Sunday, November 29, 2009

day ninety-three.

hair and feathers.


Day Ninety-three 11/29/2009
Dress: White Long Vintage Dress
Purchased From: thrift store unknown
Year or Era Purchased:  ? Maybe High School? 

Price: $?
Accessories: Black tights, black mary janes, ribcage necklace, feathers 
Hair and Makeup: Two mini buns with the rest down and curled, feathers stuck in one bun, usual makeup with thick winged eyeliner

Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  Michael said I look pretty, a client said she liked my hair and feathers.


Today was the opposite of yesterday in that I didn't do much at all and barely left the house. Michael and I woke up to say goodbye to Chad before he headed home to Boston.  I got up and made coffee and then Michael and I stayed in bed for two hours playing words with friends and having coffee and being lazy. It was fabulous.  We finally got out of bed and then after getting dressed and prinked I walked Rosie and went to the store for bread and of course followed it up with more lazy.  My clients came to get Rosie, our beagle visitor, and then we had veggie turkey sandwiches and watched Criminal Minds while playing more iphone scrabble.  Pure bliss.  I finally got up and decided to leave the house and go do my kitty job.  I am so amazing that I managed to drive all the way across the city only to realize that I left the key at home.  Blargh.  Of course the Eagles game had just let out and I forgot all about it and headed into traffic hell by trying to be slick and take a route I wasn't sure of, which turned out to be a bad idea that included sort of getting lost for a hot second.  My phone also died since I drained the battery playing games all day.  That'll learn me to rush out of the house.  I got home, grabbed the keys and headed back out to visit the kitties.  On the way home I stopped at Whole Foods to make my trip seem worth it.  I scored a Tofurky for 1/2 off so yeah, that was nice.  Over three hours after I gave up my laziness I finally arrived home for more lazy.  Yes, sweet.  We watched Dexter and I ate some of every leftover in the house.  Now I feel barfy and am waiting for Venture Bros to come on so I can retire to bed for more lazy. 

Today's dress is one from the vault.  I think it might even be from the days of high school.  It was the first one I grabbed and I wanted to do something fun with my hair to go with the length of the dress, sort of hippieish.  My friend Danni was visiting a few months ago and she had  a lone feather sticking in her hair.  It looked super cute so I kept it in mind the next time I visited the craft store. I picked up a package of speckly feathers to use for a hair accessory and maybe for some earrings if I can figure out the semantics of it all.  I figured if I was wearing a high school era dress I'd wear some big clunky shoes.  I was really happy with today's outfit and might consider adding more long dresses to my collection, not that I need anymore dresses or anything.  

Oh boo, Venture Bros was a rerun. 


HeadlessMonster said...

Lovely dress. Very appealing...and if I was around I would be appealing that dress. Wait, that doesn't work as well as becoming. Let's try this again...that dress is very becoming on you - and if I was on you, I'd be coming too. (I hate spelling coming with a "u" - it's like the word panties...CREEPY!)

Mike said...

^ - Oh geeze.

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