Tuesday, November 24, 2009

day eighty-eighty

Day Eighty-eight 11/24/2009
Dress: Reddish Orange and Tan Pattern Sheath Dress
Purchased From: Uh? One of those Juniors stores like Wet Seal or Forever 21 or whatever was popular in 2001.  I can't remember. 
Year or Era Purchased:  Winter or Spring 2001

Price: $20 or maybe under.  I"m thinking $14.99? 
Accessories: Orange tights, black sweater top boots, orange cardigan, black knee socks
Hair and Makeup: Double buns with parted bangs and pulled out long pieces,  usual makeup with some orange eyeshadow

Comments/Compliments/Complaints: None that I remember, maybe Michael. 


Ugh. I'm so tired and my throat is so hurty and we're out of emergen-c.  I have to go to Whole Foods tomorrow for chanterelle mushrooms and I'm not looking forward to the craziness.  Oh well.  

I got up with Michael today and drove him to the el since it was a little rainy.  I then took the car to the shop as the front wheels are making god awful noises.  Turns out it has a broken and on its way to broken bushing. Awesome. The parts won't be in until tomorrow and then they're closed until Monday so it will have to go back then. All of my friends started using Garrison's Garage so I jumped on the bandwagon.  They're super close and super nice.  I walked over to Rica's to get her car to use for the day and stopped by Bella Sera Cafe, a new coffee place in our neighborhood.  It's cute, a little empty feeling but it's still new.  The coffee was absolutely delicious but it got cold really quick and just wasn't hot enough to start with. I hope that changes.   Anyway so I took the wieners for a nice long walk, ate some food and put on today's dress before going out to work.  I remember buying this in early 2001 sometime.  I was dieting and losing weight and I remember feeling good enough to wear something tight.  Now I have to suck in my tummy when I wear it but I'll get there again.  

After work I dropped Rica's car off and picked up the Element and then Sue and I headed to the gym.   Yay me, two days in a row. I'd like to get another two in this week if possible since I'll be eating my face off on Thursday.  I came home and made dinner out of last night's leftovers but added some pan seared smoked tofu with steak sauce and sauteed asparagus.  I also made a cheese pie. It's two pillsbury pie crusts sandwiched together with a layer of extra sharp cheddar cheese slices (not shredded) in the center.  You bake it up until the crust is golden and then eat massive amounts of it. So good.  My Mother-in-law makes it and I always thought it sounded weird until I tasted it and was immediately hooked. 

We ate dinner and watched Notorious and I painted my nails hot pink.  I liked the movie way better than Michael who got bored halfway through.  I walked the wieners again and now I am so off to bed for a big sleep, but not THE big sleep. Yawn. 


HeadlessMonster said...

Dig the pattern. Ahoy matey!

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