Tuesday, November 3, 2009

day sixty-seven.

Day Sixty-seven 11/3/2009
Dress: Black with White Polka Dots Vintage Sheath Dress
Purchased From: Don't remember, sorry. Definitely a thrift store of sorts. 
Year or Era Purchased: 
I've had it for about four or so years???
Price: $5-20 is my guess
Accessories: Teal tights, black boots, black and white striped cardigan
Hair and Makeup: A bun with teased hair and curled bangs, usual makeup
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: none

I tried so hard to get out of bed before 9:30 but I failed.  I finally got up and did some laundry and scooped the litter, fed the cats and the squirrels.  I made an appointment at a dermatologist and the lady doctor and researched the dentists that our friends suggested.  I have started making lists of goals of crap to get done for the day. I am already falling behind on today's list. Ugh. So much pressure! 

I worked and then came home and voted and made dinner (leftover potatoes and green beans, veggie bbq chicken and bread and butter) Since Septa went on strike today I knew the traffic would be horrendous and avoided trying to get to the gym.  I will attempt a morning visit instead.   

I really like today's dress but to be honest it is a smidge too small.  It rides up a bit and isn't super flattering but I covered my armpit fat with a cardigan. I like the stripe/polka dot contrast.  I also like my fun blue tights. They make me happy. 

Now it is time to tackle my to do list for the evening. It goes a little something like this: 

a.  Finish cabinet clean-out.  I have this red cabinet that I keep clothes in and it is mostly empty right now as most of my clothing is either dirty or I don't like it anymore.  I am in the process of folding the stuff I like and organizing it, placing it neatly into the cabinet.  Stuff I don't want goes into one of the many donation or try to sell bags.

b. Hang up clean dresses.  I don't really have a closet right now since our closet is small and we both have clothes we never wear hanging in it, I'm not sure why exactly but whatever, eventually we'll move onto our third floor and we'll have two closets.  For now we both have our own clothing racks and mine is entirely dresses.  They really don't all fit so maybe I'll try to figure something out with the worn dresses.  For now they are all in a pile on my floor and that is no good, no good at all. 

c. Fold laundry.  I have done about four or five loads of laundry in the last two days.  Luckily a few were towels but unluckily one of them was the lot of socks I've been missing forever so I have a lot of sock folding in my future. Ugh. 

d. Take a bath and drink a glass of red wine.  Ok, this one isn't really on the list but it will be nice if I ever get to it.

e. Paint nails.  I have blue nail polish and a red nail polish pen. Hmm. What ever would I do with those? 

So yeah, I better get cracking.  


HeadlessMonster said...

Dig the mixing of patterns. (I'm wearing stripes and plaid today.) And the burst of turquoise is a nice touch!

HeadlessMonster said...

Oh, and here are some neat Photoshop tutorials.


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