Saturday, November 7, 2009

day seventy-one.

Day Seventy-one 11/7/2009
Dress: Navy and White checkered with Pink Bubbles Vintage Dress
Purchased From: Caprice Vintage in Nice, France
Year or Era Purchased: 
Fall 2009
Price: $22.25
Accessories: Pink and Navy Fishnets, heels for part of the day, mary janes for the rest, pink ribcage earrings, bow headband
Hair and Makeup: Down and wavy with a bow headband,usual makeup

Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Several dress compliments and one earrings compliment

Today's dress was purchased on our vacation to France from a really adorable vintage clothing store called Caprice Vintage in a cute little alley near the Port section of Nice.  It is located at 12 Rue Droit 06300 to be exact.   It is too big and I really should get it altered because I love it so.  Turns out it kind of photographs like crap and the pattern looks wonky. I still love it though.  My earrings are awesome hot pink rib cages and I purchased them from Vive 1977 in the Piazza.  They're heavy but they don't make me ears itch or feel gross like a lot of earrings do. 

I drank too much last night, imagine that.  We went to our corner bar and hung out with some friends and I didn't get to bed until almost 3am.  I woke up to our alarm at 8am as I forgot to turn it off.  My head was pounding and my throat was sore because you are still allowed to smoke at Les and Doreen's Happy Tap. Yuck. My clothes and hair are quite stinky today.  Michael and I went to brunch at Beau Monde and enjoyed delicious crepes. Mmmmmm. After I grocery shopped with my brother in preparation for his wedding reception tomorrow.  I came home and started cleaning the mess that is our living room. Little scraps of thread and fabric are everywhere and paint splatters litter the hardwood floor.   Michael came home and I went out with him to get some ingredients needed to make pesto for Brad and Sherry's reception.  We then went over to celebrate the one year anniversary of my friend Gert's dog grooming salon, The Groove Hound.  I ate some cheese, drank some wine and hung out with some friends by a fire in the side yard.  It was really cute and I had a nice time.  We then went to gather music and put it on my ipod for tomorrows shindig.  I came home and made pesto and ate sandwiches and watched some of What About Bob.  Now I will go sleepytime. 


mom said...

Well, isn't this adorable. Too cute Ab.

HeadlessMonster said...

This dress is AWESOME! F'n love it. Okay, this is tops thus far.

Hot! Because you're standing next to the stove.

Fact: if you have central heating, burning fires uses MORE energy.

Jody said...


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