abigail said...

Ha! It should say BUTTONS lining either side. Oops!!! Guess I should proofread these a bit more!

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