Thursday, October 29, 2009

day sixty-two.

Day Sixty-two 10/29/2009
Dress: Grey Cowl Neck Dress
Purchased From: Conway
Year or Era Purchased:
Fall 2009 (yesterday actually)
Price: $11.99
Accessories: black and grey striped tights, boots
Hair and Makeup: down and wavy usual makeup
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Spano said he liked my frilly neck, Michael liked the dress, I got a few compliments on my tights too.

I woke up early today and took Easter to the vet for her bloodwork checkup. Since I got a new dress yesterday and knew I was going out tonight I wore it and paired it with some fun stripey tights.  I wore my hair down and then later put a bunch of curls in it.  I also tried out some brown lipstick but I'm not sure on that one yet so I took it off.  I had a coupon for free money at CVS and thought I just had to have brown lipstick for some reason.  Meh. 

I so wish I had taken today's opportunity to switch Easter over to my new vet since her established Penn vet isn't there anymore and we had to see a new one today.  Blargh.  Our appointment was at 9:30AM and we didn't get out of there until 1:05PM.  No good.  Easter did pee on the table during her exam to show her displeasure with the whole situation.  Ha.  I also got to meet a very interesting older lady there with two cats both suffering from lymphoma.  She was explaining to me all about their illnesses and when the vet came out to talk to her she put her hand up to shush him, came and sat next me and finished her story. It was kind of amazing.  I overheard her cat's names: George and Mr. Strawberry.  Wow.  I might have seen myself from the future.  She was in full makeup and dress. Again, seriously amazing.  She was also super bat shit crazy.  That's my kind of lady!

Since the vet took about two hours longer than I anticipated I had throw food in my mouth at a furious pace and hurry out the door to work.  I worked until almost 5PM and then came home to get ready for my first Yelp event. Yelp is an awesome review site in case you didn't know.  I write reviews all the time, like my words are really important.  It does make me feel empowered though, dorky as it may be. 

Michael and I boarded the El and headed to the event, held at Prive in Olde City.  It boasted complimentary apps and cocktails, both were yummy.  We met up with some friends and met some new people.  It was quite fun and I'm looking forward to my next Yelp event.  

We came home and had veggie dogs and watched the sad, sad second game of the World Series.  I also worked on my costume and now I am taking my tired ass to bed. 


Jody said...

hot hot hot. i am going to raid your closet.

HeadlessMonster said...

Abby. I know you know some Photoshop. There are these 2 things called Levels and Curves. USE THEM!

Abigail said...

Hmm. I don't actually know about these curves. I have been messing with levels in iphoto. I will go check it out. Also I may have been drunk when I posted that entry. Shhhh.

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