Saturday, November 21, 2009

day eighty-four.

Day Eighty-four 11/19/2009
Dress: Maroon Lace Dress
Purchased From: Urban Outfitters
Year or Era Purchased:  2005

Price: $70
Accessories: Black Slip, Black Fishnets, Black Boots, Black Cardigan, Birdcage necklace.
Hair and Makeup: Down with a small plastic barrette and fallen curls, usual makeup

Comments/Compliments/Complaints: A community service street cleanup guy told me I look "lovely"


Since New Moon came out today I decided to go for maximum dorkiness and rock a gothy outfit.  This dress was originally purchased to wear to a wedding and I have also worn it in a video for my friend's band It's From The Sky.  They have new music out now. Go give them a listen.  It's good. I dig this dress but it's a little weird and open in the boob area so I pin it closed a bit.  I spent way more on it than I usually do but it was a splurge I consider worth it four years later since I still like it a lot. 

I slept in a little today because Ipacac decided to snuggle with me and he is so good at keeping people in bed.  I got up and puttered around the house for a bit before showering and getting ready.  I worked and then met up with Sue and Rica at 3:30 for our 4:30 New Moon viewing.  We totally could've gone later as we were the first ones lined up at the door but whatever, we got awesome seats, well sort of.  I'll get to that.   We watched at least three grown ass men (like 45-50ish) exit the theater child and wifeless. My gaydar may have been off but I believe they were straight men totally into Twilight.  Awesome!  So we sit down in prime seats only to have four eleven or twelve year old boys sit in front of us.  Sue could not get over how the one boy "sat heavy" as she called it.  It was hilarious to watch her annoyance with them.  They eventually moved, not before one threatened to put his balls on another's head.  Such good pre-movie entertainment.   We were then blessed with the presence of six teenage girls directly behind us.  Ugh.  They ranged from Captain Obvious, to Mrs. What's Going On to Miss Teen Hormone USA.  There was maybe a solid ten minutes with no talking.  Threats, glances, shushes, etc. did not work.  We even overheard a father say, "Can you please be quiet my son can't hear the movie." Also awesome!  I loved every minute of the horribly cheeseball movie New Moon.  It was my least favorite book of the four but the pace of movie was faster and didn't drag like the book.  I can't wait to see it again without annoying teenagers behind us.  Sue and I started blatantly making fun of them by loudly proclaiming things like "That car is yellow" That car is going fast" "Look there's a tree".  I should've brought a water gun or something and squirted them like you do bad dogs.  Next time. 

After the movie we had dinner at Cantina Los Caballitos where Rica and I split vegetarian chorizo, pumpkin and goat cheese empanadas.  So good!  I then came home and cleaned my face off as four miniature dachshunds are coming to stay here tomorrow.  I dusted and vacuumed and swept and wiped and now my back is absolutely hurty and I must go sleep it off.  I can't believe Thanksgiving in already this week! Random.  Sorry.  Also random, I have way more than 16 dresses left.  Maybe another 30 or more.  I am considering keeping this up after 100.  We'll see.  


Jenn Gatano said...

I definitely think you should keep it up after 100 days. Your fashion is amazing and inspiring.

HeadlessMonster said...

Thanks for the plug!!! :)

You look lovely.

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