Tuesday, December 1, 2009

day ninety-five.

I realize this picture doesn't so much show the dress.  Sorry.
 I don't love this one below but it shows the dress better.  Whatevs.

Day Ninety-five 12/1/2009 (Rabbit Rabbit) 
Dress: Black A-line Dolly Style Dress
Purchased From: Target 
Year or Era Purchased: 2007 or 2008

Price: $14.99 I think
Accessories: Skinny jeans, navy blue cardigan, kitty cat necklace, black on black chucks
Hair and Makeup: I put my hair in rag curls last night.  They came out a little bit ridiculous so I pinned it up in two buns and left some curled bangs down, lots of purple eye makeup with the usual makeup. 

Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  One of the employees at the Pink Rose Pastry Shop, a client and my Mom said my hair was cute, I think Michael did too.  The same client told me she liked my whole outfit. 


Today was sort of all about my hair and not so much the dress.  I decided to put it in rag curls last night since I washed it.  This takes quite a bit of time and effort so I don't do it very often.  I suppose I don't really remember the last time I did it but my hair was certainly not this long.  I ran out of my store bought rag curlers so I used strips of fabric to finish it but then ran out of those so a few pieces in the back did not get curled. I will rewet them and pin them up tonight so it's all even tomorrow.  Here's a little photo essay of the process:

Curlers in and ready for bed: 

Curlers coming out and realizing the madness and the huge 
difference in the non curled rat tailesque part.  Oops:

Oh no! What the hell did I do?

Bobby Pinned and Fixed:

The dress used to be my I-Feel-Fat dress but then I gained a bunch of weight and now it's a little small and sort of looks like a shirt.  Oh well.  The A-line cut still helps hide a gut when you're feeling not so skinny.   I paired the dress with some skinny jeans, is that irony in fashion or just crazy lady body image issues?  Whatever. It was a little cold today and I didn't feel like futzing around looking for a tights/knee sock combo. I also paired it with a blue cardigan form H&M.  I like it a lot because it has green stars and green piping embroidered in it.  I also paired the outfit with black on black chucks because I love them with skinny jeans and because I could not find my boots.  This outfit was put together in about 3.7 minutes because boy oh boy did we oversleep hardcore today.  I don't think I woke up to the alarm clock at all and it stops going off after one hour, a feature I'm not sure I totally agree with I have to say.

We jumped out of bed and I drove Michael to work since he was so late. I came home and put on some makeup and took my curls out.  Yes, I went out in public with the curlers in my hair but I wrapped my head in a scarf and then put one of my big stretchy winter hats on so I looked like a giant mushroom head.  Boy was I unhappy when the Element did its weird I-need-oil-lurch-engine-light thing that it sometimes does, which meant we had to go to Auto Zone and I had to actually be seen with my huge pink babushka head.  Doh. That'll learn me.  Anyway I made a sandwich and headed out the door for a long day of work.  I then ran a few errands including picking up cupcakes at the Pink Rose Pastry Shop where a man that worked there complimented my hair and then gave me a free sugar cookie. Word.  Thank you! I picked up Michael and we drove out to the burbs for dinner at my Mom and Dad's since we didn't go there for Thanksgiving.  We had pierogies.  Mmmmmmmm! Real ones too, not those crappy ass Mrs. T's.  Blech.  We hung out for a while and then headed home.  Miraculously we did not hit an ounce of traffic on the way out, which includes taking 76W during rush hour. What? Nevermind, whatever I'm just happy it turned out that way.  Now we are home and I am off to recurl the weird ugly hair that is hanging out of my curls and then straight to bed, no more oversleeping!


Kathy said...

I wish I had your patience because I love your hair and would totally bite it if I thought I could sit still long enough to curl it

Abigail said...

You could totally put the curlers in while watching tv or something. That process took about 1/2 an hour but I'll have the curls for several days so it actually SAVES time, think of it like that :) Oh and thank you!

HeadlessMonster said...

Cute dress. It would look awesome with go-go boots I bet. Very mod.

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