Wednesday, October 28, 2009

day sixty-one.

Day Sixty-one 10/27/2009
Dress: Phillies T-shirt converted into Dress
Purchased From: Ross and then I altered it
Year or Era Purchased: 
Spring 2008
Price: $7.99
Accessories: black tights, boots and cardigan
Hair and Makeup: down and wavy minimal makeup as I was running late
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: a cashier at Conway, Michael

We woke up early today and that sucked because I was dreaming lots and one of them was about birds flying all around me and giving me kisses.  Some were solid white and others were blue and white.  I took Michael to the El, came home and did dishes and made french press coffee and fed the squirrels.  Steven Andrew Orsborn came to the window today, a big step for him.  It was raining and his fur was all wet and crinkled, cute.  I played on Yelp for a bit before sewing up what was today's dress.  It was an oversized t-shirt that easily became a strapless dress, not a well constructed strapless dress mind you but hey, I'm new at this.  I cut up the middle of each sleeve and then sewed them together with a crappy stitch and embroidery thread.   I then pulled the two sleeves towards the back and tied them together. 

I spent the rest of the day working and then finally made my triumphant return to the gym after a whole month of not going.  Planet Fitness added 10 or more elliptical machines, 10 or 15 bikes and they have one of their televisions programmed for E! now.  Word.  I should go away more often. I also made a pit stop into Conway to retrieve an article of clothing for my friend Rica's Halloween costume which also allowed me to purchase a new dress.  I might even wear it tomorrow since I have to get up early and take my cat Easter for a  Upenn vet visit even though I hate them kind of a lot.  She has kidney disease, high blood pressure and hyper thyroid.  Youch.  She's also like four pounds but will eat almost anything.  She's eaten red peppers, mushrooms, spaghetti, any and all dairy products, seitan, morning star farm products, french fries, etc. etc.  She does not however like chicken.  Funny little lady. 

After the gym I picked up Michael from the El and came home and made tacos with veggie beef and soyrizo.  Yum.  I had to stop myself from eating too much. We watched Game One while I worked on several aspects of my costume that included lots more paper mache with paper towel and duct tape build ups, some pattern chalking and fabric cutting and pinning.  I don't know if this will ever end. I'm so close I can taste it, oh wait no that's the awful bits of fibers that flew all over when I cut one of my fabrics.  I had to cover my mouth and nose while I cut but my eyes are still full of little green fibers.  Blech. It was really nice to watch such an amazing baseball game while I worked.  Now I must retire to bed for early vet visit rising.  Go Phils. 


Anonymous said...

hey we met in the coffeshop your style, love your rock :)
How much for another phillies dress??

Abigail said...

Oh dear, I don't even know where'd I'd get another shirt. I got it at Ross many months ago. I swear to you I am just terrible at this sewing thing right now so I don't think I could sell one in good conscience. All I did was buy an oversized shirt, put my arms through the neck and pull it down like a strapless dress. I then tied arms behind me but they were too bulky so I cut up the middle of the sleeves and then sewed them together and pulled the remaining sleeve fabric back and tied. If I ever come across another shirt I will definitely grab it and try to create one for you. :)

Jody said...


HeadlessMonster said...


Abigail said...

That's it, I'm never wearing my It's From the Sky shirt ever again!!!

ok, not really.

HeadlessMonster said...


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