Sunday, October 18, 2009

day fifty-one.


Day Fifty-one 10/18/2009

Dress: Navy Blue Coatdress, no seriously someone sewed a coat together to make this dress. 

Purchased From: Circle Thrift

Year or Era Purchased: Winter 2008/2009

Price: $5

Accessories: Red Plaid Hat, Cream Tights, Legwarmers by Old Fashioned Goodness, Black on Black Chuck Taylors

Hair and Makeup:  Braids, black eyeliner

Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Michael loved my commitment to my ridiculous hat placement

Today was another one of those stay in my pajamas for extended periods of time days.  We slept in until a little after nine today and then got up and did lots of back to back computery stuff, boring and tedious, but now I have a Flickr set of this whole shindig.  I also realized that my moth infestation is unfortunately also in my dry goods and snacks cupboard.  Boo hiss. So I spent a large chunk of may day cleaning out my cupboard and throwing a lot of stuff away. Ick and Blech.  It was cold again and we're out of wood so we broke down and turned on the heat, hopefully just to turn it off again after it warms up on Tuesday and we get more wood. 

The last five hours of today absolutely saved this weekend from being the weekend of suck.  We went to see Where the Wild Things Are and it was beautiful, came home to watch an absolutely amazing Phillies game followed by the season premiere of Venture Brothers.  I think all of that has given me the motivation I've been seeking to get my butt in gear and start taking care of business.  First step, get cracking on my Halloween costume! I think a trip to the craft store is in my near future. 

I chose today's dress because it has long sleeves and is some sort of weird synthetic fabric so it kept warm for the hours before we broke down and turned on the heat.  It's sort of ridiculous and ill fitting since it is absolutely the handiwork of some strange person. You can see where the previous owner sewed this together to transform it from a coat to a dress.  The belt definitely helps since it cinches it and makes it less bulky.  I've only ever worn this dress one other time and I can't say I'll wear it more than one more.  Part of me wants to rip out the seams and make it back into a coat.  We'll see.  Since it was cold I paired today's outfit with more Winter accessories, cream colored thick tights from the amazing tights/sock section of Target, legwarmers hand knitted by my friend Kristin for my Christmas present last year and an amazing red plaid hat with ear flaps worn backwards/sideways.  I hope you enjoy the crazy person stylings that were today. 


HeadlessMonster said...

You look like some woodland Swiss chick. Can't really see the details on the dress.

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