Thursday, November 19, 2009

day eighty-two.

Our Internet connection appears to be down so iPhone update without a photo it us :(

I'll hopefully post a real blog with a picture tomorrow.   Ugh.

Day Eighty-one 11/19/2009
Dress:  Green and Orange Argyle Vintage Shirt Dress
Purchased From: Sazz Vintage
Year or Era Purchased:  Fall 2009
Price: $10.50
Accessories: black faux fur boots, grey tights, fox necklace
Hair and Makeup: down, sometimes low pigtails
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Michael 


HeadlessMonster said...

Seriously. When I come visit, you gotta take me to that loft!

I like the pattern on the dress. Keen!

Go here, it's neat:

Abigail said...

Yeah, the pattern is sweet. I tried to take a close up shot but it was blurry. Blargh.

Why did you have to post that link? I have too much pyrex already but there are patterns I've never seen and now want!!!!

HeadlessMonster said...


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