Wednesday, October 14, 2009

day forty-seven

Day Forty-seven 10/14/2009
Dress: Red Plaid Dress
Purchased From: Ross 
Year or Era Purchased: Summer 2009
Price: $14.99
Accessories: Grey corduroy pants, black cardigan, grey belt, black on black chuck taylors
Hair and Makeup: down, no makeup for part of the day, usual makeup for later 
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Michael said something like look at you all dressed up, Sue said she liked the dress. 
Today's dress feels like Fall to me and since it was in the fifty degree range today I was feeling like Fall too.  I paired today's dress with pants because it was chilly and then added a belt in the same color as the pants to tie it all together.  Today's doggie friends are wire haired fox terriers, Emily and Mia.  

Today was my first day back and work and now I'm exhausted because both Michael and I woke up at 7AM without an alarm clock and I am not an early riser.  Maybe this jet lag thing will turn me into one.  I hung out with Sue in the morning, grocery shopped, worked and then we went to dinner with Mike and Jody at Hot Potato Cafe, which was a lovely time.  After dinner Michael and I watched some missed television, two Hell's Kitchen episodes and two office episodes, and now I am absolutely exhausted and must go to bed.    


mom said...

really like this. The grey cords look great with the dress. Too cute

HeadlessMonster said...

I'm a fan of this dress. Like the belt, and the button-down feature...if that's what it is. Can't quite see it though 'cause the picture was taken a block away.

Abigail said...

Chad you can click on the picture to make it bigger you know.

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