Wednesday, November 4, 2009

day sixty-eight.

Day Sixty-eight 11/4/2009
Dress: Black with White Polka Dots and Cherries Strapless Dress
Purchased From: I can't remember for sure, I want to say some place like Forever 21 or Joyce Leslie or something
Year or Era Purchased:
Spring/Summer 2006
Price: $10? I remember being really excited that I got it super cheap and on sale.
Accessories: Black tights, black knee high boots, black cardigan, black short sleeved shirt underneath
Hair and Makeup: Down and wavy, usual makeup
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: A compliment on my boots, hair and Michael said "oooh cherries"

So I totally didn't get everything on my list done last night. Oh bother.  I did get a crapton of laundry done and all of my dresses and a lot of the others articles of clothing that were strewn about hung up and/or put away.  The bedroom is looking better.  It's a process.  I'll get there. 

Today's dress is not super flattering with my extra pounds and it was kind of chilly today so I paired it with a short sleeved shirt underneath to hide some more skin. I also wore a cardigan. I think I may have added some bulk to the dress with the undershirt but I wore my coat most of the day so whatevs. 

I woke up a little earlier today but I was dragging my feet a lot, very tired lady.  I worked and then drove to King of Prussia to meet up with my oldest friend, Jen.  We had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate her birthday and then we shopped and chatted it up. It was lots of fun.  The evening certainly revolved around eyebrows as we visited Sephora for an eyebrow filler solution for her and then I got my eyebrows threaded at one of those weird mall stands.  We both couldn't stop staring at ourselves in mirrors.  Hers were way darker than she's used to and mine are much skinnier but we are both happy, just getting used to it.  Eyebrow threading is really weird.  I probably should not have just trusted some crazy lady in the mall with my eyebrows but it all happened so fast.   At first we were walking by the stand with a don't bother me attitude but then I realized it was a threading stand and stopped for a second to look at it. Before I knew it I was in the chair holding onto my eyelid and forehead, stretching the skin for a stranger to vigorously rub thread together and remove a ton of my eyebrow hairs.  It hurts but not more than waxing. It's definitely weird to be on display in the mall though.  I think I'd do it again.  I also think this blog has way too many accounts of hair removal!

I came home and watched the Phillies lose the series, so my friend Chad will be happy to not have to read anything about baseball in this blog anymore.  Good for him.  I am exhausted so until tomorrow's dress, goodnight. 


HeadlessMonster said...

Poor Philthies. HARF!

I like the low-cut tee underneath. Thought it was part of the dress, but I read some stuff this time.

Didn't know you knew Fred Sanford! Next time you're hangin' in his backyard, tell Lamont I called him a "big dummy."

Abigail said...

Aww look at you using your reading skills. That is my friend Kelly's yard and it is a work in progress and it's beautiful so you should shut it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, eyebrows were the theme of the night! *wiggles them up and down*


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