Wednesday, November 25, 2009

day eighty-nine.

Day Eighty-nine 11/25/2009
Dress: Dark Brownish-Grey and Multi Colored Pattern Hippie Style Dress
Purchased From: Target
Year or Era Purchased:  Today, so Fall 2009

Price: $6.47
Accessories: grey corduroy pants, black boots, kurt halsey necklace, flowery headband
Hair and Makeup: pulled back, then two pig tails

Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Kristin, a couple of people commented that they liked my headband


Today was really great until the last hour and now I just don't feel like writing about it. Maybe tomorrow or the next day. 

Ok, I"ll do it.  I woke up and took Michael to work and then headed to Target to see if they had the vacuum cleaner belt we needed. They didn't.  Blargh.  I cheated on my dresses by wearing the tank top I slept in and some jeans. I bought a dress from the clearance rack while I was there, today's dress.  It was just easy to come home and put it on.  It's not my usual style but it's comfortable and I liked it.  I also bought a flowery headband whilst at Target because lately I am all about headbands.  I paired it with some grey corduroys and boats because I was in sort of a hurry to get to my waxing appointment.  I parked by the el and started walking only to see the train I needed to be on, four minutes early mind you, pull into the station.  Ugh.  There was no way I was catching it.  Luckily it turned out the train I saw was not the one I wanted but the ealier train running late as the next one was as well.  I managed to get to my appointment only a few minutes late.  

After my hair removal session I stopped by the MAC store to look for a kelly green matte eye shadow because I've been wanting one for months and searching to no avail.  It's sad to say but I saw it on Ashley of Rock of Love and Charm School fame and it looked awesome.  Hoorah! They had it! 

I went home and immediately started working and then got a call from one of my clients that she had left her chanterelle mushrooms on her balcony and was already 3 hours away so they were mine for the taking if I wanted them. I did. It saved me a trip to Whole Foods the day before Thanksgiving.  I did have to go to Trader Joe's but it wasn't that hellish in there thank goodness.  I came home and ate since I had not done so at all and then almost immediately fell into the first nap I've taken in a really long time.  It was kind of glorious.  I woke up and walked the wieners and had a long conversation with my friend Heather.  Then dog number five arrived, Rosie, the saint of all dogs.  She's an old Beagle and probably the best behaved dog I've met besides my friend Kristin dog Cylar.  

Michael and I then went to join Kristin and some of her friends at Memphis Taproom as they were serving $3 drafts all day.  Nice.  I had some PBC Joe, coffee beer.  It is so so so so good.  We met some new and really nice people and then took one of them and her bike home and Kristin came over for some foods.  I made spaghetti and vodka sauce and leftovers and we ate and watched the Archer premiere for the twenty-seventh time.  I took Krisitn home and then came home ready for bedtime.  Michael and I got into a stupid fight hence the not wanting to blog about it.  I still don't want to blog about it because this is a fashion blog more so than a personal blog but everything is quiet (like, in a good way) in the Lalonde household this morning, well except for the barking dogs.   


HeadlessMonster said...

Not too into the lace...but I'm a fan of the headband. Keen!

HeadlessMonster said...

Okay, so it's not that lacey at a second glance. Whatevs. I gotta pee.

Abigail said...

Yeah, this dress photographed like crap. I liked wearing it though.

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