Wednesday, October 7, 2009

day forty try again

Day Forty 10/7/2009
Dress: Greenish-blue Vintage Dress
Purchased From: Plaid Pony Vintage
Year or Era Purchased: 2008?
Price: $25
Accessories: crazy boots, knee socks with bows, rose ring, lacy
headband, anchor earrings. I might change into Mary Jane heels fir
Hair and Makeup: down with a headband, electric eel and brûlée mac
and loreal brown eyeshadows, mauve lipstick.
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Michael commented on my eye makeup
and filmed it.
Today is shopping day and that makes for a sad Michael. We are having
giant beers at an outdoor bar/cafe as I type this since he was going
through shopping hissy fits. We plan to go back to La Zucca Magica
later tonight and we lounged a lot earlier. He's well into the next
book of the Aubrey/Maturin novels and I'm 1/3 of the way through the
second sookie stackhouse book. I made us a yummy breakfast and we
enjoyed our balcony lots. We hope to take a boat ride and climb this
cool mountain tomorrow.
Today's dress is my go to dress and if I don't end up on the cutting
room floor you might see how I went to it in an upcoming episode of
Kitchen Nightmares. It makes me feel classic and pretty. It was
originally a crisscross top but I didn't find it very flattering on my
frame so I gathered the bust fabric and pinned it so the style is
more40s/50s. I keep meaning to sew it like that but haven't gotten to
it yet. I've been ignoring Michael and my giant Hoegaarden so I wil
stop iPhone typing now. Until tomorrow.
Oh wait I just bought an awesome vintage dress at the cutesy vintage
boutique! Buy a dress in France, scratch that off the list!


mom said...

OMG, yesterdays text has me laughing so hard I've almost wet myself. I'm sorry you hurt yourself though. The color of your dresses get better everyday.
This is really cute. Not sure if I care for the boots with it, but then you wouldn't be Abby if you wore regular shoes.

HeadlessMonster said...

Wait, this is 40 oz.? So confused. Oh. Just read that text there. Whatevs. Mikey is hot! Except for those grandpa socks.

Sherry said...

You look absolutely adorable in that shade of blue and your hair down.

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