Saturday, November 28, 2009

day ninety-two.

Day Ninety-two 11/28/2009
Dress: Purple Vintage Dress
Purchased From: Sazz Vintage
Year or Era Purchased:  Fall 2009

Price: $10.50
Accessories: Black tights, black flats, squirrel necklace, rat brooch
Hair and Makeup: Down and curled, usual makeup with green eyeshadow 

Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  Chad said "You look like Grimace", Jody said "Ooooh you're wearing the purple dress" as she was there when I bought it. 


Today was so long and I spent most of it out of the house so I am exhausted now but haven't done anything of importance or production.  I woke up and got ready and got the dogs ready to take home.  Sue and I made plans to go to brunch at Mi Lah and we were so excited about it. I took the dogs home and went to a cat job.  Somehow between waking up and working I managed to waste something like 3 hours.  Sometimes time just gets so far away from me,  During my excursion and getting ready period Michael called a tow truck and waited hours for it to show and take his motorcycle to the shop.  Two and a half hours later it did not so he had our friend Jake take it with his pickup truck.   All of these events lead us to arrive at brunch super late, 2:40 to be exact.  Ugh.  

After all of the anticipation Mi Lah was such a huge disappointment.  So sad.  Our server was so atrocious in his waiting skills that I actually scolded him.  We all ordered our food.  Sue and I both got side orders of "french toasts" and Jake and I both got the Avocado and Sausage Biscuits with a Bronzed Coconut King Mushroom and Sweet Potato Fries.  I liked it a lot but it still needed something.  Michael and Sue ordered the Pan Seared Seitan, Zucchini Patties with Sauce, home fries and toast and Chad got the Mediterranean Mushroom Dish.  All was good and we got our "toasts" (We both ordered them as they were written and giggled, I think that's nerdy) and the portion was insane.  Our entrees were delivered, all except for Sue's that is.  A few minutes later our waiter comes back and tells Sue that he was waiting to hear if the kitchen had enough seitan patties left to make two portions and they didn't but they were making new ones then. He asked her if she wanted to wait for it or order something else.  We were so perplexed by this question and turn of events.   We all had our food and he waited to ask her until the eating had commenced.  What the hell?  Luckily she had her French Toast but would he have left her there foodless? She declined the wait or to order differently since it was pretty much too late.  I couldn't hold back and told him he should inform people of these issues immediately and give them the chance to order something else.  I think it's common sense.  Ugh.  Then he had the balls to not really return to our table and send another server to finish our service.  She brough the check and we split it up part cash, part card.  We asked them to put $16 on the card and Sue planned to write in $4 for her share of tax and tip.  We had $50 cash.  I guess he assumed we planned to tip him shitty or not at all, not the case, and put $10.48 on the card and informed her she'd have to put the $5.52 tip on herself .  This makes no sense.  He was told to put $16 on the card, ignored the request and effed himself out of a partial cash tip.  Sue had planned to just change her request and put $20 on the card but the girl seemed so confused by this whole transaction and she didn't want to confuse her anymore.  Regardless this kid ended up with 16 or 17% tip for being an asshole on several occasions.  I hope he felt like a dick.  He was one.  Ugh. I liked my food quite a bit, I'll say that.  I feel like I want to write the waiter and letter and explain my frustration.  Dumb. I'm so not over it. 

After our brunch debacle we headed to the Philadelphia Brewing Company holiday open house for free beers.  I had a couple of Joes, coffee porter, yum.  Afterwards I wanted a soft pretzel so bad that I made Steve go with me to get some.  We had dropped Chad and Michael at the skatepark first.  We got to the pretzel store with one minute to spare.  It was spectacular.  We now have a ton of soft pretzels in our freezer.  I am super happy about this.  

I went with Steve to our corner and got introduced to Words With Friends by Lindsay.  I am now addicted. It is a scrabble game for free and you can play with your other iphone friends.  I"m rabbit rabbit, find me and play scrabble with me.  I love words.   Chad broke his board and let some little kids focus it so I had to go pick them up at Perry's Place "Food & Soup" on Huntingdon Ave.  It was a surreal bar and I had just left another surreal neighborhood bar. It felt like Steve Buscemi should enter my life at any moment today.  

I took the boys home and they scarfed soft pretzels and filmed something while I recreated a Thanksgiving feast from leftovers and a few new items.  We dined on biscuits, brussels sprouts, Quorn turkey, stuffing, cole slaw, chanterelle gravy,  and cheddar cheese mashed potatoes.  While eating we got texts from Steve and Lindsay that the Happy Tap was having karaoke and they were going to do crash test dummies.  I'm not even bothering to capitalize that. Unfortunately we missed it.  We finished eating and were joined by Spano and Jody before heading over.   We stayed for a few drinks and Jody's rendition of Cheap Trick "I Want You To Want Me".  We came home and watched some Man Stroke Woman, a sketch comedy show from BBC.  I love it.  

Today's dress is so far removed from my usual dresses.  Purple might be my least favorite color but as I said before it is growing oh me quite a bit.  I love the shape of this dress so I forgave the color but to be honest I sort of love it.  Oh well.  I suppose tastes change or stuff just becomes stagnant and boring.  I'm off to bed now.  Night. 


Mom said...

This is the second purple dress you've worn. I like this one as well as the last. You were in France in the other dress.
This is really a compliment to your figure.

Mike said...

You should write a letter or something about that dude cause I don't think he is going to get the point by having been left a fairly common and recommended percentage for tip.

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge fan of this purple dress. I would definitely write a letter to that waiter. He should be told so that other people don't have to go through what Sue went through. That's just ridiculous.

HeadlessMonster said...

Hey Grimmace, where's my Fish Filet? Harf. I kill myself.

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