Friday, November 6, 2009

day seventy.

Day Seventy 11/6/2009
Dress: Grey Fancy Promy Strapless Dress
Purchased From: H&M
Year or Era Purchased:
Winter 2006 or 2007
Price: $29.50
Accessories: Argyle tights, black boots, grey cardigan, grey neck warmer made from chopping off part of a turtleneck sweater
Hair and Makeup: Down and curly with a bow headband, black eye makeup

Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Kelly said she liked it and that she liked my headband, Rica joked it was my new year's dress, Michael said "boobs".

I have to be getting sick. No good.  Do not want. I woke up feeling a little crappy and hung out in bed for an extra hour playing with the cats and my phone.  It was so cold, so very cold and our heat wasn't on so under the covers was fantastic.  I finally got up, made coffee and fed the squirrels.  While I was doing all of that I missed a call from my Mom.  I called her back and she let me know that my Uncle Tony had passed away after a long illness.   Even though we knew it was coming it was still a shock to hear it.  He was in pain so I have to think he as at peace now.  

I spent the next few hours at my computer playing with photoshop and reading photoshop tutorials online. My hands became ice and I finally broke down and turned on the heat.  Ugh. 

Since I only have thirty days left it's time to wear some of the fancier dresses that I have left.  I'm glad it's at least Friday as I feel I can sort of get away with it more so than on a Tuesday.  I really love this dress even if it is a little too small in the boobular area.  I originally bought it as a maybe New Year's Dress along with another 50's dance inspired dress from H&M. I ended up not wearing this dress for New Year's because it wasn't doing it for me when I tried it on, I was much skinnier then.  Since I've put on a few pounds the dress fits a lot better, score.   I paired it with a grey cardigan and grey argyle tights.  Grey is one of my favorite colors so this outfit made me really happy. When shopping with Jen the other day we saw this huge turtleneck scarf thing in the men's section at H&M.  I have since been obsessing over it and I wanted some sort of neck cover with this outfit so I dug through my donation pile and cut off the top part of a turtleneck sweater and voila, a cute little neck warmer.   I accidentally cut it a little asymmetrical but now I love my mistake. 

I worked a little bit and ran a few errands and then came home and ate cheerios since I didn't get a chance to eat before I left the house.  I then went over to my friend Kelly's to see my new boyfriend, Fergus, or maybe he's Finn, or his original name Weenie.  Whatever his name is he's amazing! I want him but she's keeping him so that's awesome. Check out his cute little face. 

I came home and made sandwiches for dinner and Michael and I watched The Office and 30 Rock.  Now we'll venture out for Friday night and get into some trouble, or not, probably not.  


HeadlessMonster said...

KOOT KEETIE!!! A mini Easter/Ippicat or however you spell that.

I like this ensemble. Dig the color scheme, the neckerchief, the stockings, and the sweater.

I admire how you cut stuff up from other stuff and use it as something else. i.e. sweater sleeves for leg warmers, and this neck warmer. Takes me back to the 80's where we wore cut-off short-sleeves as headbands.

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