Saturday, November 21, 2009

day eighty-five.

Day Eighty-five 11/21/2009
Dress: Black and Red Zipper Sweater Dress
Purchased From: Target 
Year or Era Purchased:  Fall 2008

Price: $35? Or it might have been on sale.  I don't remember. 
Accessories: Black Boots and tights, and later a red plaid hat
Hair and Makeup: Down and not brushed with headband, usual makeup with extra black eyeliner.

Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Michael, Jody on the dress. I think Spano said he liked the hat. 


I'm starting this sober but I'm going to end it after a few drinks.  Yup. 

Today's dress is what I like to call my super hero or science fiction dress.  It makes me feel like I have powers or that I can leap buildings or fly a spacecraft.  It was one of the special designers featured at target, Jonathan Saunders.  I remember ogling it for a long time before finally purchasing it.  

I totally slept in like a big jerk.  Oh well.  I got up and made coffee and threw in a load of laundry before heading out to drop off a large portion of our closet to Circle Thrift.   I bought two new dresses, a blue metal canister and a cute shelf for $13. Nice.  I also saw this crazy ham holder that I was tempted to buy just for the box:

I then visited a kitty for work purposes and picked up four miniature dachshunds so I could bring them home and take care of them for a week.  I thought this would be a quick process but I could not break down the three crates to bring with me.  I finally succeeded after a lot of cursing and finger crushing.  I hate when metal tries to defeat me.  I finally got the four dogs and all of their gear into the car and got home.  It feels like my childhood all over again :) So far one of them is kind of a meanie to the kitties so I will have to separate the species for a bit.  Hopefully peace will be in everyone's future.   

I came home and Rica was here to commandeer a bunch of music from my library.  We were all starving having not eaten anything so we headed to Honeys Sit n' Eat for a late lunch/early dinner.  We committed gluttony something fierce.  I even brought half of my food home but it still hurt horribly.   I suppose it doesn't help that I ate more of it a few hours later while watching Top Chef.  Yeah, my favorite dude Kevin is still in it!  I didn't want to sit around the house all night so we're going to meet up with some friends at Kung Fu Necktie for a drink. 

Okay I just got home but I only had one beer so sorry no fun drunky blogs.  Now I'm having some red wine.  I wanted to drink red wine at the bar but they were out (dumb) and the jerky bartender was totally bitchy about it.  I asked what kind of red wine they had and she sort of rolled her eyes and slurred, "I don't know, merlot." Like I was asking some crazy outlandish question of a bartender.  She half heartedly searched for it and then told me they didn't have any.  I opted for a beer and paid, thinking I was paying for Michael's drink too like a nice wife.  I paid the $10 she asked for and tipped $2 even though I hated her.  Michael looked at me like I was crazy for tipping $2 so I lipped him up with a duh, you tip $1 per drink.  It turns out the bartender had already charged him for his drink and he had already tipped.  What a dumbass.  Wow, good job! I hate you stupid bartender.  Your hair is rad but I hate everything else about you.  Ugh.  We only stayed for one drink so I opened a bottle of Pinot Noir when we got home. I liked it because it was called Pinot Evil.  Cute.  I wasn't thrilled to realize it was a twist off cap though.  Oh wells. Time for bed. 


Mom said...

This dress looks really cute on you. What is the backdrop? It's neat.
About the 4 in your charge this week, patience is the key honey.
Lots and lots of it. Of course you know that :).

Mike said...

I don't agree with you on the 1 dollar per drink tipping rule unless it goes to 3 drinks in 1 order in which I will leave 2 dollars. That is all.

HeadlessMonster said...

Another "It;s a Living" dress. Great job!

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