Saturday, October 17, 2009

day fifty.

Day Fifty! 10/17/2009

Dress: White Vintage Victorian 80's Soap Opera Dress

Purchased From: Village Thrift

Year or Era Purchased: Fall 2005ish, I really have no idea but I've had it for a long time I think.

Price: $? I would bet around $5? 

Accessories: Giant White Faux Fur hat from I Goldberg, black boots with faux fur trim, giant rhinestone ring

Hair and Makeup:  side ponytail and a hat, silver eyeshadow 

Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Kristin said it looked like I should be in a reenactment on one of those haunting shows.  

Wow, I'm halfway there! Crazy.  It figures it was such a craptacular day and I didn't even put on a dress until 6PM, or leave the house until 7PM.  Even though it's the weekend and I set the alarm for after 9 so we could "sleep in" our sleeping pattern has changed so much since coming home from France that we awoke at 8:30AM on a Saturday.  Goodness! It didn't help that Ipacac the cat stepped on my hair when he was trying to wedge his fat body between our heads and breath his cat breath in my face at ungodly hours like he's so fond of doing.  What a cutie pie.  We woke up and I honestly have no idea what I did for most of the next five hours.  I know that I decided to make pancakes at some point last night but when I retrieved the flours needed this morning I discovered that pantry moths had moved in and brought many of their larvae with them.  Ugh.  They really are the bane of my existence.  If there are three things that I could eradicate from this world it would be maggots, mosquitoes and pantry moths.  Gross me out, seriously.  I proceeded to throw away most of my flour and baking cupboard stockpile, so sad since most of it was organic and Whole Foods expensive.  That'll learn me to keep things in their original packaging.  All of my tupperware and container dry goods are safe.  It skeeves me so to know I was sharing space with such disgusting creatures. One time I was so infested with them that I accidently ate some in a box of crappy mac n' cheese and then I threw up a bunch of times.  Bad memories.  I couldn't eat boxed mac n' cheese for a few years after that, not that anyone should mind you.  

I opted to make french toast and veggie sausage instead and it was quite satisfying.  Pancakes will have to wait for another day I suppose.  We caught up on the episodes of Dexter we missed and my back was absolutely killing me today so I whined a lot and did a whole lot of nothing.  I hope that's not a sign that I'm getting this awful sickness everyone around me seems to have these days.  Do not want.  

I finally put on a dress and I wanted it to be sort of special since it's my halfway mark so I opted for a dress that I don't absolutely love to death but that I really enjoyed accessorizing. I like the dress but it's not always flattering and it's pretty itchy since it's polyester or some other gross fabric.  I also have to wear a slip under it since the bust line is really low and it's pretty sheer.  It is so ridiculously cold and wet outside that I went full on winter in the accessory department with my ridiculous faux fur white hat and some wintery boots.  I figured I'd go all out and wear silver eyeshadow and a giant fake diamond ring.  I had fun. 

Michael and wanted to leave the house for a bit so we headed over to Memphis Taproom to meet up with Kristin and drink some German beer from firkins.  It was nice to get out of the house for a few hours.  We headed to the grocery store to get cheese so I could come home and make full on homemade macaroni and cheese with homemade bread crumbs. I wonder if this morning's moths made me crave it,  gross.  I also made brussels sprouts sauteed with shallots and some Tofurky Kielbasa.  I don't actually recommend eating at 11PM on a Saturday night but I do what I want so you know, deal with it.  We watched It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia while we ate our comfort foods and it might be my favorite episode of all time, with the exception of the Sex and the City Dee episode.  I might fall asleep laughing tonight.  


Mike said...

Wow, will you come over drunk with that hat on and perform an episode of Drunk History for us?

HeadlessMonster said...

Dress looks like a slip, but the! They look great together, big and fluffy with sleek and slender. CONTRAST BABY!

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