Sunday, November 8, 2009

day seventy-two.

Day Seventy-two 11/8/2009
Dress: Black Strapless Dress
Purchased From: Target
Year or Era Purchased: 
Spring or Summer 2009
Price: $24.99
Accessories: Skull and crossbone tights, grey and white striped scarf, black boots, a pirate hat and sword.
Hair and Makeup: Down and sometimes under a scarf or hat, up later, usual makeup with grey eyeshadow.

Comments/Compliments/Complaints: A few on my tights and one on my dress, I think from my Mom.


Today was crazy and hectic and full.  We woke up and almost immediately started as my brother and sister-in-law were having their pirate themed wedding reception today. It was all DIY so we had lots to do.  We loaded three cars and headed into West Chester for the festivities.  We cooked, decorated, set up the bar, etc. etc. and then celebrated for a few hours.  Of course I didn't get any pictures with my camera because I was using my brother's amazing camera most of the time so I can't share anything except for the amazing cake that Sherry's (the bride or um wench since it was themed) Aunt made. Check it:

After it was over we tore everything down and loaded the cars.  We picked up our friend Orsborn and his bicycle since the Septa strike is still going strong and he lives in West Chester and works in center city Philadelphia.   I realized I was hungry from running around like a headless chicken all day and not really eating so we headed to Cantina for some yummy mexican food.  Now I am bursting at the seams with quesadilla. Ouch.

Today's dress was sort of a silly purchase. It looks cute and I was able to zip it but I realize now that does not actually mean the dress fits.  It is tight as hell and sort of hurty from the boning in it. I remember thinking oh wow it zips and being excited because it was so cute on the hanger. I realize now that it's not the most flattering alone.  It's cute with something covering my arms but since it was unseasonably hot today and I spent a large chunk of time in a hot stove infested kitchen a long sleeve anything was just not going to work.   It was fine for most of the day but after a visit to Cantina and Mexican food face stuffing this dress begs to be removed.  I mean I was unzipping it as I walked upstairs to my bedroom to throw on my sweaty p's.  Lesson learned, zipping doesn't mean it fits, it just means it has a bigger chest area than most dresses.   Yar.


HeadlessMonster said... be making me plank walkable in this here outfit.

Sweet cake (literally!)!

I feel bad not making it to Bradly's reception...if I wasn't coming down for Thanksgiving, I would've made it. Brad, if you read this, don't be know I ain't got nuthin' but love for ya.

HeadlessMonster said...

p.s. lots of light behind subject = dark subject ~ great job!

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