Thursday, November 12, 2009

day seventy-six.

Day Seventy-six 11/12/2009
Dress: Vintage Greenish Blue Polka Dot Dress
Purchased From: Super Thrift  in the Port Richmond Shopping Center 
Year or Era Purchased: Spring 2008

Price: $3.95
Accessories: Kurt Halsey bird necklace, black cotton belt, grey bear? hat, black tights, black galoshes
Hair and Makeup: Down and wavy, usual makeup

Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  Michael said "ooh pretty", someone screamed "hey beautiful" at me from a car.


Today's dress is too big and I need to get it altered but since I don't feel like doing that right now I just threw on a belt with it.  It was rainy and cold and gross today so I was covered with my winter coat for most of it anyway.  Even though I've owned this dress for a year and a half this is the first time I've worn it.   

Today was pretty boring but that's okay because I have a pretty busy weekend ahead of me.  I worked, went to the gym and then to the grocery store for dinner stuffs and finally to the liquor store for red wine since I was craving it all day.  I was also craving mashed potatoes since it was cold and icky.  I made yukon gold mashed potatoes with Boursin garlic and herb cheese mixed in, a green bean and asparagus casserole from scratch and some Morning Star Farm Riblets since I couldn't find the Gardenburger variety.  I drank some Bistro Pinot (I just edited this because I typed pinto and that makes me laugh) Noir, recommended by Jody.  It is tasty.  I got home to find that Michael brought home cookies from The Famous 4th Street Cookie Company because he was concerned my day might have been sucky due to the rain and wind.  It actually wasn't so bad.  Still, sweet husband points were scored.  We ate dinner and watched some television, okay way too much television.  We watched the cheesy vampire episode of Criminal Minds from last night, so good! We also watched two episodes of Cougar Town, surprisingly super funny, and then of course It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia followed by The League,  another show I am quite enjoying for its humor qualities.   I believe I'll be retiring after one last episode of Top chef since I have been staying up too late and getting up early for absolutely no good reason this week.  


HeadlessMonster said...

Love the pose! Too cute. The dress is fly too. I'm into polka dots more now than I ever was.

Abigail said...

Thanks. Yeah, apparently so am I. I had no clue I owned so many polka dot dresses until now!

Kristin G said...

that dress is super cute.

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